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By: wrtrchk
Energy Sports and Fitness
I was a member for two years. During that time, the gym offered some great classes, but most were quickly taken away, which of course effected the fitness or weight loss goals of the members. The restrooms were often unclean, the barre class was discontinued because they could not or did not want to pay to get the dance bars fixed. The website says "Contact us" but does not allow you to. One of the water fountains was broken for the two years I was there. The equipment that worked was okay, but I had the best experience working with a personal trainer. I was able to accomplish my goals and maintain good health after learning to eat and exercise the right way.From what I understand, this company has been sold so many times that the accounts of many of its members could and have become "lost."Here's my issue: After moving halfway across town, I had to cancel my membership. After being charged three months later. I contacted the general manager (GM) and provided him with a copy of my cancellation form. He said that he had to forward this and a refund request to corporate, whom he could not name. I've since learned from my bank that the billing company is called Paramount Acceptance whom I had to call in order to cancel the auto bill pay. (FYI, if you choose to join even after this warning, see if there's a payment option other than auto bill pay). However, Paramount said to look to Energy for a refund. I have yet to hear back from the GM or anyone else from that gym. My husband was also being billed after he canceled his membership and had to pay for the bank to put a stop payment on his account.Continuing to bill someone for services not received and without permission is FRAUDULENT activity. No one should not have to jump through hoops for them to stop being billed or to get a refund. They also should not have to pay fees for a stop payment (which Energy/Quest Fitness will later owe). Energy Fitness/Quest/ZX/Peak (or whatever you now call yourselves), get it together. Get organized and learn to value your customers and employees. This is one reason why there was a mass exit.So:*Group classes - Good but inconsistent.*Equipment - Okay for the most part (some should be replaced).*Customer Service - Poor.*Personal Trainers/Training - Excellent.*Other items in gym in need of repair - several items in women's restroom, ballet bars in fitness room #2, water fountain, sometimes the movie screen.*Fraudulent Activity - Unacceptable.
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By: Rachel O.
Pure Body Fitness Studios
After moving from Ohio, I knew it would be a challenge to find a gym that was for me. One that challenged me in my fitness needs, but also supported me along the way. I first contacted the gym via email hoping to come in and check it out. I got an email back immediately and was able to come in for a look around the gym, 1-on-1 to be sure I understood what they had to offer. I was greeted with smiles, as you are every time you walk in. I joined in September, and it has been amazing to see how the gym continues to grow through the classes it offers. The teaching styles of their instructors are all different so there is something for EVERYONE. Their instructors are extremely knowledgeable and always bringing new workouts to the classes. Not only do they offer wonderful strength training classes through their Sculpt, Bootcamp, Body Pump, and TRX but their Yoga program is topnotch. This allows your time to focus on your inner self and peace, not just your outer appearance.
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By: Lisa M.
Mountain Island Fitness
Best gym out there! I can say that because I travel extensively on business and see what is out there. I can honestly say that MIF is the best! If you want a clean gym, with great equipment, great people to motivate you, trainers who take a personal interest in you success and the classes are amazing and motivating---then you must visit MIF. They changed my life!
By: redsays
My Gym Children's Fitness Center
My two year old twins LOVE this place. They are so great with kids- patient and kind in their instructions. They "practice" gross and fine motor skills, and incorporate school room knowledge (colors, shapes, etc) as they learn the My Gym skills. I feel like my kids are getting better at taking turns, sharing, and making friends. Can't say enough great things!
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By: Amara S.
Pure Body Fitness Studios
Pure body fitness is everything you would want in a workout studio and more. They offer a large selection of classes from barre, Zumba, TRX, cx works, body pump, body step, and kickboxing etc. all of the staff are extremely helpful and supportive. There is no better place to find the motivation to improve your health and get in shape.
By: Christina C.
Pure Body Fitness Studios
Pure Body has a large variety of group fitness classes available most of the week. Good location. dgjartjadgjadthafgjj,zdfjhDFJDjh

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