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By: Brittany H.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
My husband and I were so excited to get a Chipotle over by Northlake and went in for the first time today, but unfortunately won't be returning. We witnessed a female employee get frustrated with a customer within a matter of seconds, she rolled her eyes twice at the customer and then decided she didn't want to help her, so someone else did. We got up to order, there wasn't any steak and we asked if any would be coming out. Another female employee told us no, but we looked behind her and the lady was cutting up the steak and wasn't almost ready to be served. As we stood there waiting just a few minutes to get the steak, the one female employee was carrying on about how she wanted to punch the other customer in the face and she better be glad she wasn't off work yet and how annoying it was that she was stuttering and couldn't understand her.There were way too many young people working this line and I highly recommend management to get more experienced employees or for them to watch their employees closer. It was a very disappointing experience.
By: Ray T.
After a terrible experience at a different area McDonalds where the manager called me a liar, I drove to this location believing it was owned by the same individual. Despite that, the owner at Tryon St. was nice enough to hear what I had to say, apologize for the ridiculous behavior of the manager, and even offered to make it right at his store. I looked around while in there - it's very clean and modern, and the people looked friendly and hardworking. It was the complete juxtaposition from the location at South & Remount. One place gained a loyal customer, while the other lost one for life.Big thanks Marty, you're a class act!
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By: David M.
Went through their drive through today around 12:30pm, December 11, 2015, and the food was good as we have come to expect from Cook Out. The bacon wrap was made with chewy bacon. Not my personal favorite as I like my bacon crispy, but it was good. The meal overall was good. The staff cannot get the order correct. One order we wanted fries and the other we wanted onion rings but we got fries on both. And our drinks, we ordered 2 sodas with no ice and we got one without ice and one with ice. So, if your hungry and want a good meal quick this is a great place to go, just check your order before you leave.
By: larmer
This Chik-Fil-A, like all of them, has great food! They have the best unsweet tea in Charlotte! They also have all these activities like theme nights, specials if you dress like this or that, code words to get a discount, etc. They seem so creative there! I've seen church youth nights, different school nights, then there was the Daddy/Daughter night. I am looking forward to what night is next! Great staff, cheerful people, I just think of this Chik-Fil-A as being bright, clean, fun, and always something going on! I love going there!
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By: Pam H.
I love there chicken salad sandwiches. With the waffle fries. The sugar free lemonade is very tasty. Only thing is if you ask for sugar free. Make sure they give you right one. Esp if you have diabetes. They are very fast. If you park in the handicap spaces. If have to watch out when you back up. They want let you out. I don't think the chicken salads are as good as they used to be. There priced are a little high.
By: Betty C.
This subway is great! To the previous reviewer, they have a 97 rating from the Department of Health...they did get rid of almost all the old staff, i believe only the manager and 1 other employee are still there from my previous visits. The employees are always friendly, and efficient. Very busy location and surprisingly clean!
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By: Monique J.
I use to love this Wendys!!! They're going downhill...late night staff suck! I live near this location and order BBQ ranch chicken salad often...6/22/15 1030pm..They gave me a chicken salad without chicken smh! I guess they knew I wasn't coming back...not a great experience and a rip off! I'll drive to Sunset or Huntersville!
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By: Jason W.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
GREAT ESTABLISHMENT!! Don't listen to her! This facility was just opened and when me and my family were there a line was wrapping around the store! practice makes perfect! This could be someone's first job, or they've never dealt with a lot of traffic at another job.
By: Gregg M.
I called to order five chicken pot pies. A guy answered the phone and I told him my order. He asked me to hold on and inform sone one that I have a order on the phone. I hear the moise in the background then some one hangs up the phone! A sad way to do business!!
By: victoria0303
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Food is always awesome!! BUT they are always out of something.. I get the burito chicken bowl.. they either dont have pico, or dressing, or corn... always something.. they should be more prepared I think.

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