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By: erinmalone
Queen City Petsitting
I've had several problems: 1) They switched dog sitters on me three times in three months. Had to meet with the new dogwalker each time, which was inconvenient.2) The 2nd dogwalker quit before QCP put me in touch with the third one; my dog was therefore left at home in the kennel for 3 days before I knew it, without any relief.3) I was home sick for two days and during this time learned that my dogwalker was showing up 1-2 hours late and my dog was only being walked 10 minutes (both days) while I was paying for 30. I stopped this service immediately.UPDATE: PLEASE READ:While the service from that one particular dogwalker was very disappointing, I have followed up with Stacey and Amy for resolution. Because they handled this situation so fairly, respectfully and with the intention to make this right, I wanted to follow up on this post. Because of this particular situation, they ended up going out of their way to rectify and remedy what went wrong. They both wrote long, personal notes explaining what happened, and more importantly, emphasizing how important trust, honestly and one's word is in this business. Their positive actions far outweighed my negative experience due to one of their employees, which I'm told has been addressed. While I'd make every effort to evaluate the dog walker you may get from QCP, you can trust the owners/operators of this company are fair, honest and good people. Every company can have situation like this, but it's all about how it's handled, which is why I'm changing my 1 star to a 4. Thanks, QCP!
By: ben4trials
Queen City Petsitting
Stacey & Queen City Pesitting have been Life Savers when it comes to the care of my dogs!!! I travel often for work on both weekdays and weekends & they are always available to accommodate my busy schedule. Prior to finding QCP, arranging care for my dogs was a grueling process. Not only was it tough to reserve a spot for my pets at a boarding facility on short notice but trekking across town to drop them off before my departure and then do it all over again when I returned home from a trip took hours out of my day. This all made for astronomical costs for the care of my dogs. I tried a few petsitting companies before finding Queen City Petsitting and the process of making reservations was almost as difficult as it was when I used boarding facilities and many times I was denied service because they were under staffed. With Queen City Petsitting, All I have to do to line up a sitter is fill out a reservation with all of my contact info and the dates I'll be gone and within 24 hours Stacey has a sitter available. The sitter then contacts me directly to set up a time to meet with me and my pups. If there's ever a time a sitter I've already met is unavailable - Stacey sets me up with yet another fabulous sitter! Thanks to Queen City Petsitting - my travel days are 10 times more efficient and 100% stress free.
By: fredriquehutchins
Queen City Petsitting
I am a frequent traveler and have been using Queen City Petsitting over the last number of months. I just wanted to comment on how wonderful they have been to me and my pets. I have an 8 year old beagle who has health problems, and a 2 year old chihuahua who can be quite temperamental. From the start, they paired me with a sitter who could accommodate the special needs of my pets and my busy schedule. My sitter is extremely caring and has been able to form a strong bond with both of my pups. Sometimes when I return home I get the sense that my pups are a bit disappointed due to the fact that they will not see their sitter for a bit. They totally love him! Now when I plan to travel and my dogs get wind of it (they always know when something is about to happen) they seem excited when I tell them that their sitter will be coming for a visit. No more sad doggy eyes, only wagging tails and excitement. I love Queen City Petsitting and their staff. They have made my visits away from home much more bearable, because I know that my pups are getting the love and companionship that they need. I completely recommend this company. You will not be disappointed.
By: lsullivannc
Queen City Petsitting
I recently had an emergency situation where I needed to travel out of town for work and I contacted Queen City Pet Sitting via the website and explained my situation and asked for help. Not only did I get the help I needed at a reasonable price but Stacey was so quick to help find me an available sitter to fit my needs and Melissa was assigned to me and she was amazing. On short notice she was able to accommodate my needs and came by before I left to do an introduction and took such great care of my dog children. I seriously couldn't have asked for better service and again I just can't find the words to express how grateful I am to the entire staff. Everyone was so warm and friendly and given the work related travel and the stress I was under it was a huge relief to know that someone who truly loves animals was taking such great care of my chrildren Betty and Lizzie.Queen City Pet Sitting has a new client in me and I'm a tough consumer.
By: dothan45
Queen City Petsitting
From time to time I travel to Charlotte to visit with my daughter and carry my little Yorkie LuLu with me because she loves to travel. My daughter does not have any pets at all but does allow me to bring mine. When we go shopping for the day or go out to dinner in the evening, I have always used Queen City Petsitting in the Charlotte area. I have used this service for a couple of years and I am very satisfied with their sitters. I have used more than one sitter and all of them I have met and interviewed personally. They are all caring and devoted animal lovers and have pets of their own. I would highly recommend Queen City Petsitting for those living in the Charlotte area or for those visiting with their pets and want a little time away from them. In my book A+++++ Sitters!!!
By: john.stubbs.543
ENV Pet Spa & Grooming
I took Cameron for her first ever bath and grooming. She is 12 years old and weighs about 80 pounds. She started the session by shaking hands with the owner after being rubbed a little...the handshake was to let her know she wanted more rubs. She got a nice bath...all that THICK hair thinned back...and a homemade bow for being a good girl. She enjoyed her first grooming and definitely wants to go back again....I could tell by the way she looked at me when I asked if she enjoyed it. She even gave the owners a little lick before we left the shop to tell them thanks. I think they enjoyed seeing Cameron, and would probably love to see your pets too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
By: stacielg
Camp Bow Wow Charlotte Dog Boarding and Daycare
I absolutely love taking my dog Pennie to Camp Bow Wow. The staff there is wonderful and she is always so happy (and tired!) when I pick her up. I first heard about Camp Bow Wow when I was looking for a place to take Pennie for training classes. I love the Behavior Buddies training classes that they offer. We have done Level 1 and Level 2 so far with Hailey (the trainer) and she is great!! She has a lot of knowledge and is so good with all of the dogs in class. The environment of the Behavior Buddies classes made me want to continue to bring my dog back for day care and boarding. I would recommend Camp Bow Wow to anyone!
By: ericandamy
Queen City Petsitting
I can't say one negative thing about Queen City Petsitting and the owner Stacey. She is always accommodating to all of our needs for our fur babies Lucy and Sebastian. They are so special to us, and at first we were kind of nervous to trust someone to come in and take care of them, but they HATE the kennel. Every single sitter we have ever gotten has not only taken great care of our pups, but they leave our house cleaner than when we left. I will be continuing to use their service in the future, and I recommend them to everyone that needs petsitting for their pets.
By: gregc1917
ENV Pet Spa & Grooming
I took my dog there for a bath and grooming and being a new place took a chance and gave them a shot. When I walked in the front area was beautifully decorated and very professional looking. The owner actually gave me a tour of the grooming shop and answered all my questions before making my decision. They did a wonderful job with my dog and she came out looking and smelling great! The staff who are the owners were extremely friendly and helpful. There are other grooming shops much closer to my house but I don't mind driving the extra mile for great service.
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By: Alain B.
Queen City Petsitting
As a divorced parent I have inherited responsibility for my daughter's cat. Because of work I travel out of town frequently, often on short notice. Queen City Pet sitting has been an amazing blessing for me and the cat. Working with Stacey is wonderful. The two pet sitters I have had so far have been absolutely great. They deliver personal pet care beyond expectations. Their love and caring for animals has been felt with every interaction I have had with them. Great and easy to use pet sitting service.

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