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By: nowaste
J V Nails & Tan
I've frequented JV Nails & Tan for about the 4-6 weeks for basic manicure. Had my first pedicure about 3 weeks ago. Normally get the gentleman for my services. Last week received the younger girl (think it is the owner's daughter) for my services and had a horrible experience. She was noticeably not thrilled to be at the shop. I made the mistake of going later in the evening around 6pm. (They closed at 7:30). I'm assuming she was ready to go home. The french pedicure was mediocre at best. My nails weren't filed properly to achieve a uniform shape on all my nails, polish wasn't smooth, AND she cut at least 3 of my cuticles. The gentleman who does nails in the shop is great! He always takes his time and is very friendly. The other older woman (Not the owner's wife) is also pretty good but not as friendly. I made the mistake of smudging a nail on a previous visit and her face clearly showed how annoyed she was. So not as friendly but does a good job.If you try JV Nails, I would not recommend the young girl because she did not take her time or seem to have any interest in doing a good job. Can't remember when my cuticles were cut during a manicure before last week. I realize doing manicures and pedicures all day during the summer may not be the most exciting job. However, if the shop expects customer's to pay for the service, they should make sure to provide quality service minus attitudes and apathy.
By: carmel85
Polished Nail bar (southpark)
I went to Polished for the first time on 11/21/10 and recieved a fill-in. Let me first start off by saying that the salon is different then your regular nail salons hence (Nail Bar). The man who did my fill-in was very nice but his hand technique was horrible. First off I do not like for my acrylic nails to look thick and that's excactly what happen, then he went on to do my nail polish which he put on too thick and looked lumpy and sloopy, when he finished he told me to let my nails air dry. Huh?! What salon does that?!? They have no nail drying stations, so i had to ASK for a fan or something. So after I sat for awhile about 20 min, my nails still werent dry, this girl i was sitting next to offered me her UV nail dryer after she was done. So my opinion about this place is that the people and their hand techniques are very average but they do offer the newest nail products but after I called around to other nail salons I found they offer the same things they have but at a cheaper cost.( Shellac Nails $45 at Polished and $30 at Dilworth Nail Salon) So if you ask me, i think Polished Nail Bar is a very average nail SALON. The people there are nice but not worth the hype nor the drive. Maybe I'll try their other locations in the near future.
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By: Kiersten M.
Foxy Nails & Spa
Went in to get my acrylics removed. A new guy was doing them and ended up cutting into my nail damaging my nail bed which caused me to bleed. He was apologetic but management was not. They tried to charge me full price and gave me a two dollar discount. I called late that night to speak to a manager (Kevin) and he offered me $5 towards my next visit and never apologized. After a couple day in pain (mind you I am unable to get a manicure till it heals) I went in to speak to Kevin to get a t refund ($8). He kept offering my $5 off and I explained that I didn't want that bc I would not be returning to that salon so get my nails done. He then laughed in mY face and said good. I told him he was being unprofessional, as I am a manager in customer service in the same mall. He said "good don't come back"! I've had past great experiences but as soon as they were in the wrong they will not own up and don't care if you return. All this over $8!! Never returning to them! Most un professional experince ever!!
By: aleanna22
V-Nails & Spa
I rarely give a 5-star rating to a service provider as I’m a perfectionist and am admittedly hard to please. However, Tina at V Nails and Spa Salon deserves nothing less than a 5-star rating. I have gone to her three times now to for “pink and white” nails and she has done a consistent and exceptional job. I never have to worry about her hurting my cuticles or burning my real nails. She always shapes my nails exactly how I request. I do not need to return for a fill for at least three weeks as my “pink and white” nails hardly lift at all during this time, nor do my nails lose the shine of the topcoat of gel. The only reason for the fill is grow out of my natural nails. Also, my nails never have that thick look that I have occasionally received from less skilled nail technicians. I always get the American manicure because I like the more natural look. Tina is a perfectionist with a close attention to detail and always willing to work with your preferences. She’s the best!
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By: Shannon B.
Nini Nail Spa
I went to Nini on recommendation from two coworkers. I can't say that I've had many excellent experiences at nail salons, but today was different. I am getting married this Saturday, and wanted to plan a special outing for the women in the family before the big day. I was worried because I knew I'd be having women from all over town coming, some needing babysitters, and I just wanted it to be a good time and worth it for everyone involved. I scheduled for a party of 6 at 6 pm (which they still allowed even though they close at 7) I walked in 20 minutes early to start picking out a color. Something so simple became such a complicated decision for me with wedding brain. One of the ladies was so nice to ask me what I was interested in and help me go through the colors one by one, even sampling them on my nails before we got started. We never felt rushed. The "regular" mani pedi service puts others in the area to shame. I am so glad I chose Ninis for such a special event in my life.
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By: Robin R.
90 Degrees Salon
I relocated to Charlotte, NC last year and have been unable to find a great hair stylist (and a professional salon) who can do my hair for almost a year now (I have tried 4 other salons). That was until I was referred to Sarah Chambers at 90 Degrees hair salon in Charlotte, NC. From the moment I walked in the door, I experienced professionalism from of all the staff. Sarah was such a breath of fresh air – so professional, stylish, sweet and personable! She did an AMAZING job with my hair – seriously one of the BEST hair styles I have ever had! She was focused on every detail of my hair, took her time and was so helpful with showing me how to style it. Even after she was done blow drying my hair she took time to make sure everything was perfect. I will definitely go again and highly recommend Sarah Chambers and the 90 Degrees hair salon. They have by far the best hair stylist (Sarah) and they are the best hair salon in Charlotte, NC.
By: Sherri E.
Km and Company Salon
BEST HAIR SALON IN CHARLOTTE!!! If you're looking for a competent, seasoned professional stylist to cut, color and style your hair, you have finally found "the" place!!! It's right next to the Common Market in South End - super cool location - the place looks like it's carved right out of Manhattan - brick walls, great lighting, wood floors and high ceilings - loft style - and the stylists know what they are doing!!! I've seen all kinds of customer's young guys, business men, wedding parties, young ladies and woman of all ages. This salon does it all - and I've been a repeat customer for years. Lanie is my stylist and there is not a more competent or gifted colorist and designer that I have ever experienced. You walk in feeling eh okay, kinda bleh, you walk out feeling like a million bucks - like a shot of espresso or two for the ego, I call it a self esteem booster!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
By: maryjoe2122
Polished Nail bar (southpark)
With excellent service, friendly staff, and massage chairs which actually massage rather than shake, you can't get a better pedicure in charlotte. 45 minutes of pure bliss in a clean, modern, and pleasant environment. Last week I tried the shellac manicure, rather than my usual buffing. Polish just won't stay on my nails because of the beating they take when I play my cello, but the shellac is staying strong. I'm simply amazed and highly recommend it for those of you who need polish that can't chip. There is no way the techs here would let anyone out of the salon with smudged polish. They seem to obsess over the little details I can't even see. They also keep my brows in great shape, never taking off too much. I tried threading at a mall location once - never again. Polished techs know what they're doing. All in all, I love this place.
By: christab79
Stephanie Rider
I've had my hair straightened by four different stylists over the past five years. I thought that my previous keratin treatments were fine until I went to Stephanie Rider! She straightened my hair three times now, and it always comes out perfectly. She even manage to straighten those little stubborn spots. What more can I say? All the other reviewers are spot-on. Stephanie Rider is incredible! Stephanie was really thorough in laying out all the options and the pros/cons of each. In the end, I opted to go with the keratin treatment because I wasn't fully on board with permanently straightening my hair. And it turns out that was the perfect decision because my hair was straight and totally cut out the frizz. My head of hair looks gorgeous, if I must say so myself.I'm so so happy with my decision to see them. Thanks Stephanie
By: geila h.
Salon Salon
Madina has been the only stylist that has cut and colored my hair over the past 7 years.After moving to Charlotte, I had a hard time finding a stylist until a friend recommended that I get my hair done by Madina. Madina is not only professional and skilled, but she also has a great sense of humor. One day my husband Ron came in for a haircut and she asked him if he would like to color his grey hair in order to make him look younger. He refused, but asked her humorously if she could instead add more hair to his head. She used some x-fusion powder and put it on his head and made it appear that he had more hair, surprising and pleasing both of us! We were very impressed by her cleverness and wit! Madina is quite an amazing character! She always makes me beautiful and very happy!

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