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By: deweyc009
Charlotte Mold Remediation
I had a mold issue in my house and had a different mold removal company come out and attempt to clear up the problem. After they tried to charge me four times the original quote without warning and after the job was completed, I felt very used and discouraged. I spent a lot of time researching mold removal companies in the area looking for advice. I happened to run across Charlotte Mold Remediation’s website. I decided to give them a call and explained my situation. Even though I was calling for advice and not an actual appointment Ron, came out to my property to meet with me and take a look at our home. He also enlightened me on the rules of licensed contractors and gave me the courage to stand up to my original mold removal company. He promptly answered all my questions by phone, or email over the next two weeks without charge. Thanks to Ron from Charlotte Mold Remediation I was able to get work with my original company and bring them back down to the price that they had originally quoted me. I wish I had done more research before calling a random mold removal company, if I had done so I probably wouldn’t have went with Charlotte Mold Remediation and not had to deal with all the headache and hassle that the other company put me through.
By: jeang001
Charlotte Mold Remediation
Thanking God daily for sending the guys from Charlotte Mold Remediation my way. Ron and his crew have done an outstanding job on numerous occasions. I first had to call them when we thought there was a mold problem in the basement of our church. Ron came out that same day and advised me that there was no charge for him to come out, but there would be a charge for the mold testing. Ron explained to me that what he saw on the sheet rock and he advised that he would be taking three samples. The report came back two days later positive for mold and Ron took the time to explain the report and answer all my questions. Ron gave us a price estimate. After calling three other companies his price was very reasonable compared to the other three. They got started on the mold remediation and had everything completed and cleaned up by day four just as promised! Ron was on site every day that his crew was working! We also used Charlotte Mold Remediation again when we had a water leak in the men’s bathroom that caused yet another mold problem and Ron and his crew delivered once again. I just can’t say enough good things about the guys at Charlotte Mold Remediation! I recommend them to anyone I know that might find use of their services.
By: beatrice88112
Charlotte Mold Remediation
We own a home there in Charlotte that we rent out. Being that we live in Utah dealing with issues involving the home can be trick from across the country. We got word that the roof of the home had started leaking in several areas. We contacted Ron from Charlotte Mold Remediation and he promptly went to the home, reassured my tenant and wrote up an estimate. He phoned me that evening and explained everything in great detail and educated me on the whole mold removal process. The next day I had an emailed estimate with photos included. The project involved removing drywall affected by the moisture and remediating the mold and replacing drywall as well as baseboards. Ron and his crew did the mold remediation in the attic above my leaking skylight in the kitchen and removed the mold in the wall between my garage and my guest room. Ron also pinpointed the cause of the leaks so the roofer could fix them. He did all of this and walked my tenant and myself through each and every step throughout the process. I have to say he is one of the kindest, honest contractors you will find. Working with him made this whole nightmare not so painful after all. I would absolutely recommend this company to handle any and all mold removal needs!
By: kellie887
Charlotte Mold Removal
About a week ago I noticed a funny smell lurking in our basement but thought nothing of it thinking it was probably wet beach towels that were lying in the laundry hamper. After the weekly laundry had been taken care of I noticed that the smell did not disappear as I had hoped. Fearful that it could be the result of mold I called Charlotte Mold Removal to come out and perform a mold test. They confirmed that the smell was in fact caused by several infected areas of mold in my basement as well as our kitchen. Their technicians were back the very next day to begin the mold removal process. They were very thorough with their work as well as the clean up. I am more than satisfied with the work they done and I can rest easy at night knowing that my family is living in a safe, mold free home! I will be recommending Charlotte Mold Removal to all my colleagues and friends located in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.
By: debrafrank
Charlotte Mold Removal
We started to have a mold problem in the master bedroom; we treated with cheap mold treatments that we bought at the local store. It stopped for three weeks then the mold came back again and this time it was spreading to the kitchen and that’s when we decided to call Charlotte Mold Removal. Not only they got rid of the mold but also cleaned our carpet and eliminated a terrible smell that was in one of our rooms. Charlotte Mold Removal did an amazing job and now we are mold-free with a clean carpet and no bad smell in the rooms. If you are located in the Charlotte, NC area and are concerned about mold contamination in your house give Charlotte Mold Removal a call!
By: barbaragutherie
Charlotte Mold Remediation
It isn't very often that you contract a company to do work around your home and they do what they actually are getting paid to do. My house has been sitting empty on the market for nine months. When I finally got an offer on the house the inspector found a good bit of mold in the basement and the potential buyers were ready to back out. I found Charlotte Mold Remediation on the internet and they were completely sensitive to my situation and were able to come out that very day. The next day they got to work and removed all the mold. Thank goodness for Charlotte Mold Remediation. The buyers were very gracious and we ended up closing two weeks later!
By: tracyking2
Charlotte Mold Remediation
We were having issues with our air vents not working properly. After calling the a/c repair company we learned that our a/c was working fine. They referred us to Charlotte Mold Remediation. They quickly came out and we learned that our air ducts were contaminated with mold. Charlotte Mold Remediation got to work right away and I'm so happy with their service. Their crew was very friendly and they kept me up to date during the entire mold removal process by texting me before and after pictures! I'm sleeping much better these days with cool air pumping through the house and the assurance knowing that the air we are breathing is safe!
By: jonh002
Charlotte Mold Remediation
Due to the amount of rain we received this summer I noticed a water spot on the ceiling of my bedroom. Unsure of the severity of the leak and petrified that it would be very expensive I called Charlotte Mold Remediation right away. Their professionalism is unmatched and I appreciate their sensitivity towards the situation during a stressful time. Luckily they determined that the leak wasn't as bad as I had originally thought. They fixed the leak, got rid of all the mold and assisted me with my insurance claim forms. I give Charlotte Mold Remediation 5 stars and would recommend them to everyone in the Charlotte, NC area.
By: heathm333
Charlotte Mold Removal
After having Charlotte Mold Removal come and check out our place, along with three other mold remediation companies here in the Charlotte, NC area. I have to say there wasn’t any doubt who I should hire to take on the job. I was very impressed with their level of sympathy they had for our situation. They knew that we had just bought a home with a serious mold problem, and they gave us a very affordable price for all the work that needed to be done. They also guaranteed their work so I felt very safe leaving this problem in their hands. Overall I am completely satisfied with their customer service and quality of work.
By: rexharris
Charlotte Mold Remediation
I've dealt with contractors that tell you that they will do the job in a time frame and then disappear for a week. These guys at Charlotte Mold Remediation got on the job and finished it when they initially promised. The air sampling results made me confident that the job was done and the mold was gone. I was worried about paying a fortune for the job, but their prices are very reasonable. Charlotte Mold Remediation was able to complete the job from beginning to end. No need for sub contracting. I highly recommend Charlotte Mold Remediation to anyone in need of mold testing or mold removal services.
Tips & Advices
Home insurance typically doesn’t cover mold inspection--mold remediation overall is a category that homeowner insurance rarely covers. If caused by a “specified peril” such as a burst pipe, household appliance overflow or flood, the insurance will cover expenses related to mold remediation.
Yes, mold can be dangerous to human health. The types of mold that can cause harm to humans are allergenic mold and the black mold strain called stachybotrys atra. Certain black molds produce toxins, and can be hazardous to respiratory health. There are types of green mold that cause allergic reactions in some people that can be as severe as black mold sickness.
Mold testing begins with a visual inspection, that is performed with specialized equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras. Once the top problem spots are identified, the mold specialist will get an air sample in the most problematic zone, and compare it to an air sample from fresh outdoor air. Follow-up tests--either more air samples or surface swab analyses--cost extra.
Black mold has become synonymous with toxic mold, but this is misleading. Black mold really just refers to the color of the mold, and there are many types of mold that present as black and are not toxic. The group called stachybotrys atra can produce mycotoxins, which are potentially quite dangerous to human respiratory systems.
A mold inspector should be called if you suspect there may be mold somewhere in the house, but you cannot find it on your own. It should also be called if mold is found, but it is difficult to assess what type it is.

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