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By: cerberus1252
Alpha Mill Apartments
Apparently they had some issues back in 2008, but since I moved in Summer of 2012 this place has been great. The original office staff and current staff have all been helpful and friendly. They can get busy in the afternoons answering phones and doing tours, so I wish they had a second person on duty, however it is a small complex right now and you usually don't have to wait more than 10-15 mins for someone to return. I assume when the approx. 100 new units are finished they may increase the staff.Maintenance has always been very friendly, helpful, respectful, and seem to enjoy helping residents from everything like bringing a ladder to change high light bulbs, wiring light switches (with help of a contractor), fixing disposals, and unclogging sinks.The complex has put in a lot of money to improve landscaping lately and it looks really good. One complaint is for a few pet stations with bags since some owners don't pick up after their animals, and this might help. A second recycle bin near the mailboxes for junk mail would keep the walkway cleaner. Lastly the complex doesn't have package mailboxes like some complexes so you can only get packages when the office is open.The pool has been recently re-sealed and is usually clean and not crowded. The rooftop patios are awesome even if they do close early at nights for noise levels affecting the nearby units.Many nights I come in at 2-3am and last year only 1-2 spots in the whole complex would be open and residents would sometimes have to park in handicap and loading spaces. This hasn't been a problem lately and is likely due to less visitor passes being issued. At one point management said tow trucks patrol the lot at least 2-3 times a night however I have only seen one a handful of times. Visitors without a temp pass MUST park on the public side streets which is a big pain since that side of the complex does not have a call box (it really needs one). Hopefully the expansion will including some parking upgrades for the increase in visitors competing over the street parking.I have experienced a 2br and 1 br mill unit (the two older brick buildings on site) and the decor is great, noise levels are very low, and residents are generally respectful, friendly, and private.After 9 months, I transferred to a 1br unit on a new 12 month lease and the fee was reasonable ($200 in March '13) to switch over my lease instead of the 1.5x monthly rent that some complexes charge.The area north of the complex is a poorer area, but you wouldn't know it other than the occasional homeless/low income person walking past the complex during the day on the public streets which are separated by a fence from the complex. I have heard of only 3 minor incidents occurring in my year here bring, 2 car break-ins on the side street, and 1 purse theft (unsure if out of a car or off a person). The complex quickly sent out alert emails and held one Q&A session with a CMPD officer at the complex for residents. Multiple law enforcement personnel live in the complex and cameras with night capability are installed on exteriors.Prices, floorplans, and availability are all accessible on the compex website. A handful of garages are available for any resident to rent if unoccupied.
By: Steve S.
Elmsley Grove Apartments
** originally written a few months after I moved in late 2014**The rent here is extremely affordable. The units are on the small side. The one bedrooms are meant for two people max. It is more than enough for me as a single man. I have seen a couple of negative comments in other reviews on the web. I'd like to address a couple of them.I have had some issues inside my unit and have NEVER been asked to pay a fee for having the issue resolved. In a review on the web someone had stated that the complex charges for repairs. That is patently false. I have never been charged for a repair. Now on the other hand if someone failed to do what they are supposed to do per their lease ....I fail to see why the complex should bear the burden of the cost of the repair.The office staff are polite and courteous. Most maintenance requests are handled the same day..I have never had to wait beyond the next day. Someone mentioned Holly by name ...here is my experience..Holly is EXTREMELY busy. Yes, if I go to the office unannounced I may have a fifteen minute wait (rarely that long) till she can see me. However, once I am in her office she is affable, will address any concerns I have, and anything she has told me would be done/would happen, DID. No exceptions. In fact, if you feel you need to speak to the property OWNER, she is available (make an appointment). I have never lived in a complex where the actual owner was as accessible.If you are looking to live with the Mercedes and Beamer driving Muffy, Buffy and Chips of the world this is not the place for you. The tenants are mostly working people. The complex is safe. I rarely lock my car and have never had an issue. The place had a really bad rap about five or six years back..but the new owner Katrina has done an awesome job of turning that around. Your air conditioner is a wall unit. Your heat is forced air. I thought that was going to be an issue until I saw my electric bill. Cool thing about the air and heat is I only have to heat or cool the room I am in. I pay about 50 bucks for electric spring and fall and about 60 summer and winter.All in all I would highly recommend this place..It is definitely worth a look.** 08/2017. I upgraded my four star to a five star rating. Again, let me emphasize, these are modestly priced apartments. I have been here three years. I feel a part of a community and the office as family. If you are looking for a modestly priced apartment in Charlotte you need look no further.
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By: Ray W.
Dandelion Market
Underwhelmed.Yeah, I get that a few places have crazy good inventive bartenders that grow and blend their own ingredients, thus justifying ridiculous cocktail prices. This isn't one of those places, and the cocktails aren't terribly special...but they are priced as if they are.Beer menu isn't terribly varied, wanted a stout I hadn't had before, ended up with a NoDa porter I've had 100 times. It's good, just wanted something new. Waiter didn't understand beer styles, so he was useless. No, I do not want a black lager as a substitute, thank you.Tapas, huh? What this means is full price for half of a plate with no sides. My beef skewers were fantastic, but they were pretty small. Sure glad I got to fill up on fries (not).I'm not normally overly sensitive, but where we were sitting had an incredible odor of mold, that sure didn't help.I'll give it another shot and update accordingly depending on how it goes.
By: Liz P.
Anson at the Lakes Apartments by Cortland
This was a wonderful place to live until new owners (Cortland) took over. The original staff is awesome, My lease renewal price was jacked up (and only approved for 6 mths), while living among the chaos of reconstruction is not pleasant. I originally received many mixed messages about my options when letters were sent out about construction. The parking was a nightmare but they worked with me on that. The containers and construction dumpsters make it unsafe when getting home late at night because you cannot see your surroundings. The woman in charge told me that I shouldn't live in fear. Seriously? I don't live in fear, I just have common sense. On Memorial Day, they were cutting and grinding trees down by the pool. It was so loud sitting by the pool, we had to come in, the joy of relaxing by the pool was gone. Sadly, I once called this my home, now I cannot wait to leave.
By: Kristen K.
Flats @ Mallard Creek
Do you like cold showers, being able to hear everything your roommate is doing in their room from your room, having your windows thrown up on, little to no wifi, and witnessing multiple knife/broken bottle fights from your peep hole? Then you will love the flats at mallard creek! super thin walls and obviously quickly built, this apartment complex has plumbing so messed up smells emit from the resident's bathrooms and also from the sewer grates in the parking lot. speaking of the parking lot - hope you didn't like your car too much because it probably will get hit by another resident trying to park in the poorly lit, poorly laid out parking lot.I pay $580 and my roommate pays $500, we have the same room.Look elsewhere for a place to live. This is a horrible experience but I'm stuck here until the very end of July because of the stupid contract they make you sign.
By: Kristen Y.
University Walk Apartments
I have lived here for about 9 months now and I have really enjoyed it thus far!! My room is a good size, the furniture is nice and included, amenities are awesome and the staff has always been super helpful. Amenities include a 24/7 gym (which rocks bc I love working out at night), pool, volleyball court, game room, tanning (also rocks), printing, etc. Everything is included except for electricity but they're including that next year!! They have stuff going on in the office once in a while where they give out food or swag or other little free things which is another perk! Only complaint is kitchen size/appliances but it works. Love having a balcony also and being close to campus is sooo nice because it saves you like $500 on a parking pass. I can get to Fretwell in about 7 minutes where as if I had to find a place to park it would take way longer.
By: Niraj S.
Sharon Crossing
We moved in to Sharon Crossing Apartments and stayed for over an year between 2015-2016. The stay was pleasant. The neighbors are quiet and it’s nice and safe. My family enjoyed playing in the grounds/pool- frequented by the birds (this complex is next to the lake and has quite a few trees). Maintenance issues are met with and solved quickly by the staff who live on campus. The staff are always pretty friendly and courteous; yet professional. On the whole the apartment complex is very well maintained- thanks to Debra and Paula who work seamlessly to provide support to all of us. It was by chance that we came across Sharon Crossing- but when we saw the area, the landscaping and met the staff; we were convinced we wanted to stay here. This was the reason why we have recommended Sharon Crossing at our work place. Its am awesome place to stay.
By: 1973clt
Marsh Properties - Sedgefield
Great people in the office. Anytime something has needed repair, they are always friendly, & the work is done quickly. The apts. are old, therefore, no dishwasher, disposal, small oven/stove and limited elec. outlets. However, it meets my needs and the location is great for my work. I just hope they don't try to capitalize on the "Southend" trend, and try to escalate the rent much further. Management is quick to notify tenants when we have a surge in break-ins, be it apts. or vehicles. Again, they are fine, as long as Marsh doesn't try to price them as if they are Colonial Reserve or The Silo's. They are quite bare bones with no amenities. But again, I will say the office staff has always been welcoming, friendly & helpful to me.
By: chefjim1
Zebra Restaurant
Thank you for reading my review of my restaurant!Yes, I am biased but believe in Zebra, our staff, andmost importantly, the quality of our food.We cook everything from scratch, source as much local and regional organic and natural foods as possible. We source foie gras, truffles, mushrooms, meats and seafood from around the world.Our most important meal served is the one in front of us.We strive to be accommodating, friendly, honest and sincere.If your experience is less than expected we work hard to correct it as soon and thoroughly as possible.Even after nine years in business we constantly seek new and exciting ways to impress our guests. You may contact me directly at Zebra to share anything at all!
By: anonymous35173
Auston Woods Apartment Homes
This is a horrible place to live. Staff, maintenance, parking, and cleanliness are horrendous. You can hear everything your neighbor does from dogs barking to the washing machine running. Don't let that huge tub fool you into thinking it is a nice place to live because the five gallon water heater doesn't heat enough water to get it anywhere close to full. The apartment was not thoroughly cleaned before move in. These people are just out to get your money. They renew your lease automatically without notification at double the rate. They find crazy claims to charge you with after you move out. Also, watch out for dog poop in between every step. I would only recommend this apartment to an enemy.
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