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By: M H.
Early Beginnings
My son has attended this day care since 2012 and they deserve the 5 star rating I am giving and that they have been given by the state of NC.To address the previous bad posts for Aconcernparent, my son started this daycare at 3 months, the infant 1 rooms have plenty of toys, and bouncies for the children none of which were old and are on par with the toys that we have at home. For the Infant 1 room (newborns to about 6 months) I was particularly happy that the babies were not stuck in cribs all day and rather spend the majority of their waking time in a circle on the carpeted floor in boppies, bouncers, or on the laps of the staff so that they can interact and play with each other and the toys and get tummy time etc. Also, I don't know what the heck kind of phonics she thinks will be taught to an infant...that comment alone makes me believe that parent is a newbie at this mom thing and has unrealistic expectations. As for them feeling like their children do not receive nurturing and loving care, this is the first daycare I've been to where almost all of the staff knows EVERY child by name. That doesn't happen with an uncaring staff as Aconcernparent described.As for Mommaof1.5, as a parent of a child who attends this day care, I am very glad they are not allowing anyone who decides to stroll up to the door the opportunity to walk through the halls at any given time on any given day. They have schedules for the children for eating, napping, learning, and play which would be disruptive if they had an open door policy having to escort any and everyone around 24/7. Scheduling an appointment was not an attempt to "hide anything", which is a silly assumption because parents with children attending have access at all times AND they have video cameras in EVERY room and playground which parents with attending children can access at any time from their computer or smart phone to watch their children.As for you not receiving your courtesy call when the power went out, honey their priority is getting every one of those children safely home. They call EVERY SINGLE PARENT for EVERY SINGLE CHILD until they have contact and confirm a parent is on the way to pick up the children. If you could not be understanding to the fact that the safety and well being of the children was *gasp* put ahead of making sure visitors get a courtesy call...then I don't know what kind of center you're really looking for. The fact that waiting 20 minutes for a call back frustrated you to no end, lets me know you likely did not have reasonable expectations the first time you "waited for a call back you never received".I usually do not write reviews, but we really enjoy this school and it bothers me when people make false accusations based on incorrect assumptions, and unrealistic expectations.
By: jalisamaxwellcrime
Kiddie College Pre-School
Kiddie College Preschool, Staff and Director all have clean criminal background records. Public record indications Autumn's momma (Gingerbread _Michael) has a public derogative criminal background. See Jalisa Maxwell's public profile information on Jalisa Maxwell's records has been public since she was 18 years old, after being arrested. She has been a resident at the local homeless shelters on the Plaza and kicked out for negative behavior, not getting along with other residents, not taking her parental responsibilities serious and being conflictual with staff there. Ms. Maxwell needs to focus more on positive behavior for her daughter Autumn. And spend less time making false statements about diapers, seat belts and pajamas stories. How ridiculous. Jalisa Maxwell has a criminal record and public criminal pictures and arrest history on Yet, she posted negative and untrue statements about a professional staff of working women that have no criminal arrest history at all. But are hard taxpaying mothers and family women. It's so easy for Jalisa to point the finger at others, while she has made far bigger mistakes.
By: Ashley C.
Early Beginnings
Both of my children have attended this school since both were a year old. I give five stars because even when I had a problem with care, communication, or curriculum, I addressed the problem to multiple people and my problems were always resolved to my satisfaction. I am very involved and known for just showing up at random times during the day. If I did not like a classroom assignment (because I preferred a different teacher) the school administrators did as I asked. I will admit that there is some confusion as to who makes specific decisions and communication is not always 100% awesome, but because I ask questions and talk to my children and my children's teachers, I stay informed. And for the person who felt this is an expensive daycare,... check the prices at Chesterbrook, Goddard, Discovery Harbor, or Gateway Child Care. These are more expensive than Early Beginnings. I mean let's face it, child care is ridiculously expensive but you usually get what you pay for. I would recommend Early Beginnings to other parents, but regardless of the school a child is attending, tell parents to stay involved.
By: sandra.guest.14
Kiddie College Pre-School
A very loving, professional, and nice business in the Charlotte area. I would encourage you too meet the staff and owner for yourself. Unfortunately, no one business is the perfect match for all, and of course there are the haters that just can't be pleased because of personal dissatisfaction in their personal life. After being in business for over 14 years with a steady enrollment. I can easily see that Kiddie College Preschool is performing well to most of its clients. In fourteen years, for the two complaints on this site, We as a Staff would like to say "God bless you, and we hope that you find the level of success and happiness that we as a professional staff enjoy as Christian and a professional team.We have an open door policy. Our doors are always open to the Community to come visit, meet us, visit your children and make your decisions of our quality. We would love and look forward to meeting you soon.Let us show you in personal all the wonderful experiences our children are enjoying as member of the Kiddie College Preschool Family.God Bless and Peace to All.
By: Wm201 5.
Preston Counseling
I have worked with Greg Preston for over a year to overcome challenges with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Today I feel I am back on my feet again, calm and confident. Greg helped me tremendously. He is patient, never tiring of my repetitious negative thinking and ready to listen closely even if we have already gone over strategies to resolve the obstacles. One particular strength is his endless ability to reframe even my most bleak and entrenched thoughts. He commands a large toolbox of strategies and perspective altering thought experiments and anecdotes. These have helped me break out of negative thought patterns or choose life-fulfilling options over life-limiting behavior. Don’t let an easy-going, easily approached, and fun personality mask Greg’s rigor and training; he is very well read. I strongly recommend Greg based on my experiences as a twenty-something man overcoming depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
By: Cora R.
Tiny Treasures Child Development Center
Both my grand daughters have gone here since they were born. I was not too excited that they had to go to a daycare but I trusted my daughter in law and son knew what they were doing. . With one of having ear problems and the other seizures I feel there is no other place that would love and care for them more. They both love going here and some days they actually don't even want to go home. Very secure and clean. Even an alarm code on the front door. I love this place and cant think of a better place for them to be when mom and dad are at work. I am giving them a 4 1/2 star rating because I feel that no matter where we are or what kind of business you are running that nothing is ever perfect but they sure do come pretty close to it.
By: Melissa C.
Early Beginnings
Early Beginnings is an excellent child care facility. It is clean and conducive to learning. The teachers and staff are kind and patient, and truly seem to enjoy the children. They are always respectful, and provide pertinent information- both verbally and in writing. My son has been attending early beginnings for approx 2 years now, and he loves it. He loves participating in the many activities such as art, music, outside play, etc. He is very social, kind, happy, and well adjusted, which I mostly attribute to the staff and environment at Early Beginnings. I highly recommend Early Beginnings.
By: Anna G.
Tots Round The Clock Childcare Inc
I'm not sure that reviewer understands what quality child care looks like perhaps that's why she's confused. Probably used to pushing staff at day cares around and this time she was stopped in her tracks. I met her and my children attend and have been there for years. She is a very serious concerned provider who has nothing but the best interest for the children. Glad she is here!!! What a strong willed woman who can put parents in their place while she loving provides the care our children need,. She expects parents to pay their bills on time and that reviewer obviously owes money!!!
By: supersatisfiedmomma
Kiddie College Pre-School
My child has been enrolled at Kiddie College Preschool since she was 5 weeks old. She is three years old now. I am super satisfied with staff, Ms. Sandy, teachers and I will not be moving my child until she is too old to attend the Center. She has always been well cared for at the Center. She has always been under seat belt during any field trip or transportation service. Excellent food menu and quality service. Did I mention great rates and opened for various shifts. Happy, and Super Satisfied Single Momma with Kiddie College Preschool as my Day Care Provider.
By: Barbara V.
Discovery Harbor Learning Center
I own this business and want to say, please come in and see for yourself. (We've never had an employee by the name of Tee D.) We offer an open door for tours and parents to drop in. We prefer tours from 9-3 in order to serve you better. We have a very calm and fun learning environment and strive everyday to be professional and uphold all State and local regulations. Our dynamic learning environment has achieved great things for young children. Most of our Pre-K read at the 1.5 level as they enter Kindergarten. Come meet our loving and nurturing staff!
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During the first session, the participants might talk about the issues and goals of their relationship, as well as what to expect. Subsequent sessions might involve learning tools to communicate better.
The average cost of a session with a counselor in 2017 is around at $90 an hour. The cost ranges from $60- $130 an hour. Some counselors offer package deals and might take insurance.
The length of relationship counseling varies depending on the therapist’s technique, and the couple’s goals and needs. But some couples may see improvement after a few sessions.
The 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires coverage of counseling services to be equal to physical health coverage. Check with your employers’ plan benefits or as your HR representative or insurance company directly.
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