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By: Robert K.
Dynasty Innovations
We have been thinking about remodeling our master bathroom for around 5 years, we did a lot of research and were somewhat torn between 2 design styles. We loved the timeless elegance of marble but my husband especially, likes the more modern glass tile designs. Unsure of which style we were going to settle on, we called a company our friend used to renovate their home last year. We met with Marcello, Which somewhat relieved us as he was also the project manager for our friends home. We explained our inability to choose a single design style. He asked if we ever contemplated combining 2 design styles, he called it transitional which ive heard of but never seen our 2 styles combined. I thought the glass would absolutely ruin the class of marble. Controversy I thought the marble would date the modern glass design. He took measurements of our bathroom and scheduled another meeting.At the second meeting he had 2 new floor plan options, we decided on the first one, the one he recommended, he showed us projects they completed with somewhat similar styles, pictures on Houzz, which was the first time ive heard of this site, and pinterest. After agreeing that the transitional design was a possibility, we scheduled a day to go look at tile and finishes. After going to 2 tile stores I could really start to see the design come together. We selected the tile on the first day, plumbing fixtures took a return trip though. Marcello was very knowledgeable about which tiles worked with on another and what draw backs they each had. He also knew the pro's and con's of plumbing fixtures. Once we had everything picked out we scheduled a start date after our items arrived. We were a little worried about the construction phase, they completed the entire demolition in one day which I figured was sort of amazing considering its condition and large features. They cleaned up every day, which was much appreciated,( I preemptively purchased extra cleaning products in case.) I expected the project to take about a month to a month and a half as I’ve heard how construction can be. Marcello met with us throughout the construction phase and helped finalize paint colors and small placements of things. After the first week we became very comfortable with the construction and kind of forgot it was going on, other than having to use our guest bath. It took a little over 3 weeks to complete the construction phase, I couldn’t believe it was ready. Finishing on a Friday we took our first shower the next morning, I must say it was amazing, it literally felt like a spa! The amount of storage and the fluid functionality of this bathroom still amaze my husband and I. Marcello and his crews are remarkable, I definitely will be using them for our next project. Think Open Transitional kitchen!
By: Katherine B.
Dynasty Innovations
We have a house built in 1968 in Lincolnwood that we purchased almost 3 years ago which had extensive work done shortly after the purchase. At that time, we hired a specialist for each job and while they were OK, we really wanted to find a contractor we could trust who could do everything, so we can call whenever we have an improvement project. So when we needed several projects done this time, which included a complete kitchen renovation, taking down a large supoorting wall and the existing the existing bay window and installing new windows as well as roof repair, popcorn ceiling removals and painting. While Dynasty was not the lowest bidder (not the most expensive either by any means), when we met Marcello, we knew we wanted to go with them. He was on time, extremely friendly, and took time listening to our needs. He made sure he had all the details he needed to give us an accurate quote. There was no comparison to other contractors we saw. Some of them made us feel like grade schoolers. After all, we are choosing the people who will be in and out of our home so we were looking for good, trustworthy people who would be there to try their best to accommodate our needs with integrity. We are very happy with our decision to go with Marcello. They were reasonable and made sure their work was to our standard by checking the progress each step of the way and redoing things we did not even point out. And although every crew-member we met was great, Marcello really made the company in our opinion, and made the whole experience wonderful. He was always responsive by email, text, and call, always friendly, cheerful, and professional, and was even really great working around our work schedules! Since my husband and I are both busy pretty from early in the morning to late in the evening during the week, he took time to stop by on Saturdays several times to check in with us to make sure things are going as we wanted.I'm happy to say there are still good guys out there! Work was completed in time, which is amazing on its own, but they were also nice enough to do more than what they promised without charging us. We can't say enough good things about this company, and we are sure to recommend them to our family and friends anytime they need anything done to their home. And we now have go-to guys for all future projects.
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By: beran111
Clearing Construction
I got about a dozen quotes. Roofers were knocking on my door when they saw my roof. Of the dozen or so estimates, 3 were the same price as Clearing. Checking BBB, etc, I found no concerns with Clearing. For 2800 sq. ft. the job was done in 1 day with 5 laborers. 2 roofs were torn off, bad wood replaced, used Timberline Architectural shingles (my choice). Painless, except for writing the check. I watched most of the job. Replaced my kitchen hood vent that did not have a flapper to keep cold air out. New lead stack. 1 trailer for scrap pulled by F150 truck, 2 vans. The crew did not even take a lunch break and had concrete for kidneys. I just wrote a check for about 1/2 when the crew and materials showed up and paid in full when they were done that day. I also did not sign a contract until they showed up to work so there would be no problem with a time line. Thus, I was in full control of the job. Nothing to complain about. Some of the material had to moved twice and the trailer would have to be dumped by hand. So I estimate they moved 13 tons of material. I figured I got my money's worth. I also paid $1,200 less than the highest quote. No up charges. To get a rating on BBB, the contractor has to pay $500 a year, so many don't join. Research Angie's List online and find out about it. You may be surprised . If you call, please mention Jim B at 6613. That will be my way of saying thank you to Steve, the contractor. He could not get a permit immediately because my town runs a back ground check on contractors that are new to my town. He passed with flying colors. I researched roofing, and I know how the job should be done. This job was done right with no cheating.
By: Ed R.
Pch Construction Co
I live in an upscale building in Downtown Evanston and Peter had re-done at least three unit's in our building in the 8 years I've lived here (everyone was thrilled with their results, by the way!). I had never hired a contractor before and needed to update my master bathroom so needless to say it was an overwhelming experience having to shop around for a contractor, choose a design that would not only be something I like but that would add to my condo's value, and be something that was affordable. Peter (the owner of PCH Construction) was terrific!!! First off, his pricing was the lowest of the three estimates but more importantly, Peter's 20 years plus of contracting experience proved invaluable. Peter helped advise me every step of the way and even allows his clients to take advantage of the contractor discounts from suppliers. Peter always answers his calls promptly and worked with me to accomplish everything I was trying to do with this space. The job was scheduled to take 4-5 weeks and he finished in exactly 4 weeks as promised! His workmen are long-time employees and TOTAL PRO's as their work and also work with only top vendors for things like the stone fabrication (cutting and installing the vanity top and shower stall threshold), Glass, and vanity cabinet)!!! Everything from the tile to the cabinetry, glass and stone vanity counter top was expertly done. Also, Peter and his staff keep things as clean and quiet as possible during the job, so no worries there either. You will be so glad you went with PCH!!! I could not be happier with the results!!!
By: Susan G.
Dynasty Innovations
Dynasty Innovations Kitchen & Bath Remodeling exceeded my expectations in every way. When my fiancé and I bought our first house, we were thrilled with everything about it... except the main bathroom. It was pink AND salmon (both) with somewhat random black accent tiles with a pink/salmon/black mosaic floor. It really needed to go. I called pretty much the day Dynasty Innovations Kitchen & Bath Remodeling we closed on the house. Marcello was very prompt in returning my call when I first left a message (I was up super early when I called and left a message, but I heard back later that morning). He then scheduled a visit to come see the bathroom within a couple of days, gave me a quote, and scheduled for them to start at his earliest availability. Everyone who worked on the project arrived early or on time, worked super hard, and were very friendly. Randy in particular, was friendly, helpful, and a total perfectionist about the work being done. The man who did the reglazing of the tub (unfortunately, I don't remember his name) but he was very friendly and communicative about the process, and routinely kept me updated about the progress and how long it would take- and I wasn't even asking! And finally, the work itself: it's fantastic. Marcello, and his crew completely transformed our ugly pink bathroom into a personal spa. I can't believe the difference a modern bath has made to my day. I recommend Dynasty Innovations Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.
By: simon.kolasa
Pch Construction Co
This was my first remodeling project and to say I know absolutely, nothing about it is an understatement. I can confidently say that I know the very best contractor in Chicago: the owner of PCH Construction Company, Mr. Peter ! He deserve more than 5 stars! He was so patient and helpful to us, he spent an hour just going over all the things we want to do and answered all our questions. The whole time he's so sweet and pleasant so you don't feel bad asking at all. then he gave us a very detailed quote with very good price. Peter was always accessible by phone and would promptly accommodate our questions, concerns, and time frames for different phases of the project. He and his crew were very courteous and industrious; they arrived on time each morning and worked hard all day. They were excellent, trustworthy, very clean and respectful of the house. They set up the first day to keep things clean, like the floors and rugs, and then also cleaned at the end of every day and took the construction debris away. A pleasure and easy to work with, friendly to our dogs, professional from start to finish. We are very pleased with the end result of our kitchen and bathroom projects provided by PCH Construction Company.Highly recommended !!!
By: Dawn M.
Dynasty Innovations
This review is long overdue, but better late than never!I moved to the area about 1 year ago now, and purchased a house. Everything was going great until about 1 month after purchase, my husband decided to take a long shower in the upstairs master bath. That's when I noticed drips of water coming from the kitchen ceiling! It turns out that my shower had been rather poorly built, and the shower pan had started to leak. However, this is no ordinary shower, it's an enormous custom tiled walk in shower. After speaking to several contractors, I decided to go with Dynasty Innovations for the repair and remodel. I am so grateful that I did!Dynasty Innovations made what is often a nightmare scenario as easy as possible. They had all the material delivered to my house, their guys were always on time, and the shower turned out incredible! Much nicer than the original shower. I literally could not have been happier with the finished product. We will be calling them again when we are ready for our kitchen upgrade, GREAT work Dynasty Innovations!
By: Bayla E.
Dynasty Innovations
Our experience with Dynasty was the most professionally satisfying experiences we've ever had. After designing and building no less than four homes as we traversed the country, first in the Navy and then in civilian life, we like to think we learned something about good design, permitting and construction practices. The professionals at Dynasty have, in our mind, re-defined the standard of excellence for us. We built a new home to replace the home we purchased to tear down as well as a two-car garage with roof top deck. As I told Michael , his subcontractors, many of whom have been with him for several years are his competitive advantage over all the other build/design firms in Chicago. Truth be told, we don't refer to the team that worked on our project as subcontractors to us they were no less than expert craftsmen. We are big fans of D.I and the people behind the logo. We've told Michael and his team to use us as references. We can provide no better recommendation than that.
By: Briana U.
Dynasty Innovations
In summary, Marcello ROCKS! We have come to Marcello & Dynasty for multiple projects in four different residences over the past three years. He has consistently exceeded our expectations. We have also referred Dynasty to at least a dozen of our friends-who have each reported back to us experiences that went well beyond their expectations.What we specifically appreciate about Marcello: 1) He is responsive--returning our e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner.2) He is a good listener--making a concerted effort to listen to what we aim to do, and why we want to do it...but (and this is important) being sure to interject, when appropriate, with his experienced and professional opinion. On a number of occasions, what we had first asked of Marcello turned out not to be the best way to address the situation at hand. Marcello opened our minds to a more efficient and/or a less expensive approach, or even a different solution entirely that we would have never considered.
By: Adanta R.
Dynasty Innovations
Yesterday marked the completion of our project with the Dynasty Innovations, It was a big project and we are very happy with the outcome. We are very happy that we chose Dynasty Innovations as our general contractor (especially Marcello).The first thing Dynasty Innovations impressed us was the speed. While other contractors estimated it need about 2 months to finish everything, Marcello promised to get everything done within 4-6 weeks, and the most time consuming part was to wait for the custom cabinetry. The subsequent events proved their efficiency - it took 1 week to do the demo of kitchen and master bath, installation of flooring, painting, electrical, all happens at lightning speed without compromise of quality. If you are in a situation where you want to move out of rental and move in as soon as possible - call Marcello. They put a lot of folks on site, and they are all very nice and easy to work with.
Tips & Advices
Resurfacing, where a contractor removes and replaces the top layer of concrete, is a middle ground between multiple patch jobs and a complete replacement.
Homeowners should work with a concrete contractor who is either certified by or a member of one or more trade organizations for high-quality results. These individuals adhere to professional guidelines and are versed in industry and safety standards. Such organizations include: American Concrete Institute (ACI) American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).
  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured?
  • Are you bonded?
  • What is your warranty?
  • How long will the job take?
Wet concrete can irritate the skin or cause first-, second-, or third-degree chemical burns. Cement dust contains silica, which damages the lungs and can lead to cancer or silicosis. Many concrete mixtures contain cement, so homeowners should be careful if contractors create the concrete on site. Anyone who touches wet concrete or dust should wash their skin with soap and cold water.
Colored concrete is created by blending liquid, granular or powdered iron oxide pigments with natural concrete. These pigments are either mined directly from the earth or manufactured in a chemical plant.

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