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By: Norman P.
POS Nation
Everything was outstanding. The sales assistance I received with Niko and the technical support with Erik was more than I could ask. They made everything easy to follow and understand. I was very impressed, and appreciate all the help they have provided! We have just begun to utilize this system. I think this POS system will help our business out greatly. Something to improve: The POS system when entering in the price of what you paid and entering the price of the product your selling it for should show the markup percentage and margin, it should include an option where you can manually enter the markup or margin percent to give you your total retail price.
By: Robert S.
POS Nation
I was assisted by Jason for some technical issues that we needed help with. The overall rating is a 5. Jason has actually assisted us several times. Today he exceeded our expectations. We needed to setup some custom discounts. We are located in a hotel and need to apply discounts based on different situations. He delivered what we needed but then he did a bit more research and made it even simpler for us. It really has helped us quite a bit. Overall, the service has been exceptional. Jason should be commended. He did what was needed but then went even further to add value for us. We certainly appreciate POS Nation and Jason.
By: Debra F.
POS Nation
We just did training with Jason. He is an excellent, excellent, patient man and we really appreciate all the effort he did. It was our introduction training and we are ready to go on and do training where we actually have hands on things. This was simply our introduction and there is a lot of information to process; a lot of things to figure out. In our next session we are hoping to be hands on where we are doing the actual work. He was controlling things by remote but we are He was very thorough,very patient, very clear on explaining how the system actually works. Our rating is a 5 out of 5.
By: Steven S.
POS Nation
Purchasing the systems was easy and no stress. Ryan did an excellent job detailing all the components and operations.Implementing out of the box was more difficult, there were no instructions on what to plug where and how each component should work with each of the others. This is one area that could using improvement. As for customer service, Adam MacDonald has gone above and beyond for helping us understand how everything should work and to understand the software and how to program and change to meet our needs. He was friendly patient and knowledgeable.
By: Matt D.
POS Nation
Jason, Your help has been superb. Way above and beyond the call of duty. I am so greatly appreciative of your attention to detail and especially the speed and responsiveness in which you have acted. I could not have asked for more. Your company is EXTREMELY lucky to have you working for them. If they had to ability to clone you, doubtless they would have no problems there and everything would always run smoothly. Thank you for all that you have done, and I look forward to wrapping up this project shortly within the next few days.
By: Luv S.
POS Nation
We recently upgraded CRE and got a new chip reader. Everything is going smoothly for now. We were contacted to schedule a setup appointment. We previously discussed saving money with credit card processing. I am not completely clear on how EMV affects our percentages so I will wait to see my bill. I would have liked to had more info on this up front but I am speaking with somoeone on this now. So far everything is pretty good. I do appreciate all of the help and support that you have provided for our business.
By: Manager P.
POS Nation
The POS system is a great thing. To be able to access the computers from a distance is a nice thing. My mom's birthday is today so for me to be able to do this and have them access it was very beneficial. I rate you pretty high at 5 stars. The guy I dealt with was very patient and very helpful. He was willing to change the things I asked to be changed without an issue and with no complaint. For that, I appreciate you. Thank you so much.
By: Joan S.
POS Nation
Jason greatly helped me this evening. He really knows his way around the computer. He makes it simple for me to understand. He even gave me a chance to try it on my own to make sure that I understood. He is a keeper. Be sure to treat him well because he is an asset to your company. I appreciate the time and we are really liking the POS system. It is very very intense but we are getting through it. Thank you so much.
By: Debbie H.
POS Nation
Purchasing and setting up the system was easy & fast. I just had an experience with my POS but was caused from a previous system. I have dealt with Erik today and he was great. H really knows his stuff. I gave him control of my computer and he got me up and running. Great job!!! This POS system makes it easier for us to keep track of pricing. Short of giving me a million dollars y'all have been great. Thanks.
By: Shawn J.
POS Nation
We did our software update to accept chip cards, install pin pads, and fix a couple other items with Dan this morning. The experience was fantastic. I've done updates with other companies over the years and this was by far the easiest and most seamless. We were open for business the entire time during the upgrade and only had downtime of about 15-20 minutes. It was a fantastic experience. Thank you very much.

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