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By: humblebee102
Daba African Hair Braiding
I got my hair braided 11/17/12 (Saturday). When I made the appointment I spoke with Daba and She told me my box braids would be between $165 - 185. I told her at that time I wanted them medium to small in size and long (close to bum length) When I got to the shop the woman who was going to do my hair talked to another woman in French and then told me $250! I quickly dismissed that and worked it out for a flat $200. I had an 8 am appointment and she wasted no time getting started. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND taking any other appointment than 8 am because other women had to wait quite some time. I was in the braid shop from 8 am to about 5:15. She worked very well and we only stopped for me to grab a snack next door and for me to use the restroom. The woman I had did an awesome job, she was very patient with my concerns and questions and she didnt braid overly tight. -ALTHOUGH, as for my over all experience I would rate this place a 3, because the braiders talked in French and the movies they played were in French which made us as the customers feel excluded, they gave me a different price from what I was told, the location of Salon Central (Daba's is located inside) isn't the "safest" area and I got tired of people coming in to the small, already crowded shop trying to hussle literally everything: perfumes, colognes, speakers, boxes of muffins, cake, cd's, dvd's, laundry detergent, dish washing liquid,gift sets, COLLARD GREENS -_- I MEAN EVERYTHING. But my braids came out beautifully, I loved my braider, and I've received many compliments.
By: elomsbraiding
Eloms African Hair Braiding
Hello Danielle,I am so sorry to hear about this experience you had at Eloms. This is the first time, your issue came up to the knowledge of ELOMS management. We thrive to give you all the opportunities to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction while doing your hair, and when you leave. We also remain at your disposition after the service is completed. Please call Eloms at 704*819*2007 and express your feeling of dissatisfaction to her.We know making a living is not easy nowadays, and we at ELOMS want to make sure that you feel your money is well spent even after you leave the shop. Danielle, again, I urge you to contact Eloms herself at 704-819-2007, so that she can take care of you, and resolve your issue. If you had initially express your feeling to her, you would have given ELOMS a five star.We want you to know, that ELOMS is not only a one time braiding salon, but really a place where we want to build strong relationships, make you look your best, and see you again and again and again. All because ELOMS really cares about you. So please call Eloms and tell her happened and how you feel at 704-819-2007.Thank you so much for your review, and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
By: Darika K.
Aamavi Africa Hair Salon
Great customer service,The 2 ladies that did my hair honestly done a great job i love it they was professional ,quick and neat .The Problem was Aamavi herself i came back from a awful 1st time visit and she stated to come back and she would give me a discount off my next style .I came yesterday and let the lady at the front office know so she called Aamavi and obviously Aamavi must of said no because i still paid full price of 185$ still didnt make it a big deal i just still gave them service and i knew already in my mind i was going to do a review.All the information you want us to fill out on the paperwork and u cant keep up a paper trail or something to remember who you gave a discount to .But other than that i will say her staff was great and professional i loved my box braids but still want refer no one to go there to get Goddess braids unless they have a new person doing them from the time i went
By: livia1
Daba African Hair Braiding
Before I selected Daba's for my first African braiding experience, I explored the other sites thoroughly and her site reflected the best work in my opinion. I do not live in Charlotte. therefore I do not hear by word of mouth who does what. I was well pleased with my braider . She was kind to me. My hair is of a long length and one braider finished in only 6 hours. I have gotten micro braids many times from other braiders and always receive numerous compliments on my hair work. But when I got braids from Dabu's I received 3 times the compliments. I even received compliments fron others in that profession. The price was well worth the service and drive there. It would be a nice incentive though for out of state customers to receive discounts.
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By: Jasmine F.
Eloms African Hair Braiding
I have gotten my hair done at Elom's several times. When I got box braids, it pulled my edges out so I had to take the top half out after a month to save whatever edges I had left and get cornrows. Elom's never honors appointments. I had an appointment at 1 and when I arrived she had just sat a new customer in her chair and was preparing to crochet. I had to wait over a hour. This has happened on several occasions and is extremely Unprofessional. They also do not honor the sale prices posted outside of the building. If you request your hair done at that price, they will respond by saying the posters are 3 years old. In most cases, the hair looks good but appointments are set for a reason and should be upheld.
By: nakkitam
Top African Hair Braiding
When it comes to my hair I'm very picky. I went to Top African Hair Braiding last Friday (May 3rd, 2013). I got Senegalese twist for the first time. The staff is very professional, friendly/nice, and hardworking. There were 3 ladies working on my hair non stop they were done in 6 hours. My twist are small and long (they stop at my hips) and I paid 180, I think that was a good price. I left the shop beyond happy and extremely satisfied with my hair! I love love love it! I'm rarely happy about my hair after its done. And I will be going back next month to get them curled. Well, ladies, you should most definitely give Top African Hair Braiding a try and if you do I hope you'll love your hair like I do (:
By: alayna.j.patterson
Happy Hair Braiding
This was the absolute best experience I've had with a braiding shop. When i entered I was greeted kindly. I got senegalese twist and they did a BEAUTIFUL job. I had my twist done in 4 HOURS!! Of course I had two braiders but they were very focused and worked through 4 hours straight. All of my braids are the same size and are very neat. They have the braid sizes posted so the price is fair. The wait time to get in a chair was a bit long even though I had an appointment, but worth it because I spent only 7 hours overall at the shop. It usually takes 9-10 hours( wait time not included) when my hair is done at shops. I would only go back to them because they really produce the name of their shop.
By: sjm601
Salon Zen
If you want an experience of a life time and look awesome then call Salon Zen's. This salon offers everything.......Krystal and all the rest are the best stylist ever! The salon has an atmosphere of harmony and balance, the calmness, is extremely relaxing, you can meditate while getting the best hair styles ever! The environment is stress free, music offers an inner peace. This is a very professional environment and the owner is always on it, emails, phone call returns and always greeted with a beautiful smile and a thank you when you leave. You will not regret visiting this world renown salon.........Thank You Salon Zen's for being here for me!
By: sutherngirl
Eloms African Hair Braiding
First time i went they took longer than I expected, mainly because they were busy buying bed sheets and perfume from walk in vendors. The braiding was great sO I came back for a re-braid. This time I walked out frustrated after an hour an not getting my hair done After THREE braiders picked in My hair! I went ahead and made an appointment with the girl who had done my hair before but was unavailable at the time. Hopefully, being able to go directly to the braider im used to will result in a different experience. Why must we be at the mercy of these oft times disrespectful, unprofessional braiders?? Are there any good AMERICAN braiders out there???
By: Esther S.
Tisun Beauty Supply
I enjoyed working here.The 3year I put in working there is now paying back.I had the opportunity to work here as a hair stylist.I learned a lot about all kinds of hair extensions and hair products.This place motivated me to be who I am today.A salon owner ...incase you have been looking for me or you're looking for the best weaver I ain't here any more.I moved on to give you the best. My salon is located at 4995 highway 49 Harrisburg NC 7047777949. They do have the best hair in town so get your hair here and come on down girl.

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