By: iphone_owner
MyPhone Repair
I joined this just so I could leave a review for My Phone Repair. I had dropped my phone and, as a result, the corner came apart. I couldn't force it back together but, to me, it seemed that if you could take out the screws it would be easy to snap back together. However, you need a special screwdriver for this. I went to a place called CPR on gunbarrel and they told me it would take an hour before they could start (which is fine), they might not be able to fix it and it would cost at least $35 to find out if they could fix it. I decided to see if was covered by warranty, so I went to Verizon at Hamilton. It is not covered, which I kind of expected. Near Verizon is My Phone Repair so I stopped in to ask them. I figured maybe they could do it in less than an hour. It turns out that all that was needed was taking out the screws and snapping it together. They just did it for me right then. It only took a minute. They didn't charge. You have to admire a company and a group of young men who can do something like that and not take advantage of the situation. I would trust this company to fix my phone any time. And I would trust them not to over inflate the charges. Now, I wouldn't mind paying a fee to fix it even though it was so simple because these companies have overhead. But I felt like CPR was giving me a run around trying to make it appear that it was harder than it was. The people at My Phone Repair were honest and not deceptive. It isn't that they did it for free that makes me give them a good review - it's that they didn't try to be deceptive. You can trust this group!
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By: Christopher W.
MyPhone Repair
My phone has been messed up in two ways: my speaker was not loud when talking on the phone and it was extremely difficult to charge my phone. I went in to this store just seeing if they could somehow fix it by changing the parts or something and the store manager Ted immediately pulls out a toothbrush with some rubbing alcohol and tweezers to fix my speaker and charging port. They were immediately fixed in less than 3 minutes and now my phone is like brand new. Not only did he save me having to buy a new phone (cheapest are $150) he did not even charge me for the easy fixes. Great experience, great guy, grateful person right here.
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By: Elaine C.
MyPhone Repair
I had a screen repaired for an IPhone 6 and purchased a hard case accessory for it. I was very satisfied with the service and personnel as well as the time it took to fix it. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Store was clean and well stocked. I felt the prices were very good and reasonable. I would recommend them for repairs and accessories.
By: Ruben V.
MyPhone Repair
They just know what they're doing and incredibly informative and helpful. I've had my iphone fixed there multiple times ( I drop it all the time) and way cheap too
By: John D.
MyPhone Repair
Great service at a pretty decent price. They repaired my iPhone 4 in about 30 minutes. Very convenient. Im happy i found this.
By: Kori B.
MyPhone Repair
I had a good experience getting my screen fixed. They provided good customer service!

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