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By: Cheryl a morgan S.
GEM Management Inc
They say I owe rent .I have asked over and over again .I have asked to have a meeting with the CEO. I don't Know why the manager off my complex comes when she desires and doesn't have the ability not to discriminate against me. Attacking me far beyond I could ever imagine, and then, to have my 2 daughters experience her rage as well..KimB. made me have thoughts of not being safe, after what she said on the phone, after a natural disaster. I just had major surgery and urgently need more as we speak . No I don't feel well or like my self ,I am sick, and need surgery,Now !! I am not having any issues @ the present date and time and I deserve a break .I go to the dr. Monday and Tues. I don't think it is iN my best interest to continue on like this , Why did i have to call Mr. Morris to find out what I owe for rent after asking,Amanda,B.. a zillion times. I will put it in the mail no later than Monday by 5pm to GEM management. I know what a bad landlord is and that is what it has been like since Mrs. Villevetoe left in April 2013,Amanda hasn't been here.6 months. I know Gem Thrives on advertising Real estate Tycoons to hire GM's from them. but the one they have over this area takes a person's {mine) disabilities, color,age, financial status, marital status, and abuse them with them like putting them in a choke hold until they can't breathe and they want to die! PLEASE STOP THIS ! If the shoe were on another disabled,.fragile,person,with a different age,color,financial status [wants me out of hud ] And went across the street to get my medicine like 18 others on this side. I would have no problems. I KNOW DISCRIMINATION WHEN I EXPERIENCE and ABUSE, When I Feel It!! That's not GEM TRADEMARK INC., that KIM B. and training other to act like her! But the people that go across the street are not as sick as i am! Yet, they get special treatment and special privileges!! You have to show up and visit from time to time and talk with the people to understand what I am talking about !!
By: Mr B.
The W Realty Group
We recently had an exceptional experience with Jill Miller and Liz Wells from The W Realty Group. They were our agents when we were buying our new house. Their professionalism, friendliness, attention to details, and flexibility earned our trust and confidence in them right away. They were regularly updating us with new listings that fit our criteria in the area we wanted and worked around our busy schedules to show us houses. After considering several existing houses, we decided to build a new house. Jill Miller closely worked with the builder’s agent and addressed all of our questions about the building process. Furthermore, she questioned the builder on our behalf about all their contract documents/disclosers that we had to sign and discovered that there was an Addendum to sign that would make us aware of an environmental issue of that particular subdivision. Jill’s professionalism and attention to details rescued us from signing an agreement to build a house that would not meet our family’s requirements and expectations. So, we were able to get our deposit back from the builder just on time. Thank you very much, Jill!! We ended up purchasing a new constriction from another builder and are very happy with our new house. Jill was an enormous help with every single step of the purchase and with following up on post-closing items with the builder. Many people do not realize how important it is to have a professional real estate agent when buying a new construction. Once again, we would like to thank Jill and Liz for making us feel like we were their priority and for their knowledge and expertise in the real estate market.We are about to list our old house for sale with W Realty Group. We highly recommend this company to people interested in buying or selling a house with knowledgeable and trusted real estate professionals.Mr. & Mrs. Boesch
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By: Raj S.
Carolina Buyers Agent
One of the best decisions we made during my purchase of my home was to hire Julie Tuggle as my real estate agent. Unlike dual agents, she is a buyers agent and would solely work on behalf of the buyer. I built my house in NC living in NJ and was solely dependent on my agent to make key decisions. Choosing the lot location in a new development could be a very challenging decision and Julie helped us choose one of the best locations within my community. We had several issues with the builder and one of the major issue was that the builder denied home inspections during the construction phase. Julie fought tooth and nail with the builder and even took it to their management and eventually forced them to concede on the inspection and I was glad that a few structural issues were detected much early in the construction process and was fixed by the builder. She even sent the inspection report to the county inspector to verify/validate the structural fixes made by the builder. Julie and her partner Mike had been very friendly and would listen to your needs/requirements and work with you making your home purchase a dream come true. Overall I would highly recommend Julie Tuggle and Carloina's buyers agency for your real estate needs. Hiring a buyers agent is extremely important first step in your home purchase and Carolina Buyers Agency is one the best in Charlotte.
By: happyirene
Carolinas Metro Realty
I have been a real estate investor for well over 35 years, buying my first home at age 25. I have also had the opportunity to work with dozens of property management companies over the years. In fact, while still living here in Fort Washington, Maryland, three years ago I purchased a single family home in Charlotte, North Carolina. From experience, living in one state and owning properties in another state can be a pure nightmare. I knew nothing about the rental market in the North Carolina area. However, after encountering many bad experiences with the previous property manager, I hired Yuriy with Carolinas Metro Realty. I will confess, they are the best thing that ever happened to me. Yuriy provide the hands-on property management & investment expertise that I was looking for. He's extremely professional. He have been wonderful! I am so pleased with Carolinas Metro Realty that I have recommended them to all my friends, as well as other fellow investors.
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By: Jean P.
Henderson Properties
I own a patio home in one of the properties managed by Henderson Properties. I need some outside repairs done to the home before it can be put on the market to sell. The moment the manager of Henderson Properties maintenance division, David Kilpatrick, heard about my request for help, he was on the phone to me.David was interested in actively helping me with my individual situation and took immediate action. I felt confident that he would follow through with what he said he would do to move the process forward, and, in fact, he did! David was up-front and honest, and I appreciate very much his directness and plain-speaking. His integrity and high regard for customer service and quality work were evident throughout his conversation with me.I very much appreciate David Kilpatrick's assistance and dependability in following through. David is someone that can be counted on at Henderson.
By: francisco.gallo.18
Carolinas Metro Realty
I have been using CMR for about a year by now. I have two rental properties in Charlotte, both of them with this company. My experience so far has been good, the contact person I usually deal with, Nichele, is very responsive and helpful. Being specific: they have rented the properties fast. When a tenant left, they found a new one soon and took care of all the details and sent me the documentation on time. Deposits to my bank account are on time, there was only one instance of a delay due to a problem with their system, but they explained it quite fast and resolved it in a couple of days. I still need to go to Charlotte to take a look at the properties and see in what condition they are, but so far and based on what tenants have said, seems they are in good shape. From time to time I need to do some follow-up, but I always get fast responses.Hope you all find this helpful.
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By: Jim D.
Henderson Properties
Prior to deciding to sell our home we had Henderson Maintenance department inspect several problems we needed to address prior to listing. We had our air conditioner, tile, deck, exterior painted and then roof repaired by David (maintenance manager) and his team. They promptly returned all phone calls and texts. Their estimates where reasonable and repairs done within budget. The follow up after repairs was so good we decided to list our home with the Danielle at their sales department. Danielle's preparation and execution of the process helped our home sell within 90 days. We had several issues with the buyers at closing. Danielle took the emotion out of the equation and walked us through to a successful close. Needless to say she is helping us find additional properties Thanks a million!
By: Brandi W.
Lead Dog Realty
Bob Clark has been amazing from Lead Dog Realty. Not only is he extremely helpful and guides you through the process just like any other agent..he treats you like a real person as well. :) I have met a lot of agents in my time and he is amazing. My house sold quickly and I referred him to one of my good friends whose house sold within a week. You are getting the same service as any other agency you just are not getting robbed for tons of money and the staff is way more pleasant to work with. This is the only way to sell a home. Don't pay 3% to a sellers agent that isn't going to do anything for you. Bob will provide you with comps, do the paperwork, get you on MLS, setup showings site, lockbox, sign, take pics and stay in touch with you throughout the process.
By: colinc.west
Pristine Properties
100% Recommend PRISTINE PROPERTIES of Charlotte, NC.They are an Awesome Lawn Service, very reasonably priced and do excellent work. The owner is right there on the job with his workers. They've cut my lawn at least ten times over the last few years whenever I was not able to do it myself. They do a better job on my lawn than I do. I get a call from the owner or his wife letting me of any problems. I always fell like they care about their customers. That seems rare these days. Because they are conscientious, have excellent prices, and do what it takes to complete the job correctly and on schedule, I will be hiring them to cut the lawn and trim the shrubs for a long time to come! Thanks Jason, I appreciate all the good work. Colin W.
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By: Consuelo B.
Henderson Properties
Nadyne has been managing our community properties for years. We couldn't have asked for anyone more accommodating. She came right in, saw what our combined community needed, and made suggestions on how we could operate better. The process of working with her is mostly guidance. She makes suggestions based on her expertise, and advises us on the best options. Overall, our board members and communities are happy with Henderson Property Management. The staff is great! Our community was built in the 1970s and is in need of a lot of updating and maintenance. We still have a long way to go. But we are looking forward to continuing that journey with Henderson PM by our side.

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