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By: George Z.
Ballantyne Jewelers
These guys are the definition of professionals when it comes to jewelry and the exact type of people you want to work with when purchasing any type of jewlerly. I recently purchased an engagement ring from Ballantyne Jewelers and I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience. Coming into the store I had no idea what details I needed to pay attention to when purchasing a ring. They basically gave me an engagement ring 101 course. I discussed with them an idea of what my fiancée wanted and told them straight up what my budget was. We looked at hundreds of rings and diamonds. They even suggested that I check out other Jewelers to compare quality and prices.. the other places didn't come close to Ballantyne or the sales reps at other Jewelers made me feel like they were just trying to get a sale out of me. I went to Ballantyne multiple days and not once did I feel rushed or obligated to purchasing from them. I found a custom designed ring designed by Ballantyne Jewelers themself, BELOW my budget, that my fiancée LOVED. Walking out of the store, I felt 100% confident in my purchase and recommend that everyone use them, whatever the occasion may be. These guys will take care of you!
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By: Samantha B.
Ballantyne Jewelers
My fiancé and I worked with Ballantyne Jewelers to create a custom ring. We were met with the highest level of professionalism, promptness, and craftsmanship. The ring turned out beautifully, and the customer service is phenomenal! I stopped in again a year after getting my ring, and everyone remembered me like I was long lost family, and were genuinely curious as to how I was doing. It made me day! I will always recommend Ballantyne Jewelers to any and every one!
By: Debra M.
Brownlee Jewelers
Visited the store for the first time, on 8-5-2016. Bailey Nichols was the associate that helped us and she was amazing in her knowledge, attitude and overall willingness to help. I will refer Brownlee to anyone I know looking for that special gift, or needing any jewelry repair services. It was refreshing to see that "true" customer service is still out there! Thank you Bailey! We will be back ����
By: Christie P.
Ballantyne Jewelers
I needed an anniversary present for my husband. I didn't want the hassle of the traffic and people at the mall. I prefer to shop with local owners. Ballantyne Jewelers was convenient. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. They had the perfect gift at a surprisingly great price. They also replaced the battery in my watch while I waited. Great experience.
By: Jeff J.
Tower Place Jewelers
What a great place to buy awesome jewelry for a great price. I've bought jewelry and watches here for years and always got a great price and a quality product. Michelle and Carly are super cool to deal with and Terry is even more awesome cause she's knows every answer to every question. Me and my family love Tower Place...
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By: Stephanie J.
Tower Place Jewelers
We bought my wedding and engagement rings here and have bought many other pieces since then. I've had posts replaced on earrings, rings resized, had a bracelet clasp fixed and have found unique items that I never would have found elsewhere. We absolutely love Tower and the sweet ladies that work there.
By: debra.c.peele
Ballantyne Jewelers
My husband and I went into Ballentyne Jewelers to purchase an anniversary ring for our 23rd anniversary. We found the showroom gorgeous, the diamonds were breath-taking and the service, the best we had ever experienced. The price was also unbeatable! Can't say enough good things.
By: rel1287
Brownlee Jewelers
My fiance and I had a WONDERFUL experience at Brownlee's. The staff was helpful and friendly. We not only got my engagement ring there, but went back to pick out our weddings bands as well. We will no doubt be back there again soon!
By: elizabeth10190
Brownlee Jewelers
I came in with an idea of what I wanted, and the management could not have been more helpful. Very professional, great customer service, and an excellent ring. I look forward to shopping at Brownlee again soon!
By: Sylvia P.
Ballantyne Jewelers
Can't say enough good things about Ballantyne Jewelers. Great people to work with. They're creative knowledgeable and truly appreciate your business. I highly recommend them
Tips & Advices
Window tint film is typically applied to the inside of your car window. The film is first laid across the outside of the car window, and it's cut to fit the window's dimensions. Then the trimmed piece of tint film is installed on the inside of the car window.
Tinted windows offer several benefits. They can reduce the amount of heat in a car's cabin by as much as 50 percent, and this can lighten your fuel bill by making you less reliant on air conditioning in hot weather. Tinted windows block UV light, and this can protect drivers and passengers  from sunburn and skin cancer. Also, tinted windows protect the components of a car's cabin from being faded by the sun.
Ceramic tint is a type of film used to darken windows. Ceramic tint is a high-quality product, and it's typically the most expensive type of film tint on the market. This type of tint contains a ceramic particle that nonconductive and nonmetallic, and it can reduce solar heat within your car's cabin by as much as 50 percent.
A limo tint is one of the darkest tints available on the market. A limo tint has a VLT of just 5 percent. This means that the tint allows just 5 percent of exterior light to enter the car's cabin. A limo tint on the front side windows is illegal in all states except Michigan.
Window tinting percentages refer to the amount of light that a tint allows into a vehicle's cabin. This is known as the tint's visible light transference, or VLT. The higher the VLT, the lighter the tint of the window. For example, a window with a VLT of 30 percent would be much darker than a window with a VLT of 70 percent.

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