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By: Ray W.
Beef & Bottle Restaurant
I debated on the 5th star, but you know what? The Manager asked me if there I was anything he should change and I told him "Please don't change a thing, you can only mess it up". Concerning the commentary about how it looks from the outside: Don't judge a book by it's cover. Yeah, it has some "Mafia hideout place to bring your mistress maybe it's really a strip club" look to it - but if you haven't figured it out by now, that IS part of the charm and the appeal. One reviewer here thinks none of the clientele are locals. Perhaps he is clairvoyant, but I don't think it is possible to make such a claim.Pricey? Not really. Making comparisons to Outback? You should probably stick with Outback.To start - our waitress (also the bartender) Hillary made me one of the better Old Fashioneds with Dark Rum I've had. She left out the orange but it was still pretty great. Now she knows she has Myers on hand, too. We had "the cheese" but with Panini bread instead of crackers. Sounds silly, I know. I thought the cheese was to die for, and the danger here is eating too much of it. Next time I will eat the cheese with a spoon when no one is looking. The bread is crazy good, too. There is a reason they bring this out to your table when you are seated - it's tastes really good.We also had Salad with Blue Cheese, Shrimp Scampi (prepared perfectly), Trout (perfect), Ribeye (it was hard to resist licking my plate in public when it was gone), Creamed Spinach (awesome) and Mushrooms. (I love mushrooms, but these are prepared in a wine sauce, wheras I am more of a garlic butter fan).We had a hard time choosing a bottle of wine, but we described what we were looking for and another waiter made a recommendation - it was spot on. I think it may be crowded on Mon and Thurs for half-priced wine nights, so remember you probably need a reservation any night of the week. When we were leaving a van full of seniors showed up with no reservations. The Manager was trying to accommodate, and I hope they were able to work it out me, make a reservation.We had to skip the dessert this time, but it was tempting.We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, and sincerely hope it doesn't change a bit. We are new fans and cannot wait to go back. To anyone who didn't like it, you should probably stick with chain restaurants.
By: triciasouthernspark
After having Bask on my “Restaurants To Try” List for almost a year, I was so very excited to dine there before a Friday Live! concert in the Fountain Plaza area of NC Music Factory. We parked for free in the large lot behind Mattie’s Diner and took a quick walk over to Bask for our 6:00 reservation. Surprisingly, it wasn’t crowded at all and we were seated immediately. The server was patient and helpful with our collective drink order indecision. Since I was so excited about eating at Bask, I knew exactly what I was going to order from much time spent on their website (The menu loads sideways, by the way. Annoying.): Butternut Squash Fritters were going to be the main part of my meal. Alas, they did not have them. I was told they wouldn’t be ready for another hour. Blink. Blink. Seriously?Devastated, I ordered the Butternut Squash Soup (creamy and flavorful), and the Pretzel Bites with Beer Cheese Fondue (Also yum.). The Pork Belly Wontons sounded better than they were – there was something about the wonton that made them taste cheap. The Mac and Cheese was outstanding, and my dinner companions raved about their choices (Sweet Burger and Cordon Blue Sandwich). Skip the side of veggies. They are nothing special. Overall, it was good, but I’m still bummed about those Butternut Squash Fritters. Tip: If you are heading to a Friday Live! show after supper, make sure to ask for complimentary a Booze Bracelet from the restaurant. Otherwise you will have to pay for them outside in order to buy beer from the outside bars.
By: triciasouthernspark
300 East
300 East is a Dilworth mainstay for good reason. The food is excellent and affordable, and the service is top-notch. Whether it is date night, lunch with the ladies, or a baby shower (It was all adults … it really isn’t a great place for kids.) like the one that was given for me there a few years ago, 300 East is a favorite of mine. Get anything on the menu; it is all good. My favorites include the Sweet Potato Ravioli, Fall Salad, Black Bean and Green Chile Chicken Tortilla, and whatever the special is that day. Get the Housemade Pimento Cheese as an app while you are at it. This piece of advice comes from a girl who doesn’t even like Pimento Cheese, so you know it is good stuff.When you head to the restrooms, look carefully and you’ll notice the cheeky sense of humor that defines the coziness of the place on the bathroom doors. Look extra carefully if you have imbibed their signature Wong cocktail. It goes down (too) easily, and they are so strong that patrons are limited to two per sitting. They are extra accommodating at 300 East of those who are eating gluten-free, and the patio out front is a garden oasis on busy East Boulevard. Because the food, service and atmosphere are so delicious, be sure to make a reservation or be prepared to wait a bit during busy times. It’s worth it.
By: triciasouthernspark
I always have a great time at Mez. The service is good, the people watching is above average, and the drinks are cold. The food is good, bordering on okay. Though I think it is good and has a beautiful presentation, I never think much else of it, and have a hard time remembering what I had or making recommendations even the day after. It just isn’t that memorable. However, the vibe is one of the coolest Charlotte has to offer in that it is sleek, trendy and still somehow welcoming. The soft benches and couches in the bar area are alluring and the space easily accommodates a bunch of middle aged white women doing the “Woo Girl” dancing in a circle together thing after a few cocktails. So for the drinks, the vibe, the scene: Yes. For the food as far as a source of fuel and medium level flavor: Yes. Is it a foodie mecca: No. Enjoy it for what it is by putting on your cute dress and expecting to see some proudly muscle bound guys sporting an abundance of hair product, and get your groove on with some adult beverages in the bar.
By: Heather R.
VBGB Beer Hall & Garden/Restaurant
I will be honest: I did not even try the food here, as it was one in the morning when I arrived. So why five stars? Because VGBG provides what Nashville lacks--a laid-back venue where people can chill at the ice bar (get the terrible pun?), play giant Connect Four and Jenga, and enjoy drinks on a large, open, uncrowded patio. While I have seen bars that offer games and entertainment of this sort before, they are always located in some terrible, six-square-foot arena of sadness; VGBG has the amazing advantage of offering ample space both indoors and out. My only recommendation would be to add heat lamps. And offer me sacks of money when I walk through the door.
By: mark_e
Nan and Byron's
Visiting from out of town, we stumbled upon Nan and Byron's. Great atmosphere. Great service. But I might have to give the food a second try. I had the Filet Mignon as part of their Restaurant Week menu and it was purely average. The steak was cooked well but seemed to lack the flavor you expect in a filet. I would have been really disappointed had I paid the usual $31 for this. I really hope they didn't downgrade their grade of meat for restaurant week because it doesn't make me want to come back. Everything else was excellent (including the hush puppy appetizer) but that average steak is what I'll remember the most.
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By: Pam H.
Sunrise Restaurant
I been going to sunrise for several years. I went over there one Saturday morning very crowded. I order a glass of tea. I started to drink it. My friend stop me I ask why she said it had lip stick on the side of the glass I have not gone back since. I told the waitress she said I guess that not your shade. Went to pay the bill I said i am not paying for the tea. They argued over that. Also some of the waitress could not understand my order. Couldn't understand English. They need make sure they u understand or they will lose business. They have good breakfast I don't think I go over there any more.
By: larmer
Open Kitchen
So, you had a bad experience. One review gets the message across. And poison? Maybe you just thought you went to the Open Kitchen. We have been going to OK since the early 80's, and never had a less than great experience.Our kids have grown up watching the monkey on the bike cross the ceiling. They have always loved the food, and so have we. My favorite is the Veal Barcelona! Oh, my gosh, I crave that dish! And there is plenty to split, too. I just feel like you must be talking about another restaurant!
By: larmer
Beef & Bottle Restaurant
I agree with most of what has already been written. Everything is great there, and the steaks are cooked to order, and seasoned well. But, they are not top quality beef. They do have the flavor of grocery store steaks, but cooked very well. Great atmosphere, love the salad presentation, and great dressings. I'd go there as a "regular" steak night. If they just had better quality meat, it would be 5 stars!
By: suzanne.t.mitchell.9
Vn Tofu Food to Go
I enjoyed my carry-out lunch of tofu with lemongrass, onions and rice. The serving size was generous and the person who took my order was helpful and pleasant. Posted on the wall behind the cash register were large pictures of the menu items. On my next visit I will buy some of the soy milk made on site and will try another entree. I'm a very happy customer and will return.

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