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By: Hope T.
Grey Line Auto Parts
Searched the city trying to find a part for a good price tried Gry Line as a last resort, they had the part in stock and almost a third less than the other auto parts stores. And they let me pay over the phone so my mechanic only had to go pick it up, yeah!!! Thanks
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By: Mims L.
Grey Line Auto Parts
We use them all the time to give our customers the best possible prices for their repairs. They are efficient and give the best rates 85% of time. Thanks Grey Line...Mobile Industrial Mechanical Services, LLC
By: Monite C.
Grey Line Auto Parts
They are always pleasant and their prices are really great, they always have what I need, I travel from Hopewell to get my parts, because they are the cheapest.
By: ronnielee2009
Grey Line Auto Parts
greyline has always been the best since i first moved here to virginia back in 1972......thank you charlie..........ronnie boyle...10/25/2014
By: Michael M.
Grey Line Auto Parts
If you're looking to save money on quality parts, call Ray or Stewart.
Tips & Advices
Some dealers accept returns if the component is returned with the original invoice. Some dealers might charge a re-stocking fee for returns. Others may not accept returns at all. It's common for dealers to not accept returns on electrical parts. Customers should ask about return policies before purchasing.
A salvage yard might test used car parts before selling them, but customers should ask whether tests have been performed on the part or not. All parts, especially electrical components, should be tested prior to purchase. Most salvage yards and auto repair shops should have a 12-volt battery to test electrical parts.
Sometimes it is worth buying used car parts. If the part is in good condition, a car owner could save money by buying the used part. However, if the part is something that's unsafe to purchase used, like brake parts or air bags, or if the part is too deteriorated to be safe, it's worth the cost to buy new.
Junkyards are businesses where people can shop for used car parts. Other names for these businesses include salvage yards and automotive recyclers. Auto repair shops might also sell used car parts.
Yes, most used car part dealers sell to the general public. However, just like with any car parts purchase, buyers should look into the dealer’s warranty policy and might want to price shop at several places.

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