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By: piratenation
Kuchmaner Chiropractic
Best chiropractor to work on me. Not only does Dr. Vic truly want whats best for you, but his methods and treatments are fast, effective and it comes with great results; having a polite/helping staff helps as well. I've been seeing Dr. Vic at least once a week for the past year and a half now. Mainly receiving adjustments to keep my body aligned and all internal "parts" functioning to it's full potential. Since seeing Dr. Vic, I've experienced fewer headaches, less lower back pain, have yet to become sick (knock on wood) and the most impressive thing, almost allergy free. Since I was a young teenager, I took pills daily and eventually shots when the pills wore off. Since my treatment, I've rarely ever relied on expensive medication and have the fewest attacks, sneezes, congestion and swollen throat since my allergies started. Call it coincidence, luck or whatever, but simple weekly adjustments have affected my body in a more positive way than I could have ever thought. As long as Dr. Vic is around, I'll be a customer. You must check out Dr. Vic.
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By: John W.
South Charlotte Spine & Wllnss
My GP sent me to Dr. McDonald because of severe neck pain which was causing debilitating headaches. I’d never been to a chiropractor and didn’t have much faith in the profession shall we say . After the initial meeting and x-rays my feelings hadn’t changed but in the second appointment when Dr. McDonald explained things and did the first adjustment boy was I at a loss for words. In ten minutes not only did the pain in my neck stop but the pain in my shoulder as well as the pain in my leg and knee all stopped too. I have had issues with my leg for over 5 years and my shoulder about a year and in seconds it all just stopped hurting. I am still in some shock at how incredible this whole thing has been so far. The pain does try to come back after a bit, hence the reason for the treatment program but so far the pain is staying away longer and longer. In a few more weeks I should be the most pain free I have been in 5 years or more. I have to admit I was wrong about chiropractic. If you have the right chiropractor he/she can do wonders.
By: Pat D.
The Upper Cervical Spine Center
I have been a patient of Dr. Drury's for over ten years. I got more relief from my pain under his care him than all the other doctors I tried. It took time. In the beginning, I got adjustments 2-3 times per week when the pain was severe. Visits became less and less frequent as the pain started going away. Now I go in for monthly checkups and am completely pain free. I personally like Dr. Drury's policy of telling patients what the cost of care will be. I've been unpleasantly surprised too many times from medical bills I received in the mail after treatment. When I compare the cost of medications and charges from my other doctors, going to Dr. Drury cost me less money. But the most important factor is that his adjustments were the only thing that gave me permanent relief from the awful pain I was suffering from, and I no longer have to take pain meds, which is important to me. Now that I am pain-free, my quality of life has improved exponentially. I have Dr. Drury to thank for that.
By: Lisa H.
The Upper Cervical Spine Center
After surgery, I was having arm numbness, facial tingling, headache and dizziness. I thought I was having a stroke. They admitted me to the hospital and did every expensive test and could not find anything even though there were still symptoms----I knew there was something wrong and every specialist on my case could not figure it out. Dr. Drury figured it out immediately and got me on the right road and no more symptoms. I still go to Dr. Drury on a regular basis and I feel amazing. I am NO LONGER on any medication because I do not need it. Dr. Drury fixed all the symptoms that I described above as well as chronic back pain. I sleep better and feel like a new person with so much energy. His office staff is amazing the atmosphere in the office is very relaxing. I would like to add that I am a nurse and practiced modern medicine my whole 20 year career.... but now I am a firm believer to heal within and don't take any medications to put a band aid over the problem.
By: M. peggy T.
Proactive Chiropractic And Rehab Center
It has been my great fortune to receive Chiropractic care from Dr. Alec Khlebopros. I have received Chiropractic care for over 50 years so have experienced many different techniques . My initial experience followed an auto accident suffered as a child. In the years since, I have periodically sought out different chiropractors for more routine care throughout my adult years for shoulder, neck and upper back issues related to carrying luggage, an occupational hazard in my profession as an airline pilot. Recently, I incurred a lower back/hip injury which caused me the inability to walk without a very noticeable and painful limp. Dr. Alec has given me the best treatment I have ever received. My back and hip issues were correctly assessed and treated and I am now walking normally, pain free. I cannot praise Dr.Alec enough!! I highly recommend this clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful, you are seen promptly and Dr.Alec Khlebopros is the best!!
By: michelleg
Proactive Chiropractic And Rehab Center
I had a serious problem with my back throughout my whole life. I can't tell you how many specialists I have seen until Dr. Alec was recommended to me. He was my last hope as I was starting to think about a surgery. From the beginning Dr. Alec was so attentive to my problem. During the first visit he made a detailed examination of my back and we agreed on the program that was supposed to help me. I was diligently going to all my appointments, doing the exercises Dr. Alec was showing to me and I could not believe the results. I am feeling like a different person now and going through so many doctors as I did, I can assure you Dr. Alec is one of the best specialists in his industry.
By: petereski
Cindy Wiener DC
I just love Dr. Wiener at Cotswold Chiropractic Center. I knew the moment I got examined that she was different than the other chiropractors I had seen. She targets in on your problem, really listens, and then most of all... she can fix the problem. She has a very impressive skill set and can answer a great many questions including nutrition. You can tell she is passionate and her adjustments are the best. I go once every 3 weeks for maintenance, work in a doctor's office and it is hard on me.You will be very happy, if you can get an appointment- she stays pretty busy, but makes plenty of time for each person, not a stack-em high practice. Right in Cotswold, too!
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By: Samantha G.
The Upper Cervical Spine Center
I suffered with migraines for most of my life. Several years ago I had a migraine for weeks. My Dr. just wanted to give me pain pills that had me so out of it I couldn't go to work. A friend recommended Dr. Drury. I made the appointment, not really expecting too much. Dr. Drury and his staff did such a great job educating me on what he does and how it could help. After the very first visit, I felt better. After about the third visit, the migraine was completely gone. I continued with his suggested visits and for years I am migraine free.
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By: Carrie S.
Marco Chiropractic
Love Dr Marco and his staff! Not only is Dr. Marco excellent at what he does but he doesn't try to pressure you to sign any type of contract or guilt you into a certain number of visits per month etc. He gives you direction on how often he recommends you come depending on the issue you are working on but leaves it up to you to schedule. His office assistant is super friendly and they just brought on a wonderful massage therapist as well. I highly recommend Dr. Marco if you are seeking a chiropractor in the Ballantyne area.
By: Debbie W.
The Upper Cervical Spine Center
I was a migraine sufferer. I know the story may sound so familiar, but migraine headaches can really stop you in your tracks. The migraine I use to suffer from caused light sensitivity and on occasions, vomiting. Unfortunately, prescription medications were useless. I am so grateful for finding the Upper Cervical Center. Dr. Fleischer is wonderful! Who would have thought such a simply fix would change my life! I appreciate the care the entire office staff takes with each person. It feels good to be free of migraines.

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