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By: n.sherington
Cornerstone Community Bank
Cornerstone's 'community' appearance seems nice/friendly, but does not translate into professional financial conduct, 'when the rubber hits the road'. It does not properly train its tellers regarding confidentiality of client acccount information nor is management trained in resolution of client complaints. My confidential account information was given by a teller to an unidentified third party, and no protocol was followed to keep the information confidential, nor was I notified during or after the fact, by the bank. Had the party (who is now being sued for doing so) not told me, I would not have known. When complaint was made, I was referred to the teller, by the management, who told me that the person 'must have looked at my computer when I turned around' (physcially impossible, due to the position of the monitor). When asked if there was a procedure for this type of request, I received blank looks from both the teller and management. Further, I reported many errors on my statements, to which the Cornerstone associates (via telephone conversation with main office) have repeatedly asked 'what am I supposed to do about it, the statement has already been released?', and no referral is made to higher management for the obvious task of correcting the mistakes. One only has 30 days to report errors on a bank statement, due to the federal bank-friendly regulations (for the bank to be liable). I would recommend steering clear of this bank, for your own sanity. If you must do business with them, maintain a close watch on your records, and only communicate with them in written form.
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By: Michael P.
Southwest Funding
My experience with Southwest Funding has been outstanding. And this was due to the commitment and professionalism of my local contact here, Rick Wamsley. From the very beginning I was convinced that Rick was totally looking out for my interests. He made clear the requirements of the prospective loan products but without a doubt he did all he could do to get the very best value for me in my specific situation. He even advised specifically on ways to remedy the credit blip and did not push for quick action. He is friendly, professional, and transparent. Can't get any better
By: veneice59
Cornerstone Community Bank
I have gotten two different loans from this company and found them to be courteous, kind and understanding when it came to my needs. they were even able to work with me when I found that I was going to be late making a payment. I would recommend them highly to anyone who may need a small loan fo a short time period.

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