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By: Jenoi J.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
I wouldn't do it. I went to ms.austin depressed and in need of answer about my life and my past relationship. I went to go see her 3 days ago she started off very sweet and then was very rude used file language and even called me bad names. she had me cleaning her house doing hard yard work and while all of this was going on I was 25 weeks pregnant. she said my boyfriend left me because I was filthy and dirty all I did was sit on my a$$ and do nothing. it hurt me to my soul. she bossed me around like her own little personal slave. I will never go back to her I gave that woman $275 and I am not working at the time. she even had me babysitting her 3 grandchildren. and when I would ask a question she would just say im working on you in a mean voice. she was very mean to me and made me cry twice and told me everything that went wrong in my relationship was my fault. think twice before going to see her please save your money don't be a fool like how I was.
By: Nisha T.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
Mrs Austin is the first and only psychic I've been to and at first I was very skeptical. Even though she was recommended by a family member. But she is the real deal. She is like my very own fairy godmother. I've been to her maybe 5 times now and will definitely be going back again. With her help and guidance I've seen things take a turn for the better. So to anyone needing help go see her she will do her best to help you. But I will also say this. While she is a very sweet older lady that cares about her clients. She will not sugar coat anything. All I have left to say is thank you Mrs Austin for all your help.
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By: Jackie T.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful. Ms Austin is the best I have ever seen she told me things from my past that no one would have ever known. Since my reading with her I have experienced exactly what she said...oh my goodness I will definitely be going back ..I have been so excited about my life since I spoke with her. I have met the man of my dreams it has been the most wonderful 6 months of my live..I am so thankful to Ms Austin for taking her time to help me.
By: Viola S.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
mrs. Austin reading was on point.. She was so accurate in her reading she did not try and hide anything at all she told me like it was and that's what I needed she made me feel very comfortable. She told me what had happened in my childhood and what I could to change things and now 3 years late I am a loyal customer and she allways looks out for me and makes time for me. My life would not be the same with out her
By: latonya w.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
I've been to several psychic's over the years and Mrs. Austin is the best. They were vague but she was 100 percent accurate on my reading. I've been seeing her the last few months and noticed positive changes in different areas of my life. I'm going to continue to see her and I recommend her highly.
By: Ebony L.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
Ms. Austin is awesome her reading was so on point she didn't sugar code anything and gave it to me straight I recommend her to any and everybody if there is anything you would like to know or want a understanding of she is the one to give it to you she truly has a gift!!
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By: Kathryn D.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
Met with Mrs. Austin today and she knew things about me without my telling her - I was skeptical at first but now I am a believer !
By: tempestt.nelson
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
Terrific. She's awesome & accurate. Wow. I cant explain it but MIND BLOWING I can't wait to continue working with her!!
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By: Sharon P.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
Ms.Austin was on the money on what she told me.I would go back to see her.very honest on what she revealed.
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By: Monica B.
Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor
Mrs Austin IA wonderful, she tell it how it is I will be going back to her

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