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By: klposting
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss
If you are serious about losing weight then I would highly recommend Dr. Marlowe’s Weight Loss Institute. It is sad to see some of the reviews, as I have found the staff very friendly. Maybe the woman at the desk could be more open but each of us has our own personalities and she is probably a bit shy rather than rude. I will admit that on 2 occasions I felt I was rushed, but was never spoken to rudely. However, my friend that recommended him had warned me I may not like him the first visit but will love him after that and I have. As I mentioned a friend had been telling me about Dr. Marlowe for some time, but I just could not justify spending the money just to be put on your typical diet plan which consists of food I do not like. I had been successful on a weight loss program, but then no matter what I did I could not lose anything and started to gain. After trying to switch it up and still not losing anything, I decided to see my regular doctor who only told me to exercise for 1 ½ hours a day. This was unrealistic and it bothered me that my concerns were not taken seriously or checked into. I finally decided I would give Dr. Marlowe a chance and that I was worth the money to at least check it out. He has changed my whole outlook and I am finally back to pre-kids weight and only a little bit more to go for optimal weight range. He looks at the blood work results to find what your individual problem is (if any) and I felt a sense of relief to hear I wasn’t crazy and no matter what I would have tried I wouldn’t have lost the weight without knowing this information. He did for me what my regular doctor did not. I won’t say it is easy, but I will say it is not hard and I am a BIG picky eater and don’t like much. If I eat something that was not a good choice he will go over why and offer an alternative choice. He doesn’t make you feel bad if you ate a food on the avoid list, but reminds you why it is bad for you in your particular case. He wants to make sure that by time you reach your goal that you have the knowledge to keep it off. Some may think they can’t afford to go to a weight loss specialist, but it is not all that expensive and it is probably the best money I have spent.
By: alexandra.proctor.9
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss
Dr. Marlowe has been with me throughout the toughest battle of my life and that is my weight! He is a possibility machine when it comes to how to get you to lose weight and I never felt guilty about my circumstances, just supported.This is not meant to offend, but there are only so many hours anyone in medical school can stay up, study and learn. But I looked at his data, a few other doctors (they were a little jealous of the success rate), and I chose him because he had published his success. After being a patient, I said to my mother, who became a patient, he knows so much that he is a freak of nature, how did he learn all this and when Oprah finds out about this guy, he will be the next billionaire. I have a Ph.D. and I wanted the data he has published, because peer reviewed data matters and a lot of others in the same industry have great commercials, but how do they back those claims? Did the product work for me and at the end of the day, I had to get honest about all my attempts and all the products and say it was not working for me. As a result, I considered medicine because of my experiences in a Medical School summer program, where I did the first third of a semester in a Medical School, and I say all of this to say that, he is the real deal in a weight loss industry that has many people and products that do not work.With all that said, my experience of how Dr. Marlowe runs his office has been great. During my first visit as a new patient, his nurse said, "You are going to love him!" In other words, his receptionist Jane is very sweet, and informed of all the services he offers to help cut costs. Finally, Dr. Marlowe’s assistants are quite knowledgeable of their tasks. Just give him a try, when you see that diet failure is no longer an option, only success!
By: Melissa P.
Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center
Dr. Lisa Merritt and her team are simply fabulous! I was having many issues during my third pregnancy; rib pain, lower and middle back pain, hip pain and over all achiness. Dr. Merritt took great care of me and really helped my pregnancy become more enjoyable. In my 38th week I had intense back pain, leaving me almost immobile. My OB told me to take Tylenol (which didn’t help). One visit to Dr. Merritt and after she adjusted me (very thoroughly) and gave me advice on how to handle things at home, I was back on my feet within a day! The staff at Weddington Wellness Center are so very loving and kind and I always know that I will be taken care of when I’m there.
By: Travis W.
Martial Arts University
Master Harris and his team are the best in Charlotte. I have had the privilege of training with him for over 2 years and his curriculum not only teaches students of all ages self defense, but so much more. You will learn honor, respect, self discipline, focus and leadership to name a few. Master Harris and his team have over 50 years of experience in Martial Arts. I started late in my martial arts training, I got involved when I was 36 years old and how I watch him work with the kids that he starts out as early as 3 years old, is just amazing. MAU has truly done a great job helping mold the future leaders of tomorrow within the Charlotte community!
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By: Michael Z.
Martial Arts University
I started training at MAU on March 19, 2014 after my twin sons started on March 1, 2014. I had previously earned a black belt on karate when I was 17 years old and was starting all over again at 47. While the martial arts instruction is phenomenal, the school is so much more than that. The instructors teach life skills in addition to kicking, punching and self-defense techniques. After a year and a half, I earned my first degree black belt this past Sunday and will work toward my next degree as one of my twins works toward his first degree. Training at MAU is a great family activity. You should definitely check it out!
By: chris.smithbarnes
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss
I've been going to Dr Marlowe's for two years now and have been very happy with the results. He takes the time to answer questions I have, to work with me and my meds so we achieve the results we want and most importantly he makes me accountable for what I eat and my exercise. I have been able to stop taking my cholesterol, GERD and decrease high blood pressure meds and I do not need to sleep with my CPAP machine. Janie and Robbie are both awesome people. They are always happy and glad to see you. I have had a great experience there and will continue to go because this will be a lifelong fight for me.
By: deena.phimvongsa
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss
I decided to start seeing Dr. Marlowe in November 2010 before my wedding in may 2011. He helped me lose 30 lbs in that time. Prior to seeing Dr. Marlowe I had done weight watchers for several years. Everytime I would lose the weight with weight watchers I would gain it back and have to start all over again. I read the other reviews about the staff, but I find them to be quite friendly with me. Also, I don't think that Dr. Marlowe is necessarily in a rush, but he does have a preconceived notion of how the visit is going to go and he doesn't really veer from it.
By: verysatisfied
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss
Very satisfied and I feel great!! Dr. Marlowe is the best!! Couldn't be happier with my results. Not like every other doctor that is out there to make a buck, he truly cares about his patients health and takes the time to sit and talk to you! Robbie and his front staff are extremely helpful! Can't wait to continue my weight loss journey with them! If you are serious about losing weight and feeling better, it's a no brainer, Dr. Marlowe's weight Loss Clinic is the place to be!! Thanks again Dr. Marlowe and the friendly staff there!!
By: paris.koger
Martial Arts University
When I say this is the best place for your child and your self it is ! Master Harris and his family are the best. He and his son and wife are great with children. He knows how to get that child to break out of there shell, he gives up tips on how to work on your child at home , not only with karate but mentally . We get emails once a week on tips and upcoming event. They never leave out a child and I love that every child is speacial . And it's a reasonable price . Soooooo worth it !!!
By: courtney
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss
Finally, after going to three doctors in Charlotte, Dr. Marlowe is definitely the best. He was able to regulate the medicine and discover why I was having such a hard time getting the rest of my weight off! His staff is friendly and easy to work with and they are always quick to get back to you if you call with a question. I have recommended him to several friends and will continue. Thank you, Dr. M for finally making this work for me!
Tips & Advices
A meal replacement is a substitute for a meal, typically a drink or a bar. While processed meal replacements have a set number of calories, many are high in added sugar and low in protein, fiber and healthy fats.
Appetite suppressants, like all drugs, have side effects, so read the fine print and discuss potential side effects with a medical professional before taking them. Stimulant-type drugs can cause insomnia, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, drug dependence and abuse, and withdrawal symptoms. Drugs that work to prevent fat absorption can cause gas, soft stools, and oily spotting. Diet pills that affect neurotransmitters are associated with headache, nausea and vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, and dizziness.
People generally lose weight gradually and steadily (about 1 to 2 pounds per week) if they stick to a calorie-controlled plan. Increasing exercise can increase weight loss.
Medical weight loss is supervised by a medical professional and targets the causes of obesity and weight gain. Treatments can run the gamut, from diet and nutrition to pills and surgery, but the goal is to help the patient achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life.
Many people can see results in one to two weeks if they stick to their plan. Weight loss results vary from person to person and depend on factors such as starting size and caloric intake level. Including exercise in the program can accelerate weight loss.

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