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Zwicker Power Equipment Inc

Snow Removal Equipment

(978) 256-1811


173 Billerica Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01824

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8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Services: Lawn Mower Sharpening, Lawn Mower Repair

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  • Stay away - horrible customer ...

    Stay away - horrible customer servcice.

    I brought a snowblower in to be fixed. They said to call them in a week or so. I call them the next week and they say "we got 12 new snow blowers in so we did not get to yours (not my problem)

    I then call them in a couple of weeks and it was ready. I ask the price and they tell me.

    I get there and the unit is not running right. It is also $105 more than the guy told me - he did not add in labor ($70 per hour)

    So He said that he willo try and fix it but he is only open till noon and he doubts he will get it working. SO now I have to wait to the next week since I have to put my trailer back on and they are only open till 5 during the week.

    Find someone else for service. If I could give them no stars I would

  • Take your business somewhere else

    It takes a lot for me to go on record and publicly bash a business. Hard times like these, you don't want to go off half cocked but I will say without reservation Zwicker doesnt deserve the business they get. These people do not stick to any commitments! They give you one rate for repair and when you show up you get a bill for double. No advance notice or warning. They tell you your repair will be ready by ""x"" date. You show up and they say, ""that was just an estimate"". No phone call or update. Their attitude stinks and they simply don't care. Do yourself a favor - don't go to Zwicker.

  • Terrible service, drained oil & never refilled it!

    We broke the pull-cord on our mower & brought it here to be repaired. There were many delays in getting the mower fixed, and they grossly exceeded their initial estimate for how much it would cost. But what REALLY makes me angry is that we paid for a tune-up and when I got the mower home I mowed two stripes in the lawn before it stalled.

    Why? Because they drained the oil but never refilled it!! I would expect it to need gas, but for the love of pete, they put NO OIL in it after changing the oil??

    Next time I'm going to O'Connor's for a tune-up. They answer their phone! I had to call Zwicker every 2 weeks for almost 3 months before the mower was fixed - which would have been more tolerable if the woman who answered the phone was pleasant. Instead she kept saying, ""Oh, that's the Kohler with that Chinese engine!"". Yes, I get it, you hate the fact that it has a Chinese engine. I picked up on that the first 3 times you said it.

    I'll put up with crappy service if the job is impeccable, but this place is awful. Slow service, half-done, and really bad attitude.

  • great people! small local business

    I went in to have a chain saw sharpened, end up having that done and got a great deal on a used walk-behind blower.

    Unlike the other reviewer I had a great customer service experience. These are nice people, and really helpful. I did not deal with them on the telephone so maybe that is the difference. FWIW: There are only 2-3 people that work at this business, and they always seem to be really busy.

    I don't write too many online reviews but felt that the other negative review of the business is not accurate. I would recommend this business to my friends and neighbors.

  • A great experience

    My grandmother has a boy from the neighborhood run her machine and broke something. My grandmother called Zwickers not knowing what was wrong. A gentleman came out to the house to pick it up and found a simple solution. He really could have taken my gram for a ride but instead went out of his way and showed her how to prevent this from happening again to boot.

  • Really awful customer service

    My husband took our broken riding mower to Swicker in hopes of getting it repaired. After serveral days of hearing nothing, we attempted to get a status update. Our messages were not returned. When we finally managed to talk to a person, they were unable to tell us what was going on with the machine in much detail, but said that the person who had looked at it would call us to discuss it. The call never came. After several more days, we received a call telling us to come and pick it up. They had done no work on it and thought we had decided not to have anything done on it. This call when I was out of town so we were unable to retrieve it for a few days. They called back to ask when to expect us to pick it up, and I told them that we would be able to get it on Friday or Saturday (this was a Wednesday). He told me that we would be charged for storage and when I reiterated that we would be there Friday or Saturday, his response was fairly rude. While I understand not wanting to store an unworking machine indefinitely, if they had returned our calls in a timely manner in the first place, we would have retrieved it a long time ago.

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