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By: dtrina
Oliver Plumbing
Description Of Work: Christmas Eve 2012, 10 am, there's a report of a commode backing up, carrying a foul smell. Scour Angie's List, decide on Oliver Septic. 10 family members spending the holidays in our home. Mr. Oliver, not an employee or subcontractor, takes the call, arrives on site by 2 pm, gets on-site digging clearance from utilities like natural gas, makes round trip to bring necessary mini-excavator, contract for work executed, invites picture of my 4-yr-old grandson on equipment, always safety-conscious, digs (expert control of machinery), has septic tank located and pumped by nightfall, returns Dec 26 to complete the job (with additional manpower), replaces field lines, coordinates necessary inspection. Mr. Oliver knows this business; is a professional (in the best sense of the word); has an innate desire to be efficient as well as effective. Negatives? ... Mr. Oliver may not tolerate fools well. Other Positives? ... apparently a tolerant wife, who permitted Mr. Oliver to work into the night Christmas Eve in order to perform a service at a quality level with which he would be satisfied.Member Comments: Given the problem, as it revealed itself, the service could not have gone better.
By: Brad G.
Action Plumbing
After waiting three days for my regular plumber to return my call, I called Action Plumbing to help investigate an unusually high water bill I had just received. They arrived two hours later and quickly determined that I did not have a leak in my water line as I suspected. At their suggestion I called the water company which dispatched a crew to inspect my meter and they discovered they had misread my meter. Problem solved. While here, Action also replaced also a leaky shower valve and suggested a quick do-it-yourself fix for another plumbing issue I had which saved me money. From my initial phone called to their finished work, Action was prompt, polite and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend them. Brad GuagniniSignal Mountain, TN
By: Joy N.
Chase Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc.
Our a/c broke down on fathers day 6/19/16 chase was chosen by my home insurance co to repair it .... we have had problems before w/ our A/C and my insurance co has sent other companies other than chase out to fix the problem ...other repair companies had to return 2 and 3 times to resolve the same problem ... but when chase was sent out to our home to repair the problem it only took one trip for them ...Chase repaired our a/c problem on the first visit .... If we have any problems in the future with our a/c and we can choose who our insurance co sends we are going to request Chase ... The repair person we had was prompt professional and was an expert at his job our A/C is working as it should !
By: ahenreyjames
Oliver Plumbing
I was very pleased with the service I received from Mr. Oliver. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is looking for someone to perform septic work. He is very professional and does exactly what he said he will do. He even videotaped much of the process of replacing the field lines in my backyard. A few days later he provided me with the video on a USB flash drive in case I had questions about what he had done. I obtained several estimates for the field line work. Oliver Plumbing was the lowest cost and provided the most thorough estimate that I received. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism throughout the process.You won't go wrong choosing Oliver Plumbing!
user avatar
By: Glenn W.
Used them several times. Usually well beyond satisfied. This last time I had work in several rooms. Still had a leak called..texted called. Never got an ETA, or a return call and barely a return text.. got to the point wouldn't even answer text. Mind you this is over a weeks time while I have a worsening leak so I wasn't impatient. You can be great at something but if you don't stand behind your work or don't show up that does no good! I have called someone else. Really dissappointed!
By: tmenteur
Oliver Plumbing
Mr. Oliver gave me an estimate before he began, and executed the work in a timely manner. He was able to help me with some other issues that came up during the process, and he quoted the additional costs prior to doing the work. During the process he let me know that some of the things quoted at the beginning were not needed. He was very fair in his pricing, and was a pleasure to work with during the process. I am very pleased with both the work and the price.
By: Judy W.
Keefe Plumbing Company, Inc.
Keefe Plumbing came and first repaired a leaking faucet in my bathroom. They used booties to make sure they didn't track anything into my house. They also repaired in my yard a leaking connection between a PVC pipe and a PEX pipe. They were courteous and professional. I will always use Keefe Plumbing!
user avatar
By: Natalie S.
This is by far the best plumbing company you can find! The prices they have are more than competitive and the work ethic they have is astounding! I always know I am being taken care of when I call them.
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By: Jared H.
They do great work and do what needs to be done only better an very professional and on time also use up to code material.every thing they have done for me has been TOP-NOTCH.Thank North Shore Plumbing
By: tom.robbinson.75
Keefe Plumbing Company, Inc.
I had a busted water pipe in my shower faucet. I didn't know what to do other than cut the water off. so I called keefe plumbing they came and repaired it in not time at all.
Tips & Advices
The following tools and common household objects can be used to clean drains at home:
  • A plunger
  • A drain snake
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Grease-fighting dish soap
Homeowners can mix boiling water with any of the last three products to break up grease and grime.
The main ingredients in clog removal liquid products are sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, both break down into relatively harmless components when it comes into contact with water or soil. However, both substances cause mild irritation to skin and internal tissues.
Also known as a drain auger, a drain snake is a coiled device around ΒΌ-inch thick. To use a drain snake, put the end into the entrance of the drain. Turn the handle to force the snake deeper, using extra pressure to force it through the bend in the pipe. Keep turning until the snake hits the clog, then either pull the snake and remove the obstruction or force it through. Once the snake is out of the drain, run the water on full blast for a few minutes to ensure the obstruction is completely removed.
Plungers don't damage residential pipes, but the force created by the act of plunging weakens the seal between the toilet and the floor.
Many plumbers, both local businesses and nationwide chains, offer emergency or same-day services.

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