By: Dean S.
Bill Spoon's Barbecue
Read good reviews about this BBQ joint, and had to try it out. I try to be impartial and not let me personal preferences color my review. But, it just didn't do it for me. The BBQ was "good", but not great. Not enough smoke flavor (if any) and no bark. You know how you go to a BBQ place and it tastes and smells FRESH, as in, they just pulled it off the smoker and pulled it apart within the past hour? Not reheated.. not chopped and shredded and put into a huge bucket then scooped out later? Spoon's tastes like the later.. like maybe it was older BBQ that was heated up. Might not be true, but it's my first impression. I would go back if I were in the area, but not if I felt like BBQ and had other options.
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By: Pam H.
Bar-B-Q King
If you or on Wilkerson blvd. Go to bbq king they have great bbq plates. On sat they have hamburger plate. They have great onion rings. They have great tea. The only thing is the guys who bring your food. Are rude if you don't give a nice tip they still go for more money. If you ask for a another cup of tea they expect a another tip. Or ask for more ketchup.
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By: ardavis3
Bar-B-Q King
I grew up in Asheville but have been coming to BBQ King since I was a kid - it was always such a treat when we would come to Charlotte to visit. Now that I live in Charlotte I still always enjoy visiting - it's a one of a kind experience and the food is ALWAYS good!
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By: marksasport
Boardwalk Billys Raw Bar Ribs
Let me help ya out here if yu never been here ....what a great PLACE !....Luv this place just like we do at the one close to Matthews. Great bar and service and food and the outside deck is one of the best in Charlotte and it sits on the man-made lake. Check it out !!
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By: Pam H.
Sonny's BBQ
I eaten there a few times. When you order a bbq sandwich they never chopped the bbq enough for me. The cole slaw taste good. They have the crinkle French fries. The service is alright. The prices are too high.
By: John W.
Midwood Smokehouse
This place is amazing! Ribs were perfect, not overcooked and the sides are all epic. Mac and cheese is best I've had and the draft selection is strong. Pretty long wait, but worth it.
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By: Shane P.
McKoy's Smokehouse & Saloon
Had the LTD platter with loaded baked potato and the okra! Highly recommended the ribs and the teriyaki wings! Sooo good!
By: Richard M.
Best ribs I've ever eaten. I went there with my wife and grandchildren ages 9 and 12. We all loved our food.
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By: Devin S.
Hef's Bar & Grill Restaurant
Food was great .You really get your moneys worth ..Also has friendly staff .Will be eating there again
By: Ash S.
Bill Spoon's Barbecue
The very best of the best! The best BBQ, the best service, the best of everything! DELICIOUS!

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