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By: cheryl1310
Dr. Crystal Abernathy, N.D.
I contacted Dr. Abernathy in December, 2012 to ask if she could recommend a Naturopathic Physician in my hometown (as she used to practice here). She said there were none in this area, but was happy to schedule a phone appointment with me. So I scheduled a two hour appointment during which Dr. Abernathy asked questions, learning all about my health history and my current diagnosis of cervical dysplasia. I was looking for a natural remedy for the dysplasia and treatment of the HPV virus. We discussed a 3 month protocol of supplements, which I decided to try. Great news - 3 months later I was free of dyplasia!!! Dr. Abernathy also made recommendations for hypothyroidism, which I plan to follow as well. I contacted her many times via email with questions, all of which she responded to immediately. Subsequent to the normal PAP, I have continued to follow Dr. Abernathy's advice and recommendations for a maintenance protocol. I would happily recommend her to anyone, and would seek her advice again for other conditions if necessary.
By: Seriously T.
Dr. Crystal Abernathy, N.D.
This doctor needs pathos. Her knowledge is helpful, but NOT omnipotent. Also, she is friendly in person, but sends hateful e-mails. It's a shame to lose business because of a bully attitude towards people who genuinely want help. Is it worth having a naturopath doctor that you don't look forward to communicating with? Nah. Healing is within.

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