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By: Paying C.
Mobile Auto Rescue
After reading this company's reviews online, I called the owner, Lorenzo, to install a fuel pump on a 1996 crown vic. I told him we used a mobile mechanic last year to install a fuel pump on my son's car, and the gas gauge stopped working after they installed the pump. Lorenzo assured me he knew how to install a fuel pump without affecting the gas gauge. We agreed on 10:00 am,4/24/13. he was 10 minutes early, very polite and had purchased the part I needed. It took him about an hour and 15 min to installed the fuel pump. I paid him $100/pump +$100/labor. The car ran fine, unfortunately, the gas gauge stopped working and my "low fuel" light worked intermittently. I called Lorenzo back, told him the problem and he refused to accept responsibility. He said it must have been like that before he worked on the car. I called another mechanic to fix it; he said the arm got stuck, he stated it's a common problem while installing a fuel pump. It was a simple fix- it took him less than 20 minutes to correct. My gauge works perfectly now. I told Lorenzo I wanted 30% of the labor cost back I paid him, since I had to pay another mechanic to correct the gauge. He stated he would call me the following morning (4/25/13). I never heard back from him. While Lorenzo did a good job installing the pump, I can't give him 5 stars because of his lack to correct a simple problem and his refusal to accept responsibility for the mistake. (we all make them). I was not going to hold it against him; I just wanted him to leave the car in the same condition he found it in, not worse condition. If someone else has a similar problem, I would recommend, Ronnie @ (704)777-4419.
By: Theresa edwards M.
Dirty South Custom Sound Wheels & Tinting
I recently purchased a 2012 Infinity G37S, and the one detail that was missing on this beautiful car was good tinted windows. I went to Dirty South Customs on Tryon St, and Fatboy took excellent care of taking my car in and assuring me that the car will be ready in less than a few hours. Came back in to pick up the car, and not only receive great smiles when I walked in, they said hi using my first name and told me they were finishing up right now. Fatboy took me in the back to see my car getting such special detailed service from their Tinting Specialist. While waiting, I was comfortable and relaxed while the two front desk employees, Fatboy being one of them showed me around so I can see other items the store had to offer and items to purchase for all types of models of cars. My car was pulled up in front when finished and she looked amazing! Showed that all three professionals went above and beyond to make me completely satisfied. I'll be back on a regular basis for detailed car washes. I'll definitely never go anywhere else in Charlotte and highly recommend anyone wanting a tint and/or a paint job to come to one of the three locations Dirty South Customs are located at. Thanks, Hisham for taking great care of me and following up with continued services that I will need SOON. You have a great company, be proud!
By: Kameron S.
Dynamic Auto Tune
I recently moved out to North Carolina from California to attend college at Duke. I brought with me my car, a 2010 BMW 335i. Throughout the cars history I have done all the non warrantied repairs and upgrade myself and I am not quick to let someone else work on my car.After browsing the Internet I stumbled upon Dynamic Auto Tune and thought I'd give them a try installing an aftermarket intercooler as I don't have the tools or space to do it myself due to living in a dorm. They did a tremendous job and I was very pleased with the work and it only got better. I returned about 3 weeks later to get performance brake parts installed as well as a fuel pump upgrade done. They did a tremendous job and I left the shop happy but as I began to leave my car started flashing a check engine light and had low power. I returned to their shop quickly and was able to catch them before they left as it was 9:30 and the shop was closed. They stayed open for me for another hour and a half and figured out the problem which had to do with the tuner I was running on my car. The owner even bought me food while I waited and there was no extra charge for the extra labor. I will continue to bring my car to this shop as long as I live in North Carolina.
By: Darrick H.
Trotter Auto Glass Plus
I shattered the rear window in my Honda Pilot and began to search online and by phone to find a local replacement service. I spoke to many glass companies including a few that did not replace rear windows and asked them for recommendations. Trotter Auto Glass came up more than once so I called Laura and she was extremely pleasant to speak with and answered all of my questions about the replacement window. So I had my insurance company contact her for the repair. 3 Hours later Mark shows up at my house and after speaking to him for a few minutes, I could tell he was very knowledgeable, had 20 years of experience and was a great guy. He took his time and did a very very thorough job and was very detailed oriented. He was very careful to ensure all of the small pieces of glass were cleaned out of the back of the car, inside the rear door and on the driveway. I have dealt with other, much larger glass companies before, but Mark and Laura of Trotter Auto Glass was exactly what I was looking for in a local, friendly repair service. I would very highly recommend them to anyone needing an auto glass repair for their friendliness, promptness and quality of service. I am a very satisfied customer.
By: toreka.james.3
Kar Kare & Lube
I came here for a car inspection; I usually go to AAA Car Care but they were booked up. When I pulled in I immediately asked the guy how much the inspection charge would be with the tint on my car. (My car has legal tint but I've only ever been charged $30 by either AAA or the Honda dealership.) The guy told me $30 because it was in legal range, so I proceeded with the inspection. When the woman at the counter rang me up, she told me $40. I told her that the fellow had advised $30; she said there was a $10 tint charge and that he was just an employee, not an inspector. My problem is, I was told $30 by a legitimate worker of the business, not by the janitor or a delivery guy, so the $30 is what I should have been charged. I don't appreciate being told one thing then charged another, no matter the reason...the original rate should have been honored. I guess if you don't get a quote in writing, even for a basic services, autoshops will charge whatever. I'd considered coming back for other services after seeing how well they treated another woman who was waiting (that's why 2 stars instead of just 1), but now that's definitely out of the question.
By: karkareandlube
Kar Kare & Lube
Recently we had a new customer come to our shop for an NCDOT Emmision inspection. When she arrived she asked how much for an inspection and our Lube tech answered $30.00. This price is correct, however the customer had legal tint on her vehicle and the state of NC mandates that we charge $10.00 additional dollars to verify that the tint is leagal. When the customer reached the check out counter she was informed that the total was $40.00. She was upset and did not want to pay more than $30.00 like the lube tech said. We appologized for the confusion but our hands were tied as we MUST follow the state law or face possible penalties. She informed us that she went to the dealership as well as AAA car care and they have never charged her for the tint. Well I can not speak for them breaking the law, but quite frankly that is exactly what they have done. We appologize again and hope this customer comes back in the future. Our goal is always to have the best customer satisfaction possible.Thank You Kar Kare Management.
By: kennyg18
Euro Wise
If you own an Euro that is not under warranty and you take it anywhere but Eurowise you are making a massive mistake, especially if you own a bimmer. The BMW mechanic, Craig, takes service to another level, especially if you know nothing about cars. Every time I think of having to take my car to the mechanic, I cringe. These guys actually make it enjoyable. They will educate you if you take the time to listen, sometimes feed you, and give you ride to anywhere nearby! They are also located close to the light rail which is incredibly convenient. They will treat you like they know you! Not many mechanics, let alone businesses still run a company like Mike, the owner does Eurowise. Do not be stupid like me and think you are getting a deal at a mechanic you know! These are guys are a lot cheaper than their competition, and they are very on point! 110% across the board.
By: Gary S.
Innovative Imports
Just purchased a 2006 BMW 325I. I wanted to get someone honest and knowledgeable to look at my vehicle. I called around to several places and all of them wanted way more money than what I was quoted at Innovative Imports. The price Mike Sheridan gave me was more than stellar for all the work that was done to my car. And the knowledge Mike and Paul had about the vehicles was awesome! Even gave me a ride to pick up my wife's car so that I could run my errands while my car was serviced. Even offered to stay and HOUR after close of business, just to be sure that I would have my car today and not be without a car for work. Which in my opinion was above and beyond. For any of your automotive needs you can trust these guys to give you a great price and outstanding customer service. They gained my trust and business from this point on.
By: Maria T.
I usually take my car to the dealer for relies or maintenance but my check engine light came on and the car started running rough. (While up town about 18 miles from the dealer) So I took it to The Shop, they just happened to pull up as closes repair facility. I drove there (2 miles) totally afraid my car was going to stall out barely made it into the parking lot and the owner comes walking out with a smile. I explained to him what was going on and he said just have a seat inside we'll see what's going on. About 30 minutes later he tells me it's a sensor. He gave me a price and of course I called the dealer to compare. The Shop was $42.00 less!!! I am now working uptown and have found my new repair facility!!! Thank you Jon for honesty friendliness and most of all fair pricing!!!!
user avatar
By: Jonathan S.
Metrolina Tire
I have bought 3 vehicles (from Ryan & Justin) and all have been awesome!!! I Have referred several of my friends who have bought Maseratis and Mercedes from them with the same results. I have also used them to consign my Bentley GT, BMW 750 and 2 Jeeps. The consignment fee is very reasonable and makes it easier for me to sell my vehicles. Their showroom is by far the best I have ever seen and I sometimes drop by just to check out the high end cars. I would definitely recommend Metro Auto Group to others. I give these guys a 5 out of 5 for their fridley, knowledgeable customer service. They also have a high end service/repair shop in back were I have all of my vehicles severed now. This is your one stop shop for all high end exotic vehicles. Thanks, Jon Charlotte, NC
Tips & Advices
You should change your oil filter whenever you change your oil, that is, approximately every 7,500 miles.
A oil filter is a device that helps remove contaminants from motor oil as it passes through the engine. A pump pushed the oil through the filter where it is strained and goes back to the engine.
High-mileage oil contains special conditioners that are said to help prevent gaskets from drying out and thus preventing leaks. This can be beneficial to engines with many miles on them.
Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but the price is offset by the need for less frequent oil changes due to the oil’s durability.
Tools needed to change your own oil include jack stands or ramps, a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drip pan, funnel, replacement oil filter, and replacement oil.

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