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By: triciasouthernspark
On Day Three of partying my tail off and the general overstimulation of a blogging conference, I was spent. I craved comfort food, soft seats, and though I didn’t realize it until I got there, I wanted a personal TV at my table. BlackFinn provided all of those things along with superb service and affordable menu items. For some reason I had envisioned BlackFinn as being lowbrow pub food served by greasy looking bar backs. Not so. The food was fresh and yummy, and was delivered by an adorable and sweet server who didn’t bat an eye at our "Team Obnoxious" antics. How good does Southern Nachos, which is pulled pork barbecue, queso and the rest of usual nacho topping suspects sound after days of little sleep, networking, and blog learning sound? Let me just tell you, it made my tummy and my taste buds happy. Other standouts included the Blackened Brie and the Mac and Cheese. If I had been more worried about consuming lighter fare at that moment, the Goat Cheese, Strawberry and Pecan Salad would have been a prime choice. But seriously, at place that boasts items like Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, it makes more sense to go for the tastes you really desire, lean back in your booth, stuff your face and watch some TV.
By: chefjim1
Zebra Restaurant
Thank you for reading my review of my restaurant!Yes, I am biased but believe in Zebra, our staff, andmost importantly, the quality of our food.We cook everything from scratch, source as much local and regional organic and natural foods as possible. We source foie gras, truffles, mushrooms, meats and seafood from around the world.Our most important meal served is the one in front of us.We strive to be accommodating, friendly, honest and sincere.If your experience is less than expected we work hard to correct it as soon and thoroughly as possible.Even after nine years in business we constantly seek new and exciting ways to impress our guests. You may contact me directly at Zebra to share anything at all!
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By: Pam H.
South 21 Drive In
I been going to south 21 since 74. There food is always good. They have the best onion rings. There tea is always good. They never mix up the orders. I used to work for old del mar I have more than 25 orders they always got the orders straight. After they put that cement wall it has hurt there business it still there. I always recommend them if you are a burger eater. They also have chicken and fish. Can't go wrong going there
By: Jesenia R.
South 21 Drive In
the food is great, and some of the staff are nice ,but when I went there today the old guy gave me my food ,I order a second time and he came back again, said I had to give him a tip, he said it rude. he demand it,I was shock didn't know what to say I was gonna give him something before I intended to leave I understand he wanted tips for his work but that's not the way to earn it, it was disrespectful.
By: mark_e
Ed's Tavern
Happened upon Ed's on the way to the South End for dinner. Lively place with good, attentive service and a nice atmostphere, even if it was a bit on the loud side. Had a mix of folks young and old and seemed like the kind of place you'd come back often to hang out with friends. I'll be back next time I'm in Charlotte.
By: andiperulo
Zebra Restaurant
It is expensive, but the food at Zebra is worth the high price tag. It is the perfect restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or to go on a romantic date. Make sure to wear your finest clothes! I usually order a seafood dish when I dine there and I have never once been disappointed.
By: delhommefan
Wild Wing Cafe
I love wings and was so happy when Wild Wing came to Charlotte because I have yet to find anywhere with a better selection and the service has always been just fine. They kick the mess out of BW-3 & Hooters!
By: Thomas S.
City Tavern
I really like this place. I have never had a bad meal. I usually stick to their salad since there aren't enough good salad places around. I had a pork loin for a lunch special It was excellent.
By: juvenata08
I love the adult envoirnment and, the fact of not having to endure cigarette smoke. The fact of it not being a young hip-hop music oriented spot is a real plus. The jazz is realy nice too.
By: gimbel
Toast Cafe
stuffed french toast is amazing. I recommend the strawberries w/ cream cheese french toast - best I've ever had. Buffalo chicken wrap is also a great pick

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