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By: itchyandconfused
Crown Clinic PA
I visited this clinic today after a Google search for allergists in Charlotte. When I called I spoke with someone that was very pleasant and she informed me that they have walk-in hours everyday from 9 am-11am so I decided to stop in. The woman at the front desks attitude left much to be desired, but I have had an incessant itch for weeks and needed to see an allergist so I let it go. She gave me a form to fill out and upon returning it to her she stated that I had to pay the $125 consultation fee upfront. I told her that it is not typical to pay for a visit prior to being seen and she informed me that "That's not how they do things". I paid the fee and sat down. When I arrived it was 10 am and there were only 2 people in the waiting room so I figured the wait wouldn't be long. WRONG! I arrived at 10 am, filled out my paperwork and paid the fee, and then sat down at 10:10. I was called into the back by a nurse at 10:45. Her name was Tierra I believe, and she was very nice and pleasant. She weighed me, checked my temperature and blood pressure and then led me to a room stating the doctor would be in shortly. After a few minutes I checked the time and it was 10:56 am, good timing I thought. I sat in that room alone for 45 minutes. On 3 different occasions I went to the desk and asked about how long would it be before I was seen because I had to leave by 12 pm, not an unreasonable request since I arrived at 10, and on the 3rd trip the doctor himself said he would be in shortly. I waited an additional 20 minutes and the doctor never came in. Frustrated I went back to the desk and informed her that I couldn't wait any longer as it was now 11:55 am and I was in the room for an hour and waiting since 10 am when I arrived. She seemed surprised that the doctor hadn't come in, and directed me to a window to get a refund. Because of the helpfulness and courtesy of the nurse that assisted me as well as how nice the woman who refunded my money was I will give this place 3 stars. For the most part everyone was friendly, but the wait and the attitude of the receptionist made this a place that I would not be returning to.
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By: Karen E.
Presbyterian Hospital
Docs are OK. Tech positioned me poorly and left me unattended and in pain during a extended test. Nursing was about average, some very good, some mediocre. The worst was food service. I'm diabetic and on chemo but apparently they think I'm alternately carbo loading and fasting. Due to tests I've only had Graham crackers and a soggy sandwich each morning. Last night they forgot to bring dinner. I inquired and got a plate of rice and ice cold smothered chicken. Today lunch was pasta with a little meat sauce, sweet tea, dessert. They included a green salad which I'm not allowed under the infection prevention protocol of chemo. I've only had one serving of cooked vegetable in 2 days and no wholegrain anything. So guess what? Constipated. Only hospital I know where you get no choices for food. - Hungry on 3rd floor
By: Mrs. B.
Waltonwood Cotswold
I have a parent that stayed at this retirement home. Very nice facility but not worth the money they charge. The staff is friendly but unprofessional. The service my mom received I would expect from a govt ran facility not from one you pay for out of pocket. My mother always complained...especially about the kitchen. And what I have witnessed in the dining room from the staff you would think they got their employees from McDonalds. The food is horrible and the servers walk around with tattoos exposed on their face and other visible places. This facility promise so much for the clients, but professionalism. I you care about your parents do not send them their, no matter how nice it is.
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By: Nigel W.
Dr. Jeffrey A. Ditesheim
I went to Dr. Ditesheim because I was looking for a surgeon close to my home and to give me great results as well. The second you walk into the office, the staff greet you and they're all so friendly and make you feel like your really going to be taken care of. Meeting with Dr. Ditesheim was a great thing as well. He's very professional and thorough about his practice and explains how he's going to do the surgery. The nurses are very friendly and easy to talk to as well. I can definitely say I'll be recommending Dr. Ditesheim to any one of my friends who are considering any cosmetic surgery.
By: Jeremy M.
Raad, George L, MD
Dr. Raad is EASY the BEST doctor in Charlotte by far and I have seen a LOT of doctors in my days. He is VERY compassiate, caring and outgoing. He is the only doctor that "REALLY" seems to care about me and actually spends time with me and listens to my concerns and is ALWAYS open to suggestions to help with my care. His office staff is ALWAYS friendly and caring. Overall if you need a WONDERFUL caring doctor that is like a "old fashion" type doctor then Dr George Raad is your doctor, just tell him Jeremy Moffett sent you. Thanks for reading my review, Jeremy :)
By: B T.
Dr. Neal Stephen Taub, MD
I have been a patient of Dr. Taub's now for several months and he is very caring and very understanding of my pain and asked me of what pain medications that I have been on in the past that worked the best for me. He put me on a great pain management program and he is my hero. I also love his German Shepard which is friendly and a beautiful dog. Dr. Taub's staff is wonderful and professional also. Thank you Dr. Taub.
By: dawn.heald.5
George L Raad MD
Dr. Raad has been our family doctor for almost 20 years, we both have serious medical problems, and Dr.Raad has helped us in so many ways, he treats the whole person, kind, compassionate, proffessional, he is a rarity, "A Good Doctor." I don't know how he does it, we appreciate him so much, a rare individual, I thank God for him...your the best Dr. Raad, and we are so grateful you are our doctor.
By: D M.
Patrick Mcelgunn MD
The doctors here are great, they are effective and concise and usually respond well to your inqueries. Sometimes the brevities of the appointments leads to the feeling that all of your needs were not addressed so be sure to bring them up. Otherwise a good staff and an efficient office.
By: rsgr17
Gaffney Health Services
Not at all what I expected. I finally found a doctor that didn't push me out of the office and she took her time to listen and ask me questions. I was never asked before about my myself and she was very professional. Great visit!
By: Christine P.
Heather N White Robertson MD
Everyone was very nice. Parking is a hassle at first (hospitals are always confusing). Staff decent, Copeland, cnm very professional and gave a lot of good advice. Dr. Barrow was straight forward. Would recommend!
Tips & Advices
Emergency care facilities can treat infants and children. Roughly 16 percent of emergency patients are infants and children, so the medical professionals at these facilities typically have strong experience in pediatric emergency care.
The average wait time will depend on the type of emergency care facility.. Wait times typically average less than 20 minutes at an urgent care facility. At a hospital-based emergency care facility that treats life-threatening conditions, wait times can take as long as an hour or more.
Board certification is not required for emergency care facilities. However, the top facilities are often board certified. At hospitals, many emergency care centers require that their physicians be board certified as a qualification for employment. Two boards that handle this type of certification are the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine.
Emergency care facilities include those that offer urgent care, and some urgent care facilities offer certain primary care services. At these facilities, patients are usually evaluated upon arrival, and a determination is made as to whether the problem requires emergency care, urgent care, or primary care.
Some medical tests and scans are performed at emergency care facilities. These facilities may perform select X-rays and blood tests if this is deemed necessary to assist your treatment. However, the range of medical tests and scans offered is much more limited than those offered as part of standard hospital care.

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