By: Joy N.
Chase Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc.
Our a/c broke down on fathers day 6/19/16 chase was chosen by my home insurance co to repair it .... we have had problems before w/ our A/C and my insurance co has sent other companies other than chase out to fix the problem ...other repair companies had to return 2 and 3 times to resolve the same problem ... but when chase was sent out to our home to repair the problem it only took one trip for them ...Chase repaired our a/c problem on the first visit .... If we have any problems in the future with our a/c and we can choose who our insurance co sends we are going to request Chase ... The repair person we had was prompt professional and was an expert at his job our A/C is working as it should !
By: joneel4
Schoolfield Plumbing
Schoolfield Plumbing responded to my plumbing issues very quickly. The plumber was very professional and made sure that I was happy. I was charged a fair price for the job.
By: Chuck H.
Halloran Corporation
Great team, they did very neat work . Priced very reasonable for what they scope of work. We will use them again next time we have a plumbing project.
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By: As G.
Truline Plumbing
Great work on my house. Definitely recommend! Don is a great guy and very trustworthy!
By: gswack
Accel Plumbing
Very reliable and great customer service. I highly recommend Accel Plumbing!
By: paula.carr.degitz
Accel Plumbing
Courteous, and prompt, knowledgable of what needs to be done.
Tips & Advices
Before you hire a plumber, contact their past customers if you're able to. These people can be a wealth of information if you ask them the right questions. Pose the following queries to these former patrons when you get the chance:
  • Were you pleased with the work done?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Did the plumber give you a written warranty and guarantee his or her work?
  • Were there any unexpected costs that arose?
  • Would you hire this plumber again? If not, why?
A permit provides added assurance that the work is done correctly. Having this in place means an inspector will check the work your contractor or plumber does to ensure he or she did the job correctly. If you plan on putting your house or commercial building on the market, a real estate agent and prospective buyers will want to check any large work you did to make sure it was done properly.
A trustworthy plumber will have both commercial liability insurance as well as be bonded. The insurance and the bond protects the plumber from paying for any damages made to your house out of pocket. Having professionals that carry both of these policies can protect all of you from any mishaps that could occur while they work on your building.
  • Before calling a plumber, try to unclog your drains and toilets yourself by using a plunger.
  • Make sure you use a standard bell-shaped plunger for your sink and shower drains and a plunger with a flanged end for your toilets.
  • If neither type can loosen the pipe blockage, put a plumber's snake to use.
  • Ratchet the snake down the pipe to eliminate any clogs.
Usually, a leaky or dripping faucet is an easy fix that can be done by anyone who is even slightly handy with tools.. To fix it, first shut off the water under the sink then remove any decorative parts of the faucet and replace the washer and O-ring before reassembling everything.

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