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By: Teddy L.
Labrador, Daniel Jr,MD
My PCP had told me I had several moles on my back that needed to be examined/removed. I remembered Dr Labrador from many years ago and wondered if he was still in practice. I located his office and called to make an appointment. He saw me the day after I was told by my PCP to have the suspicious moles checked. Dr Labrador examined me and agreed that the moles should be removed and biopsied. He asked me when I wanted to have the procedure done. I told him, "As soon as possible". He instructed his nurse to bring his instruments to the room. Within 15min he was finished. He sent the tissue off for biopsy and followed up with me regularly. Later I showed him an area on my ear where I had a cancer removed by another Dr. The cancer had reoccurred. Dr Labrador asked me when I wanted to take care of it. Again, I told him ASAP. He acted immediately that morning and removed the cancer for biopsy, then repaired my ear to a much better appearance than the other Dr. When I asked him how he made it look so much better, he explained that he is a plastic surgeon and the other Dr is a dermatologist. I was so glad that Dr Labrador took immediate action each time and did not have me wait days, weeks, or a month like some other physicians do.I give him my highest recommendation!
By: rblackcat13
In Good Health
They are nice, understanding, patient, sweet, kind, & extremely helpful. Walk-ins, which I was, was easy to do & be seen in a timely manner. The office & rooms were clean & bathrooms were clean & stocked. The docs & nurses were great, they listened & understood me & helped me with any questions I had, they told me what if anything they were gonna do or may have to do. I've had to go to many different doctors & this was one fo the best ones ever, I didn't feel like I was just another person to make them money, I could tellthey cared about people & wanted to help them get better, feel better & stay better.
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By: Kim D.
Sentef, Joseph Jr MD
Very courteous staff who worked to get us in earlier than our scheduled appointment since we arrived early. We actually drove 3 hours from Georgia for this appointment. Dr. Sentef spent over an hour with my husband asking and answering questions about his medical history. If you have a connective tissues disease, such as Rheumatoid arthritis, this is your Dr. He is a brilliant man with a vested interest in curing disease, not just treating symptoms. He is dedicated to restoring health verses helping one to be functionally ill. Very impressed with our first visit.
By: Barbara sue T.
Chad M Charapata MD
Dr. Charapada is a great doctor but a little short with bedside manner. He will ask a question but before you complete the question he cuts you off.He has changed since I first show him 4 or 5 yrs ago. My daughter went to him and was so mad she said that was her first and last appt. with him.She got mad again today as he acted very short and cold. We both realize doctors have bad days but they do not need to realize that patient is sick needing a little kindness. I would refer him to others but tell them how his attitude can be at times.
By: annie.schwartz.311
In Good Health
This is a great place, the staff & docs, nurses etc are all kind, caring & friendly. They all put me at ease when I got there & the fact I had no insurance was ok b/c it was less than most dr offices. As a walk in I thought I would have to wait forever, it wasn't a long wait & the NP, Laurie, listened to what I said & cared. This is really a great place & more caring people & places like this are needed.
By: mariash
Angela Smith-Slack MD
Dr. Burton and Dr. Slack are excellent pediatricians. My children feel very comfortable with them and I have observed them with children of all ages. I always recommend them to anyone who asks. The nurses and office staff are also fine people. If you want a kind, caring group of doctors who will get to know your child as an individual, then this is the place to go.
By: Julie B.
Freeman Mark G MD
I highly recommend Dr. Freeman for all of your orthopedic needs. This month marks 8 yrs since my first visit with Dr. Freeman, he replaced my right knee joint and to this day it is as strong as it was when he replaced it. He is a great doctor and a wonderul person. Julie B.
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By: Charlotte M.
Diagnostic Center
Ms. VALERIE MIXON is undoubtedly the best Dr. I know she is a Nurse Practioner, but she is the best Dr I see. I'd drive one hundred miles just to be her patient. So kind, so knowledgeable, I'm in so much better health sense I've been seeing her.A BIG THANK-YOU MS.MIXON.
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By: Carl T.
Habenicht, Kymber, MD
I am primary caregiver for my dad and Dr. Habenicht has always been kind and considerate. She knows her stuff and has treated me and my dad with respect and a true sense of caring. The Plaza Urologist group office seems to always be hustling but always professional.
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By: Daniel C.
University Surgical Associates
My son was very sick as a baby n 2006 an no other dr knew what was wrong but lisa smith done some test an told us exactly what it was and if we didn't understand she would explain were we could GOD a.m. 'Dr smith saved my sons life THANK YOU SO MUCH
Tips & Advices
Urgent care is best for cases with low risk or impact, like a bad , but not life-threatening, cut to the finger. However, if you experience difficulty breathing, speaking, seeing, or chest pains, visiting an emergency room is likely the safest decision.
Trauma surgeons are those who perform urgent operations. Their duties often differ in that the majority of their work occurs in the operating room, while ER physicians mostly work on the hospital floor.
Emergency room physicians work long, intensive hours, often in 12-hour shifts. While not every shift may be that long, the profession requires large time commitments from both doctors and nurses.
Many emergency room patients can be treated and sent home on the same day, but those requiring extended stays or outpatient procedures that require hospitalization may need to stay a few days to a week, or longer, depending on severity of the condition.
Licensed physicians and nurses are responsible for treating and caring for patients, as well as ensuring their safety. Patients may also come under the supervision of surgeons.

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