By: soinap
Bike 4 Life
I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! My bike was recently stolen, and I went all over the city trying to find the right bike for me. I then heard about a shop on Armitage Ave.,BIKE4LIFE. I walked in and was greeted right away. The sales guy named MASS, came up and introduced himself and said, if I had any questions just ask. He was so nice, and so easy to talk to.He then showed me a hand full of bikes in my price range. I was able to get properly fitted, and he even switched out the stock tires for gator skins and gave me the credit for the stock tires. WOW! I didn't even think anything like that was possible. He went further to tell me that I could do that with the seat, the rims, handlebar, whatever he could resale as an open item. I have to admit the experience was something i will never forget. I have bought bikes from other shops, but not one like this. These guys are the best. Oh, and by the way, they raise money for a good cause, I'm all about that. I was in the shop for about an hour and it seemed like everyone that came in had a similar story about how they have been treated, and that's why they keep coming back. And that was good enough for me. Thank you Mass, and you have my business 4ever.
By: lisavargas356
Bike 4 Life
THE BEST BIKE SHOP..hands down!!!!This place is the BEST! I walked into Bike 4 Life after reading the 1 YELP review. I thought OK, I live in the neighborhood, so I’ll check them out. As soon as I entered I was greeted with a smile and a hello. After about a couple minutes, SAM came over and asked me what I was in the market for. I told him that my bike had just gotten stolen and that I would be looking to replace it. Sam was the best. He told me that I could ask as many questions that I wanted, and that I could ride as may bikes as I wanted, and I did exactly that. After going to a couple of other bike shops in the area (Bike Lane, Smart Bike Parts-(worst), and Boulevard Bikes) I came to the conclusion that Bike 4 Life was the best for my needs. They sold me a great single speed, at the best price, with awesome customer service. They had everything in stock and matched internet pricing. You couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks B4LChicago, and Sam.. you guys are the best.
By: Sheffy F.
Edgebrook Cycle
Reading through some of the poor reviews, I wonder whether I walked in to the same place as they did. Stopping by recently I was greeted by a woman behind the counter who was happy to help show me some accessories, responded to my request for info on home maintenance and tools with ease and made some great recommendations. The two guys working in the shop area were friendly, and one of them gladly came 'out' to swap on the new saddle I bought. The shop seems to have a good variety of tools and accessories for an independent LBS. I expect to do most of my maintenance myself (thanks in large part to their tools, books, and guidance!) but I wouldn't hesitate to come to them for the pieces that are beyond my skills.
By: Tel N.
Edgebrook Cycle
Nice people. Professional, courteous and exceeded my expectations. I had to have a tube replaced, my second in as many weeks, and went here due to convenience of location. There were two men named Jim, both friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I had glass in my tire, and Jim spent over an hour picking out over 25 pieces of glass so my new tube wouldn't be destroyed immediately. The other Jim spent time researching new tires and tubes for me which would be tough against the elements, and not so tough on my wallet. My repairs were done in just over an hour and I was back on the road! I would definitely recommend Edgebrook Cycle to anyone and everyone!!! Thanks, guys!
By: Justin S.
Edgebrook Cycle
Not really sure why so much hate. I went there today to get a new bike for my wife. Not that they have a very rich collection of bikes but are extremely helpful. They fixed my bike at no additional cost oiled the chains and other parts. Bought a great bike for her and got good insights on using it properly and maintain it. I read reviews before I went there and didn't really find any of them helpful people are sometimes too spoiled with their expectations. I even told the lady that I read reviews and wasn't sure what's up with that either. We will be definitely referring my friends over. Thanks for the help today.
By: Emlynth P.
Edgebrook Cycle
they were very nice to me and honest about what sort of bike i'd need for long distance and winter. big selection of bikes to choose from too which is making my decision harder when it comes to what i want! my questions were all answered as well without any attitude. my dad dropped off the tandem bicycle we've owned for 15 years or so for a chain that keeps coming off, basic tuneup, and to replace the front wheel rim. supposed to pick it up today. i'll come back here and write about this tonight and let you know what happens seeing as how from other reviews, people aren't happy with their repairs. hmm.
By: Ki F.
Edgebrook Cycle
They have a great selection of bikes and accessories and a very helpful staff. They are very knowledgeable and have a large inventory of parts on hand. I am fairly hands on but I like to have a good service department I can go to when an issue is over my head. I went there after bouncing around from one bike shop to another in the area having issues get only partially resolved or poorly done. I have never gone in there and not had my issue fixed properly and promptly. It is so relieving to have a bike shop I can trust and have recommended them to several friends.
By: Fried M.
Edgebrook Cycle
I dropped in there because I had a flat and also figured I might as well get a tune up on my bike. The guy working there was extremely nice and helpful. Also asked about a few products. Again very helpful. He offered to do the repair and tune up while I waited, but I had other things to get done so left it with him. Finished it the next day. I rode my bike out of there. Very friendly and very helpful. I don't understand the negative reviews. I almost went somewhere else because of them. Glad I didn't. They were great. I would definitely recommend them.
By: Fawna W.
Edgebrook Cycle
From someone who works alot, I appreciate the convenient hours at this location. From the minute I walked in to the minute I left I was satified. I desperately needed a tune up on my one speed bicycle. Jim (The young tall hot guy with black hair) answered all my questions with cordial responses of detailed explanations. I have purchased bicycles from all over. Despite my bias opinion on Jim's hotness. The professionalism and politeness is a 10/10. This bike shop is my # 1 pick. =-). I appreciate the great service handsome =-)
By: John G.
Edgebrook Cycle
I met my friend Jeff at Caldwell woods for a bike ride up to the Botanic Garden. When I arrived all ready to ride, I noticed that I did not place the front wheel in my car. I called the shop and was greeted by Mary on the phone. She told me to come on over as they could rent me a wheel for my road bike. The rental fee was nominal, left my credit card with them and got my ride in. good selection of bikes and a nice Moltini jersey on display as well. Highly recommend this shop if you are passing through or live in town.

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