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By: grandmamatoni
Wow Factor Cake Design
I ordered my husband a birthday cake from WOW Cakes. I was given a sample when I ordered the cake which was wonderful. I expressed to them I wanted Buttercream icing and I wanted a lot of icing on the cake. I was told the cake would have a cream mouse type filling with strawberries in the layers. There was barely Any strawberries, no cream filling, and not much icing between the layers. In fact the cake had small gaps between the layers that should have had icing in them. Also I wanted buttercream and even asked what was in their buttercream. They did not use buttercream at all but used a whipped icing which I would never order for any cake. In fact if a cake has this I never try it or buy it. This cake cost me $65 and I am disappointed that I did not receive what was described by their employee to me when I was choosing a cake, it did not taste anything like the sample I was given nor was the cake anything like I had ordered.
By: fetner
Starbucks Coffee
I have spent most of my life in Charlotte but have traveled all over the world eating&drinkIng great wines. My husband&I were so excited to find Terra a few years back.The staff is kind and fun they know their stuff.Now the food.My husband loves the escargots(the only place in Charlotte that offers this).I love the pate en croute this is ground pork ,beef,& veal ,wrapped in puff pastry w/ a drizzle of reduction of port wine.Love it!! For dinner I enjoy the roasted chicken w/ tarragon cream sauce&my husband likes to get the steak frites the fries are always the same perfect! All meal are served w/ wonderful fresh bread& family style veggies.Terra is a must try. we go 2 to 4 times a month.
By: chefjim1
Zebra Restaurant
Thank you for reading my review of my restaurant!Yes, I am biased but believe in Zebra, our staff, andmost importantly, the quality of our food.We cook everything from scratch, source as much local and regional organic and natural foods as possible. We source foie gras, truffles, mushrooms, meats and seafood from around the world.Our most important meal served is the one in front of us.We strive to be accommodating, friendly, honest and sincere.If your experience is less than expected we work hard to correct it as soon and thoroughly as possible.Even after nine years in business we constantly seek new and exciting ways to impress our guests. You may contact me directly at Zebra to share anything at all!
By: dsign11
Nestle Toll House Cafe
The 2 most important things were correct - ready for pick up and perfectly baked (slightly gooey) cookie cake. Happy for the most part... but....I double checked my order online, which said "Happy Birthday". "Light on icing and mostly white". The cookie said "BIRTHDAY BOY, YOU ROCK". Cake is for a female, and no where did we request that text or the giant guitar (light on the icing). They swore this was the correct cake. It is kind of funny, but usually, you want your message to be correct. We called 6 times with no answer over 2 days to order the cookie, and settled with online ordering. I suggest going in to order.
By: indianlandlady
Sas Cupcakes
This is probably more of a 3 star place, but I'll give them a 4th star for consistency, which is so rare at bakeries usually. We've been here at least 10 times and afterwards I always have the same takeaway: it's good enough that I'll go back when convenient, but it's not the best ever. We are usually very happy with the plain flavors like chocolate with vanilla frosting. Those tend to be an excellent execution of a basic item. Some of the more adventurous flavors aren't that successful. And the fruit flavors, like the raspberry, taste too strongly of fake flavoring. I'd definitely recommend skipping that one!
By: Teane M.
Sas Cupcakes
Wow. We bought a dozen assorted cupcakes. There were no bad choices! We bought the box as we were having out of town family staying with us over the weekend. They were all delicious and everyone got a favorite flavor. We were told that since they were fresh we didn't need to refrigerate the cupcakes since we would be eating them within a couple of days & we were keeping them indoors in a cool environment (NC Mountains). The cupcakes stayed moist and delicious. We did keep them in the box they came in, so they were protected - we don't have any cats or large dogs to mess with it :-)
By: Janet S.
Decadent Designs Bakery
Great bakery. Loved the cake!We got "The Gift" cake and it was gorgeous, but it was also delicious and everyone thought it was the best. We were so happy with it. We got chocolate with chocolate mousse filing and then the icing like in the picture and couldn't have been happier. They are awesome and make awesome cakes. We will definitely use them again for any event when we need baked goods. And they were so easy to work with and helped us through the process so much.
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By: Karen T.
Starbucks Coffee
I always go to Starbucks at least twice a week. i just go to random locations, and out of every store I've been to this store has the best customer service. Tara was the cashier and she made my drink. She was super nice to remake my drink as well and the whole time she was very helpful and had a lovely smile. I can tell that she is going to be a valuable team member. Y'all should promote her or give her a raise! Either way, don't loose her!
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By: Pam H.
South 21 Drive In
I been going to south 21 since 74. There food is always good. They have the best onion rings. There tea is always good. They never mix up the orders. I used to work for old del mar I have more than 25 orders they always got the orders straight. After they put that cement wall it has hurt there business it still there. I always recommend them if you are a burger eater. They also have chicken and fish. Can't go wrong going there
By: Jesenia R.
South 21 Drive In
the food is great, and some of the staff are nice ,but when I went there today the old guy gave me my food ,I order a second time and he came back again, said I had to give him a tip, he said it rude. he demand it,I was shock didn't know what to say I was gonna give him something before I intended to leave I understand he wanted tips for his work but that's not the way to earn it, it was disrespectful.

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