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By: fresno1
Alterra Pest Control
Yea - not wowed.Sales PitchFirst of all the initial sales pitch from Chandler was outstanding. He was easy going and had a no pressure approach. He was personable and not overbearing like most pest control companies or vendors trying to solicit your business. The pricing was competitive and the product sounded solid enough to work and not be harmful to pets. He sold me on the service and product of Alterra. It also helped that I actually needed pest control services since I had a current ant problem.First ServiceChandler quickly booked me for my first service. The Service Pro Luis L. came out a few days later, was friendly and spent about 45 minutes servicing my home. I could see that he cleared out cob webs from under the roof and sprayed throughout. It was not until after he left that I realized he forgot to also treat my garage. Customer Service - Round 1I called Alterra and reminded them of the mistreatment of the garage and they asked if I wanted someone to come out right away – I said “no that it could wait for a month for the 2nd treatment” (That is their policy is to have the 2nd treatment done a month later – not quarterly) They agreed to wait. A week later, two things occurred. One – I noticed that I no longer had ants so yippee – their stuff is working. Two – I received a call from an Alterra Service pro that he is on the way to my home for the garage treatment. I said no that was not scheduled and it can wait for the 2nd treatment scheduled 3 weeks from now.Fast forward almost two months later and I realized the 2nd treatment never occurred so I called Alterra and left a message. Next day I see a charge for the 2nd treatment (BTW they do an auto withdraw from your account). So I double checked my house and it did not appear it was serviced nor an invoice left behind of work done. Customer Service – Round 2I called Alterra a 2nd time since I did not receive an initial call back AND then this charge for service, I left a message. A very nice representative Lola called me back next day and we reviewed my account info. Long story short we discovered the following:•They had my incorrect email address so I did not receive any of their notifications of upcoming service. (Why I was not aware of delayed 2nd appointment)•They had my incorrect home address AND that a service pro actually serviced my neighbor’s house. (Why I was actually charged for delayed 2nd appointment)After these key learnings Lola was very apologetic and did provide me a credit towards my 3rd service treatment. She also rescheduled my 2nd appointment.Customer Service – Round 3The day before my scheduled appointment I received an email notification but it did not specify window of time so I called Alterra to obtain. I believe a Karen answered and interrupted our conversation to chastise a co-worker for eating an extra slice of pizza. She came back and said the schedule was not set yet and advised me to call back. Yea – that call didn’t go real well.2nd ServiceService Pro Walter showed up and was in and out in about 20 minutes. However even though noted on the invoice he left behind – the garage still wasn’t done. Oh well - next time I guess – just not in the mood to call again.Overall appears to have a solid product that works but their service is inconsistent.
By: mitch.manning.58
Alterra Pest Control
Mitchell Manning4:49 PM To: Mitchell ManningPicture of Mitchell ManningFrom: Mitchell Manning (mmann7147@icloud.com) This sender is in your contact list. Sent: Thu 6/20/13 4:49 PM To: Mitchell Manning (mmann7147@aol.com) Hello and to whom it may concern , - I've had Alterra, Come out repeated times to help get rid of some kind of ITCH MITE???!!!!! - ! -(I hope this to be one of the last)....? Until my next scheduled appointment. I would like to give a shout out and a very big thumbs up - Compliment -----!!! Ivan Castillo, was totally awesome!! He was very, very patient and did everything I had asked him to do!!!He was very kind And a hard worker!He seemed very knowledgeable! I feel, he has a bright future ahead of him! - - - - - - -He seemed very honest with me!The bug Problem, "I'm really not sure what I'm going to do if this does not Stop them"? *(Obviously, it does help a little) - but - I would just like to go outside, and not get attacked by these little bugs! They get on your body and in your hair! They don't seem to bite! I am not sure what they are! They look a little like little ***(Microscopic)*** fleas but they are not! As I have said they do not bite......... ?????I would like Ivan Castillo to continue to spray and to Help neutralize bugs at my house from now on. - *** Please!ALSO,(PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL ANYWHERE FROM AN HOUR TO A MINIMUM OF HALF AN HOUR BEFORE COMING TO MY HOUSE)! (PLEASE). ----------If for some reason your not be Able to make it on the day you say, Please give me a call and let me know! I don't like sitting home all day waiting for someone to come and not show up ?--Which happened last Saturday. 6-15-2013... Sincerely, and a big THANK YOUMITCH MANNING. -- 6-18-2013Sent from my iPhone
By: Gina K.
Alterra Pest Control
Our names are Gina and Robin Kendrick. Andy S. was our service professional. We don't normally post reviews but we wanted Alterra to know that they have an AWESOME employee. Not only did he show up on time, but was incredibly thorough. He took the time to remove any cobwebs and didn't take any shortcuts. We could tell he took pride in his job. He commented that he treated each property as if it were his own and we could tell that he meant it! If at all possible we would love to have him back every time.
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By: Dorin B.
Alterra Pest Control
Lovin' livin' bug free. I have had Alterra Pest control for quite some time and never took the time to leave a review. The service left their normal reminder and we were not home the day they came. I called back to have the inside of our home done and they scheduled it no problem. Today the service provider showed up as usual, on time, professionally dressed and always kind. This company always looks to go beyond their call (today Jesus R.) and provide the very best service. I highly recommend.
By: diane.watters.313
Alterra Pest Control
We've just had our first follow-up service with Alterra - the service pro, Mike R., showed up on time, spent time talking with us, getting our feedback on how things had gone since our initial service, answering our questions, looking with us at our yard gates and determining the most effective way to access and do the best job. We felt that he was taking the time to listen to us, to anwer our questions and to be sure we were satisfied with the service.
By: michele.toneytarves
Alterra Pest Control
Jonathan came to our home this morning for our quarterly spraying.. He asked if I had any concerns and when I expressed them he was very knowledgable of the pests we have and a plan of attack, courteous and genuinely caring of my familys welfare. I like the fact that someone will come out anytime, if needed, between my next scheduled service, AND with no additional charge.Thank you Jonathan and thank you Alterra pest control! =)
By: anthonyrich
Alterra Pest Control
Wow! Jorge came by for our first appointment yesterday, and I was very impressed. He took the time to explain Alterra's service and answer all my questions. He listened attentively as I took him around the yard to discuss my conerns. He completed all as promised-including cleaning the cobwebs! Also happy to find out he had special spray to use near our vegetables and herbs in our side yard. Thanks again Jorge!
By: gerilynne.munoz
Alterra Pest Control
From Gerilynne M. to Donald of Alterra Pest Control, Thank you so very much for the outstanding and personable service ~ You and Alterra have been wonderful in making sure that we are satisfied with our pest control needs, and , I love that someone will come out anytime, if need be, prior to my next scheduled service, with no additional charge. It is so nice to see a cheerful, helpful person like Donald. <3
By: Sharon R.
Alterra Pest Control
My first service was with Service Pro Gilbert. He was on time and greeted me professionally (with a smile and introduction), explaining what he would be doing. He allowed me to follow him and graciously answered my many questions about the company, product, uses, service. I am especially enjoying the 'no cobwebs'; he did a wonderful job is removing them all around the house and yard. Thank you Gilbert.
By: jeniwb
Alterra Pest Control
This was the very first day for us using Alterra Pest Control. We just switched from our old company because we liked the idea of using organic pest control. Milton Bratter was the young man that came out to do our initial service and was able to help me with a problem right away :) So polite and courteous, I think we will like doing business with Alterra if all their people are as nice as Milton.
Tips & Advices
Ask your pest control company about no-kill traps you can use if you want to get mice, rabbits, opossums or other furry creatures out of your house without harming them.
Many pest control experts now offer environmentally friendly treatment for your home and yard with insecticides that aren't as harsh for the ecosystem. Check with exterminators around your area to see if they provide these kinds of services. Also, keep your plants free from harmful chemicals by spraying cedar oil or soapy water on your flowers.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Don't  leaving food or drink out.
  • Clean up after spills as soon as you can.
  • Drain any standing water in your house or yard.
  • Regularly mow and rake your lawn.
If you find insects and other animals trying to get in through cracks or openings, use a caulk gun to fill the gaps. You'll also want to either use traditional bug spray or a citronella candle to keep bugs such as mosquitos away from you during the summer months.
The price for exterminators can range broadly since they can charge for a monthly inspection and treatment. The final bill also comes down to the square footage of your property.
When pest control technicians visit your home or place of business, expect them to first identify what insect or other animal it is that's causing trouble. After identification, they will inspect your building to see where the pests are coming from and locate their hive or nest. Then the exterminator will spray or set out traps and bait according to which pest you have.

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