By: Jerry K.
Down Under Endeavours
Down Under has arranged several trips for my friends and me. I'm more amazed with each trip! They've designed adventures for us to Australia (x2), New Zealand (x2), Fiji, Cook Islands, HongKong, Thailand. I'm sure it had to be chaos behind the scenes, but every leg went so smoothly. They arranged as many or as few activities as we desired. Anything from helicopters to and hiking the glaciers in NZ, to overnight cruises in doubtful sound, to canyoning in Tasmania then retiring to our private cabins, to climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge. Of course there was bungy jumping and black water rafting....which is THE craziest thing I've ever done, and beaches, amazing beaches. Point is, they listened to us and tailored these trips according to our wishes. And always the most recent trip is our favorite! So come November when we return from the NEXT trip, South Africa, Mozambique, and Dubai, that shall be our new favorite. These folks have changed how this shy Ohio girl travels, and for that, I can't thank them enough!
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By: Afsha A.
Chicago Hajj Umrah
By the grace of Allah our experience of Hajj thru Chicago Hajj & Umrah was excellent. Brother Zamir & his team were very cordial & helpful. Everyone at the package department, ticketing department, visa department & the team at Makkah & Medina made every single effort in making our hajj a life time experience. Naveed Ahmed at the ticketing department is very professional & works with full dedication. He is always availabe over the phone & replies all the emails which are very informative. He always put extra effort in giving us the best deals. We are grateful to brother Zamir who stood by all the Hajis & made sure that everything worked out smoothly & efficiently. Every member of CHU has done a great job and their efforts are beyond 100%. The CHU team was there to help & was like a family to us. I really appreciate Brother Zamir as a leader & thankful to him & his team for making our hajj a memorable affair. I will in sha allah recommend CHU to all my family & friends.
By: Sameena A.
Chicago Hajj Umrah
Chicago Hajj and Umrah is a very well organized very friendly company. They not only help you travel to Saudi but also make sure that you are comfortable and have a great experience. The review below I strongly disagree with. I sent my parents with this company, they are honest and professional with their work. I know brother Zamir very well and he made sure that my parents did not go through any difficulty. The process was also easy and stress free. We communicates by email which was fast and efficient. I'm not sure why no good reviews are showing up for this company. They may be hidden, but do not be misleads by this. I highly recommend anyone traveling to Saudi to go with Chicago Hajj and Umrah. If you need any more details on my experience or any other questions about Chicago Hajj you can email me at sameeeeena5@gmail.com.
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By: Asma G.
Chicago Hajj Umrah
My Grandfather went for Hajj through Chicago Hajj and Umrah. He had a great time and stay. He found the trip to be efficient and reliable. After he came back from Hajj he took my grandmother for Umrah, and there were no complains then either! Everything was arranged properly according to time and the service was excellent! If you have any questions regarding this company you can contact me at agiyasud@neiu.edu. I will definitely let people know about this agency in my community.
By: ksundheim
The Ocean Agency
I got an awesome website from Ocean Agency. I couldn't be happier with the results. The guys work hard over there and give personalized attention throughout the process. They are available when you need them and are able to do a lot of design elements that other firms cannot. Their prices are fair and they care about their clients. It took me a few thousand dollars in hiring the wrong people for marketing, but am glad they brought me to find Ocean.
By: Saima G.
Chicago Hajj Umrah
We are situated near Florida, USA and we have been performing Hajj every two year period, Alhamdulillah! After having a bad experience with other travel agencies, we found the Chicago’s Hajj tourism company. Although they were new to us, but we took a risk and found ourselves on the safe side. And Alhamdulillah thanks to almighty and you guys did a fabulous job which made our Hajj very good and memorable one.
By: Saima Y.
Chicago Hajj Umrah
Asalam o alaikum! All the arrangements were fabulous. It was from the beginning and my family and I were a bit depressed that how we are going to perform our Hajj because we all were new to that place and have never been to that place. We didn’t know anything about food places, mosques and also taxi stands, but Chicago Hajj made a fabulous trip and helped us 24/7. Amazing trip it was.
By: Farooq N.
Chicago Hajj Umrah
Assalam o alykum! It was a good journey, all the facilities, accommodation, staff cooperation were really good. We really enjoyed the trip. Hope we will get another chance to perform our Umrah this year soon. INSHA ALLAH! But still we think that the Umrah Package of Economy one should be a bit more down in price. Hope you will give the best facility again.
By: Fahd A.
Diamond Travel Inc
Try Diamond Travel USA located in Chicago 2400 W. Devon Ave but deals from anywhere in the US.. If you are looking for the cheapest fare possible. Just call them up and they will give you a fair deal. 773-465-7810I got my lowest fair on high season from them. hope you would get it tooo.
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By: Karen T.
Diplomat Travel Agency
This is a family run, neighborhood business that has provided excellent service to our family for years. The O'Malleys and their wonderful and friendly staff couldn't be more personable and knowledgeable about all your travel needs. I highly recommend them for your next vacation.

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