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By: Chaum A.
Hyatt Gun Shop
I bought an M1 Carbine (USGI) from Hyatt Gun Shop in October 2010. The rifle was in excellent condition. The receiver was made by IBM and all parts are genuine USGI parts. The Carbine has a flip safety, bayonet lug and a type two magazine catch that was designed for 30 round magazines. This is just what I was looking for. The price; $650.00. Try to find a quality USGI M1 carbine for that price today. The salesman, Woody, was great and very knowledgeable. Since I live in another State, I had to have the rifle transferred to my local FFL gun dealer. The shipping cost was only $29.00 and the rifle was received by my FFL dealer within 5 days of the purchase date. You can not beat the price, the quality or the service that I received from Hyatt Gun Shop. Since I have owned my M1 Carbine, I have put about 1,000 rounds through it. This rifle is deadly accurate even out to 300 yards. Thank you Hyatt Gun Shop.
By: Kel E.
Hyatt Gun Shop
I'm not a gun expert but know enough to navigate my way through a basic conversation. So I went into Hyatt expecting a negative experience based on the reviews where people thought they were talked down to. That didn't happen. The two times I have been there to buy pistols, they were very friendly and not dismissive at all. It helped that I had already made my purchases online and all I had to do was surrender my purchase permits, sign the paperwork and go, but still, they made it fast and efficient and also suggested some inexpensive and useful accessories I hadn't thought of. All around me I heard people being given advice, suggestions, and other helpful conversations. I never heard anyone being rude. There were plenty of staff on hand to handle what was a surprising crowd on a weekday afternoon. It was a good experience and I will be back.
By: Jose X.
Hyatt Gun Shop
I was in Charlotte on the weekend of 30 March to attend the Viet Nam Veteran’s Homecoming Celebration at the speedway and had the opportunity to shop your store. I met Larry Hyatt who appraised two guns for me which I subsequently traded for a Kimber Pro Carry that has been on my wish list for quite some time. I have since fired my new Kimber and could not be happier with its function and accuracy. I wanted to thank Larry and his folks for a truly enjoyable visit and purchase experience. I was very impressed when I was invited inside the gunsmiths’ shop and given detailed guidance regarding the care and maintenance of my new Kimber. Everyone at the store was friendly, knowledgeable and sincerely helpful.
By: Ambye R.
Hyatt Gun Shop
I recently had a very pleasant buying experience with Hyatt when I purchased my Ruger SR40c. I was so impressed with the service, your professionalism, strict adherence to all laws and the speed in shipment to my local FFL dealer. I was astonished when I read about what Authorize.net did to you. I along with thousands of others have strongly condemned their actions on their FB page and website. We have vowed to boycott them and spread the word to everyone we can. I would love to know who the new gun friendly processing company is so I can support them. Anyway... just wanted you to know that word is out and we stand with you and other gun retailers.
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By: Elaine K.
The Arms Room
We have dealt with The Arms Room since they opened and have found their pricingto be 10 to 15 percent off retail. I am more inclined to deal with an owner like Matt, just so I can benefit from his expertise and knowledge when it comes to buying a firearm. As a consumer, I would rather deal face to face with an Army Veteran who knows the firearm industry and is willing to help you make an informed decision, rather than a clerk standing behind a counter who will repeat whatever he has been told to sell a product. I would definitely recommend my family & friends to purchase their firearms from The Arms Room.
By: Miguel B.
Hyatt Gun Shop
Amazing gun shopSells preowned and new handguns, rifle and semi The shop is not super fancy like others but I made my choice to purchase my Beretta PX4 Storm and FNX9MM today from here because the prices were awesome in comparison. The customer service tipped the scales and the amount of knowledge on the handguns was incredible. Honest older mature crowd and all staff is friendly and very helpful.. I am glad I went here. Thank you I look foward to meeting again for the concealed claases!
By: Mozel C.
Hyatt Gun Shop
I just made my second purchase through them. I don't live in Charlotte, but they treat you as if you're standing in the store. My first purchase was a Benelli M1 S90 used and it hasn't failed me, great price too. The second was an Arsenal SGL 21 new and it arrived in a timely manner considering it was Thanks Giving week. BTW these are selling for about $200 more then I picked it up for:) Great customer service and good people, this is what a gun store should feel like.
By: Janitak C.
Hyatt Gun Shop
A friendly staff who knew what they were talking about. I am brand new to black powder shooting and was loaded with questions. Not only did the guy waiting on me offer advice, but another salesman who overheard my questions come over and offer his expertise. As far as prices go they are about the same as other shops, some were even lower. My guess is the negative remarks were placed by folks who wouldn't be happy if they were hung with new rope. I'll be back
By: Sari N.
Hyatt Gun Shop
Have shopped and attended classes at Hyatt for many years, not a big spender but a few thousand $$ over the years. Experiences have been very good with the best experiences from the firearms purchase perspective. Like their website and (email) newsletter/sales alerts.Hard to beat them for selection, including used items - even when they negotiate. Staff is generally helpful but be sure to ask your questions and best to support with your own research.
By: Kit B.
Hyatt Gun Shop
These folks are still flipping amazing. This week, I bought my third firearm from Hyatt and this week, it was my third excellent experience. It helped that I kinda knew what I wanted, so when he brought it down from the display and I had my first chance to hold it and feel it and take a sight picture, it was a sale. My sales clerk was almost a little stunned when I said "Yep, I'll take it."

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