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By: dr.who
Carolina Cupcakery
My best friend and I went there to try them out, excited at the idea of a cupcake place nearby. We picked out two of the (Normal sized) cupcakes to try out. Those were pretty decent, rich and fairly decadent if a little excessive on the icing. The cake itself had a nice springy texture. It was one of the chocolate/chocolate combinations, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name it went by. Having dipped our toes in we decided to pick up cupcakes for her mom's birthday (she told her she'd fry us if we got her a cake, so we figured a cupcake would get us mildly toasted. XD) She went with a red velvet cupcake and I got a handful of their mini cupcakes, wanting to try out several flavors. I picked up: Snowball, Vanilla Bean, Key Lime, and Carrot Cake.The good: Snowball. Of all of what I tasted there, this was the absolute best. It was moist, light and fluffy. The coconut and frosting and cake were all in the perfect ratio. It was even better than the junk food that inspired it. If anything could tempt me to go back, it would be to see if another Snowball cupcake tasted as good. The indifferent: Key Lime and Carrot Cake For me, their Key lime was just too strong and tangy and the cake was a bit on the dry side. The Carrot cake had a very gluey texture, as opposed to the rich denseness that carrot cake normally has. If I had bitten into it in a blind taste test, I'd have definitely called it a spice cake, not having any clue it was supposed to be a carrot cake. (and darn it, I love carrot cake!)The ugly: The only mini cupcake I didn't finish was the Vanilla Bean. It surprised me because of all of them I thought it was most likely to be my favorite. I mean. It's vanilla bean. But I took one bite and tossed the other half. It was the blandest mouthful of anything that has "cake" in the name that I have ever consumed. It was also a little on the dry side, but that lack of...well vanilla flavor in a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting was what really killed me. Total disappointmentI mean, perhaps it is just that their mini's had a bad day. It happens to the best of us. And that might have coaxed me into trying them again if I hadn't been overcharged, not gotten a single apology (you don't have to grovel, but a simple "oh, nuts I'm so sorry about that" would have gone a long way to soothe ruffled feelings since their clerk was so very blase about her mistake), felt like I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get MY money back, call multiple numbers (because now the number I had rang to an automated message about ordering and not an actual shop), had to leave a message, wait for a callback, explain again, get another number, call that, oh the manager is in a meeting, wait again, call again, explain again (I'd been trying to get a hold of the day manager to let her know I couldn't make it in that night. I work -almost- the same hours as they are open and when we're busy I just can't get off in time to get there and I'd probably have to wait for the weekend.) . And finally, FINALLY get told "oh, well you -don't- have to come here, we can refund it over the phone." .... I was very nonplussed over the whole affair. If you try them and like them, huzzah, but I'll stick to Cupcake places that are further out, but have much better track record with me in both their cupcakes and service.

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