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By: Wendyjo T.
M I Benefits
AMAZING IN SO MANY WAYS. Very helpful and informed. Market Place and Medicare Plans. They will guide you in the right direction when you are not sure what you need. Healthcare is very confusing .
By: Lee M.
Allstate Insurance Agent: Valbuena Insurance Group, LLC
Not usually the one to give one star reviews nor write any reviews at all but we tried to cancel our plan for months since our extra car has an expired registration and they kept telling my mother, who does not speak much English, that we could not. Turns out all we have to do was cancel auto-pay and it will cancel automatically. Very deceiving.
By: Stevie L.
Cook Agency
This company is ALWAYS advertising jobs: but under different names. That's misleading & uncomfortable. I did my research first and Cook's LinkIn photo was enough to make me not want to attend; something about hard cold faces that do not represent "quality customer service". But I went trying to be open minded. It was longer than needed to be and already misrepresented as I thought I had an individual interview appointment not a mass group meeting. There is a fine line of boasting about one's accomplishments and a business' growth. They rushed through the maze of steps to do, yet never seem to understand that I had already accomplished most of the steps on my own. They do offer to help you, guide you, & even discount the costs to obtain your necessary Insurance licenses in order to work for them. Their ad leads you to think you are getting a salaried position, but it all boiled down to quotas, OVER 40HR week irregularly accountability, provide own equipment, following their direction to commission income. When it got to meeting Mr. Cook personally for second interview, I was extremely bothered by his "judgment or sizing me up" that I may "not be able to work with the type of people they are familiar with in his industry". I couldn't figure out if it was racist or financial-pride; it made me uncomfortable. As I waited going through the motions I watched the people contact of the workers, by their attitudes and stone cold faces, I knew if I pressed in past all the warning signs I would be degrading myself to allow that sort of treatment towards me. How can you serve the public if you pride-fully want others to serve you? Customer Service or selling by commissions takes a great deal of honesty with self and others. I don't mean to degrade as he degraded me, and I sure hope that my honesty will help Mr. Cook and his endeavor & warn others to have their eyes wide opened if they choose to pursue occupation with his company, whatever the real name is! What's he hiding?
By: Tom F.
Jeremy Fulkerson - State Farm Insurance
Jeremy Fulkerson has been my State Farm Agent for several years! I find him and his team very responsive to all of my insurance needs. Extremely professional, proactive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!
By: Jon B.
Pegram Insurance
This Pegram saved me over $600.00 on my homeowners and auto insurance. When my wife called Wellsfargo to cancel our other policy they asked her why. When she told them that we saved $600.00 the agent on the phone just went silent! *Laugh* Then she thanked us for our business and canceled the policy.
By: curtisbonwell
Jeremy Fulkerson - State Farm Insurance
After previously having billing issues with Nationwide I decided that I should look for a new insurance agency. I emailed Jeremy Fulkerson and requested a quote on auto insurance and gave him all of my information in my initial email.. I told him what tickets and what traffic violations I had including the dates for each event. Jeremy emailed me back with a quote of $64.79 a month. The policy and the price sounded like it would be a good fit and after receiving a printed quote in the mail and an email quote online I agreed to sign up with Statefarm and have Jeremy as my new insurance agent. I was informed that I would need to pay for the first two months up front to get the coverage started so I payed $120 for coverage for the first two months. After receiving multiple quotes for $64 a month and paying for the first two months of coverage, Jeremy sent me an email informing me that he had neglected to read my initial email thoroughly or properly investigate my driving history prior to having pay for my first two months of coverage and my monthly rate would now go up to $118.69 per month due to a traffic violation he had overlooked. I immediately told him that would not be acceptable and he informed me I could reinstate with Nationwide without any charges being made. After previously having billing disputes and leaving Nationwide in search of better customer service, Jeremy’s suggestion was not an option for me. I immediately began searching for a new agent and after three weeks of being in contact with multiple agents I signed and paid for auto coverage with The Hartford. The day I signed my coverage I emailed Jeremy to have him immediately cancel my coverage with StateFarm and refund the remaining balance of my prepaid two months worth of coverage. The refund check I received was only for $14 which would reflect the monthly rate of $118 not the $64 a month I agreed and paid for. I want StateFarm to refund the unused balance of the two months I paid for prior to Jeremy informing me of his mistake at $64 a month. My refund check should be between $75 and $80, not $14 and I will not accept anything less. I was completely honest about my driving history and I shouldn’t be charged for more than I agreed because of Jeremy’s incompetence in running a proper insurance quote when given all of the necessary information. 3/15/11 - I have since been in contact with the BBB, NCDOI and StateFarms Customer Service Dept. I have relayed the above complaint and StateFarm has since agreed to reimburse me the money I was owed. Before going to any agency or writing any reviews I had emailed Jeremy first to explain my position and give him the opportunity to correct it himself. His response was not helpful thus forcing me to seek a resolve through the use of the BBB, NCDOI and StateFarm. If he had taken the initiative to correct this mistake I would have been able to give him a three star rating, but in my case he lacked fundamental customer service skills that are necessary in dealing with the public. It is my hope that through this experience Jeremys customer service initiatives are improved for future clients
By: Michelle R.
State Farm Insurance
Great knowledgeable people that go the extra mile to get your business & save you money in the process.
By: kathy15
State Farm Insurance
Again, thanks for such wonderful service and amazing attitudes.Best,Kathy
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By: Barbara D.
State Farm Melanie Stone
I knew I needed insurance, but was overwhelmed with the idea of where to go and what I needed. Melanie was professional, patient and completely knowledgeable in all aspects insurance. I am so glad I found her and have def. recommended her to all of my friends and family! Thanks, Melanie!
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By: Wiley K.
Allstate Insurance Agent: Eric Bohman
Very poor customer service. Had Allstate policy for 2 years and never heard from them, until auto policy was going to be cancelled. Then, the agency refuses to cancel my insurance, instead request I pay for a full month that I am not using the insurance, then get reimbursed. They are even going as far as threatening to report that I was uninsured for the 7 days I am requesting to pay for the policy. My policy was paid in full up to Sept 30. I am asking to pay thru 10/07 which is the date I am requesting to be cancelled. This agency wants payment in full of $197 and then they will reimburse me to for the overpayment. I still have a home policy that is paid in full with this agency and still they are playing hardball. This broker seems to think only about his commission and not the customer's request to be treated as any other insurance company would. They continue to state that this is Allstate policy which I have received information from them that they can infact issue a pro-rated bill and would not report me as uninsured, when I am requesting to pay for the days I was insured by Allstate. DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM THIS AGENCY, AS THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE FRIENDLY AND SHADY WITH THEIR ACCOUNTING PRACTICES.
Tips & Advices
There are many different providers and plan types, so  shopping for life insurance can be complicated. The first step involves understanding the type and amount of life insurance you need. From there, use online tools or contact local insurance agents to get quotes on rates and learn about how to apply.
The cost of a life insurance policy is determined by two things: the guaranteed benefit amount and the individual risk of the policyholder. The latter is more complicated, and includes many  factors, including health, age, and  occupation. As of May 2017, a 30-year-old woman purchasing a 20-year, $250,000 term life policy can expect to pay about $141 per year. For comparison, a 60-year-old woman purchasing the same policy can expect to pay $1,033 per year. Since women have longer life expectancy on average than men, the latter can expect to pay slightly more. The same 20-year, $250,000 term policy will cost a 30-year-old man $156 per year on average.
Certain specialized policies may provide income replacement in the event of disability, disease, or another situation where it may be impossible to work and medical expenses are high. One common alternative is known as an “accidental death and dismemberment” policy. AD&D policies work similarly to term life plans, but will only pay out death benefits when a fatality is caused by an accident, or if the policyholder loses a limb or the ability to see or hear. Death from a heart attack or cancer, for example, is usually not covered by AD&D, but these policies might offer lower premiums than a standard term plan.
Many adults with children choose to buy a term life plan that covers them from the birth of a child until they turn 18, which is often the most cost-effective way to insure against the risk of income loss from unexpected death. While it  is possible to save enough cash or invest to provide even more funds in case of such an emergency, investing is subject to more risk of loss than a life insurance plan, and accumulating enough savings to provide a sizeable safety net can be difficult.
Whole life and universal life plans are each considered a type of “permanent life insurance.” Universal life is often similar in concept to whole life, but offers more flexibility in premium payments and cash withdrawals. For example, you might be able to temporarily pause or reduce premium payments at any time under a universal policy. It’s also often possible to borrow from what you’ve already paid into the plan or against a guaranteed death benefit in the form of a loan.

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