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By: itchyandconfused
Crown Clinic PA
I visited this clinic today after a Google search for allergists in Charlotte. When I called I spoke with someone that was very pleasant and she informed me that they have walk-in hours everyday from 9 am-11am so I decided to stop in. The woman at the front desks attitude left much to be desired, but I have had an incessant itch for weeks and needed to see an allergist so I let it go. She gave me a form to fill out and upon returning it to her she stated that I had to pay the $125 consultation fee upfront. I told her that it is not typical to pay for a visit prior to being seen and she informed me that "That's not how they do things". I paid the fee and sat down. When I arrived it was 10 am and there were only 2 people in the waiting room so I figured the wait wouldn't be long. WRONG! I arrived at 10 am, filled out my paperwork and paid the fee, and then sat down at 10:10. I was called into the back by a nurse at 10:45. Her name was Tierra I believe, and she was very nice and pleasant. She weighed me, checked my temperature and blood pressure and then led me to a room stating the doctor would be in shortly. After a few minutes I checked the time and it was 10:56 am, good timing I thought. I sat in that room alone for 45 minutes. On 3 different occasions I went to the desk and asked about how long would it be before I was seen because I had to leave by 12 pm, not an unreasonable request since I arrived at 10, and on the 3rd trip the doctor himself said he would be in shortly. I waited an additional 20 minutes and the doctor never came in. Frustrated I went back to the desk and informed her that I couldn't wait any longer as it was now 11:55 am and I was in the room for an hour and waiting since 10 am when I arrived. She seemed surprised that the doctor hadn't come in, and directed me to a window to get a refund. Because of the helpfulness and courtesy of the nurse that assisted me as well as how nice the woman who refunded my money was I will give this place 3 stars. For the most part everyone was friendly, but the wait and the attitude of the receptionist made this a place that I would not be returning to.
By: piratenation
Kuchmaner Chiropractic
Best chiropractor to work on me. Not only does Dr. Vic truly want whats best for you, but his methods and treatments are fast, effective and it comes with great results; having a polite/helping staff helps as well. I've been seeing Dr. Vic at least once a week for the past year and a half now. Mainly receiving adjustments to keep my body aligned and all internal "parts" functioning to it's full potential. Since seeing Dr. Vic, I've experienced fewer headaches, less lower back pain, have yet to become sick (knock on wood) and the most impressive thing, almost allergy free. Since I was a young teenager, I took pills daily and eventually shots when the pills wore off. Since my treatment, I've rarely ever relied on expensive medication and have the fewest attacks, sneezes, congestion and swollen throat since my allergies started. Call it coincidence, luck or whatever, but simple weekly adjustments have affected my body in a more positive way than I could have ever thought. As long as Dr. Vic is around, I'll be a customer. You must check out Dr. Vic.
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By: John W.
South Charlotte Spine & Wllnss
My GP sent me to Dr. McDonald because of severe neck pain which was causing debilitating headaches. I’d never been to a chiropractor and didn’t have much faith in the profession shall we say . After the initial meeting and x-rays my feelings hadn’t changed but in the second appointment when Dr. McDonald explained things and did the first adjustment boy was I at a loss for words. In ten minutes not only did the pain in my neck stop but the pain in my shoulder as well as the pain in my leg and knee all stopped too. I have had issues with my leg for over 5 years and my shoulder about a year and in seconds it all just stopped hurting. I am still in some shock at how incredible this whole thing has been so far. The pain does try to come back after a bit, hence the reason for the treatment program but so far the pain is staying away longer and longer. In a few more weeks I should be the most pain free I have been in 5 years or more. I have to admit I was wrong about chiropractic. If you have the right chiropractor he/she can do wonders.
By: Pat D.
The Upper Cervical Spine Center
I have been a patient of Dr. Drury's for over ten years. I got more relief from my pain under his care him than all the other doctors I tried. It took time. In the beginning, I got adjustments 2-3 times per week when the pain was severe. Visits became less and less frequent as the pain started going away. Now I go in for monthly checkups and am completely pain free. I personally like Dr. Drury's policy of telling patients what the cost of care will be. I've been unpleasantly surprised too many times from medical bills I received in the mail after treatment. When I compare the cost of medications and charges from my other doctors, going to Dr. Drury cost me less money. But the most important factor is that his adjustments were the only thing that gave me permanent relief from the awful pain I was suffering from, and I no longer have to take pain meds, which is important to me. Now that I am pain-free, my quality of life has improved exponentially. I have Dr. Drury to thank for that.
By: Lisa H.
The Upper Cervical Spine Center
After surgery, I was having arm numbness, facial tingling, headache and dizziness. I thought I was having a stroke. They admitted me to the hospital and did every expensive test and could not find anything even though there were still symptoms----I knew there was something wrong and every specialist on my case could not figure it out. Dr. Drury figured it out immediately and got me on the right road and no more symptoms. I still go to Dr. Drury on a regular basis and I feel amazing. I am NO LONGER on any medication because I do not need it. Dr. Drury fixed all the symptoms that I described above as well as chronic back pain. I sleep better and feel like a new person with so much energy. His office staff is amazing the atmosphere in the office is very relaxing. I would like to add that I am a nurse and practiced modern medicine my whole 20 year career.... but now I am a firm believer to heal within and don't take any medications to put a band aid over the problem.
By: M. peggy T.
Proactive Chiropractic And Rehab Center
It has been my great fortune to receive Chiropractic care from Dr. Alec Khlebopros. I have received Chiropractic care for over 50 years so have experienced many different techniques . My initial experience followed an auto accident suffered as a child. In the years since, I have periodically sought out different chiropractors for more routine care throughout my adult years for shoulder, neck and upper back issues related to carrying luggage, an occupational hazard in my profession as an airline pilot. Recently, I incurred a lower back/hip injury which caused me the inability to walk without a very noticeable and painful limp. Dr. Alec has given me the best treatment I have ever received. My back and hip issues were correctly assessed and treated and I am now walking normally, pain free. I cannot praise Dr.Alec enough!! I highly recommend this clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful, you are seen promptly and Dr.Alec Khlebopros is the best!!
By: Dee O.
East Charlotte Family Physicians
Absolutely love everything about this physicians office. The staff (including the Doctors) are so very caring, understanding, polite, patience, helpful, curtious. I love this Doctors office and staff. Myself and my family receive excellent care there. Nothing but the best, and that can be hard to find sometimes.Move here from out state tried a couple of other practices. Tried one was very disappointed and dissatisfied with service, care and patient and customer relationship, they were all about fiance, no co-pay money better go to the hospital er. Tried second practice their office functionality and procedures military like and the functionality and office procedures were more important than patients. Late a couple times can come back any more throwing there schedule off.
By: ou-812
Steele Creek Family Practice
On one visit I signed in at 10:45 AM. At 1 PM they realized I had not been seen. The front desk, had forgotten to tell the doctor I was there. Yes I would go up and say how much longer, I have to get back to work, And the answer, Have a seat, the doctor will see you shortly.I was checking out after my visit. She said we will call you with the lab results. I sad no do not call, mail them. (They did not have my new phone number). Three weeks later a letter arrives saying "we have been calling you and can not reach you!!" Please call us for your results. I guess it was to hard for them to mail the results with the letter like I asked to start with. Doctors are 5 star. Front desk is no stars.
By: michelleg
Proactive Chiropractic And Rehab Center
I had a serious problem with my back throughout my whole life. I can't tell you how many specialists I have seen until Dr. Alec was recommended to me. He was my last hope as I was starting to think about a surgery. From the beginning Dr. Alec was so attentive to my problem. During the first visit he made a detailed examination of my back and we agreed on the program that was supposed to help me. I was diligently going to all my appointments, doing the exercises Dr. Alec was showing to me and I could not believe the results. I am feeling like a different person now and going through so many doctors as I did, I can assure you Dr. Alec is one of the best specialists in his industry.
By: petereski
Cindy Wiener DC
I just love Dr. Wiener at Cotswold Chiropractic Center. I knew the moment I got examined that she was different than the other chiropractors I had seen. She targets in on your problem, really listens, and then most of all... she can fix the problem. She has a very impressive skill set and can answer a great many questions including nutrition. You can tell she is passionate and her adjustments are the best. I go once every 3 weeks for maintenance, work in a doctor's office and it is hard on me.You will be very happy, if you can get an appointment- she stays pretty busy, but makes plenty of time for each person, not a stack-em high practice. Right in Cotswold, too!
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An osteopathic physician practices a comprehensive form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to a person's health. Instead of specializing in one system or set of organs, an osteopathic specialist focuses on the health of the total body. This includes evaluating environmental factors that affect a person's well-being.
Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
Family nurse practitioners are highly educated nurses able to provide medical care individually or with the assistance of another professional. Family nurse practitioners obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then take the National Council Licensure Examination to begin working as a registered nurse. Then, they continue their education and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Following that, they become certified in family practice via the American Nurses Credentialing Center of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, allowing them to become certified family nurse practitioners.
Some family doctors provide immunizations while others do not. Typically, doctors who work as part of a large practice are more likely to offer vaccines in-house. Doctors in offices of one to two physicians are more likely to refer patients to a public health department or other immunization provider.
A physician's assistant is a person qualified to perform routine medical services. This individual is professionally licensed and certified, but they may not have the extensive med school education of a doctor.That said, PAs do complete almost three years of postgraduate study and more than 2,000 hours of rotations.

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