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By: cejoens
Air Carolinas - Your Local Company
I've owed 14 rental properties in Charlotte for the past 11 years and I know great workmanship and professionalism when I see it. I've dealt with another local company in the past, whom I won't mention by name, but they provided me with half-measure "air care solutions" and did a terrible job. After bouncing around from company to company, I finally found Israel and Air Carolinas and have already gotten them to help me with four different properties when preparing them to turn over to new tenants. The deal was phenominal. They diagnosed the problem right away and fixed my issues the same day. One rental need all new duct work because of mold. One rental was occupied by smokers so I needed the full service clean and sanitation. One unit simply needed freon. Another was my personal residence where he installed a humidifier, additional condensate pump, and UV air purifier because my two year has terrible eczema. The rental that simply needed freon, a competitor instructed me that I needed a whole new unit. Israel saved me thousands with his honesty. I trust him completely to the point the last two jobs I didn't even have to be there, he just did it called me with my total. From now on, they are my ONLY HVAC/Air duct go-to guys. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
By: edward1974
Air Carolinas - Your Local Company
Work as a contractor for more than 20 years I know exactly what it takes to visit a home owner for a service and make them happy with the service in the same time, it is not to easy, not all companies can do it, but yesterday when I called Air Carolinas for an appointment to fix one of my A/C units that wasn't cooling, that is exactly what I felt. The Brothers Israel & Nahum arrived on time at my residence in Matthews, NC and Israel after 25 minutes of FREE inspection he found out the problem, FREON!! nothing more than it, I just needed 2.5 pounds of freon and my problem was solved. This guys are so honest and professional that hardly you will find a company like that in the Charlotte Market, and I will tell why, before I called Air Carolinas I called 2 other big A/C companies to take a look at the problem, and unfortunately both companies gave me the same advice, REPLACE MY A/C UNIT, TO OLD TO BE FIXED! long story short first quote $5540, second $6135, unbelievable! However, Air Carolinas is one the companies that I will recommend to anyone I know of, they are honest, professional and always looking to help you, instead SELL YOU! THANKS AIR CAROLINAS FOR THE SERVICE, and you will definitely be my first option when I will decide to replace my unit!!
By: j.martinsatisfied
Air Carolinas - Your Local Company
I called Air Carolinas after speak to my neighbor. I was a little surprised from the reviews my neighbor gave me about them. For years I've suffered of very bad allergies, but honestly I never thought that cleaning my air ducts would solve my problem. they got here on time, and as soon as they start evaluate my ducts, the guy was amazed about it, he showed to me and seriously, it was amazingly "nasty" I could't beleive that for over 15 years I've been breathing all those bad things. The Guy name Israel was very professional trying to explain me about the bennefits of having that cleaned, so we agreed to the service. Is been 2 months since the cleaning was performed, "I have no dust on my furniture anymore, and I went from one claritin a day to 3 a month" I only have allergies outdoor now, and the guy, Israel even insisted to show me the before and after pics, wich I agreed to be posted on his website. I am very glad I had Air Carolinas at my house, and definitely, companies like that deserve the time spent on writing reviews like this, people out there need to know about them.Thanks Air Carolinas!
By: tylornelson452
Amazing Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC
i have to say that was really amazing air duct cleaning process!! i never clean my ducts ,my house is 17 years old and my 2 kids got very sick in the last years , my family doctor recommend me to check the system at home so i research around and called amazing air duct cleaning,from the costumer service to the tech,he was very professional and informative to us and i was very impressed ,the tech inspect my system and recommend me to brush and sanitize the system (i love this organic product they use) ,they work over 2 hours in my house and after 3 weeks i defenetly feel a huge different in my house ,my kids feel a lot better ,thank you very much guys!!
By: daangel1949
Air Carolinas - Your Local Company
This is truly a 5 star company..I called yesterday..they were here this morning to clean out my dryer vent..Isreal was very professional..and knows what he is doing..they were fast and got the work done and cleaned up the mess from the dryer..very kind..and the price was unbelieveable..1/3 of others that I was quoted..and the job was perfect..any other things I need done will go to them..spread the word and get this company flying..they deserve it..Thanks both of u..Air Carolina is a great company..
By: nw-charlotte
Air Carolinas - Your Local Company
This is the second time I had Air Carolinas in my home, first time I had a a/c issue and they fixed it and they did a beautiful service. Yesterday I had to clean my Air Ducts and as usual with this Professional and Honest Company they did again an impressive and an amazing job, if you look at the other reviews this company have you will be amazed and you definitely will use them for you a/c or air duct cleaning needs...Thank Air Carolinas AGAIN for the professional service ...I am very happy ...
By: Jodi V.
Air Carolinas - Your Local Company
I have to say we hired Air Carolinas a month ago after we had our ac fixed and our vents cleaned. Israel impressed us so much we purchased the filter program and service contract. Less than a month later our upstairs air stopped working on a Sunday night. The website says 24/7 so I called at 11:00 pm-he was at my house at 11:30 had it fixed by 11:45 and was out of my house before midnight! We highly recommend them - knowledgeable, professional and prompt! Do yourself a favor and call!
By: brianalynn915
Amazing Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC
they are amazing....i invited them to my house for a free estimate on my two units,two guys came and explained the process of the cleaning to me i told them to do the job ,i'm very pleased with the services.
By: karenmaggelen
Amazing Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC
Called Amazing Air Duct they gave same day service, The tech was very knowledgeable and they truly did an Amazing Job.. I would recommend this company to all family and friends..
By: beckeylord
Amazing Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC
amazing air duct cleaning providing best air duct cleaning through lots of export persons ,thank you so much for your help

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