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By: potteroosk
Crown Tattooing Studios
I called about if the shop ran specials on/participated in doing Friday the 13th tattoos, and instead of scoffing and getting an attitude like most of the shops I'd called, Derreck (the shop manager) simply asked what the promo was and (POLITELY) told me their shop did not. About an hour later I called back and made an appointment with Derreck for a regular tattoo, even though that wasn't my original plan. I was so impressed by the politeness and GREAT attitude, over the phone where he honestly had no 'motive' to be so courteous. A friendly, great attitude is an unfortunately RARE find in the world of tattoo shops. I go to another shop in town but had recently started "shopping" after finally being fed up with catching rude attitudes and having to explain what I was after OVER and over again instead of just doing what I was wanting in the first place. The tattoo is going on MY body forever, if I'm not asking for your artistic tweaks and input, then either do what I ask or politely decline, DON'T waste my time redoing and redoing and REFUSING to do what I ask. It's incredibly frustrating and honestly really exhausting, and mind you, I've gone to this other shop since 2008, and even though I've spent $1000s there and a ridiculous about of time with MULTIPLE artists, all but ONE of the artists have horrid "listening ears" and even worse attitudes. (And, go figure, the one great guy there is leaving...) So I will most definitely be returning to Derreck and Crown Tattoos, the work he did was FANTASTIC and JUST what I was after. He was very professional, has over 20 years of experience and had an absolutely stellar work ethic, He even touched up a few of the other tattoos that I had been neglecting to go back to my other shop to do. I really can't say enough about what a night and day difference it was, DEFINITELY check them out, prices are great as well as the work, it'll all right on!!
By: nancywa
Krazy Kats Tattoo
If you are looking for a place to get pierced..look no further..for real. Krazy Kats is by far the best shop I have been into. Tee the piercer is the BEST! She knows the real deal behind piercings and healing them well and she is so super duper friendly. You see I get piercings (I've had a lot of them) not just to end up with jewelry stuck through my skin, but for the experience of the piercing itself, the jewelry left over is just an awesome bonus. I would rate this experience as my top experience. I was completely comfortable, loved the jewelry, did not feel rushed, I felt like Tee completely cared about what she was doing and wanted to do the best she could do to make my experience a blast. The shop is very clean, very well lit and everything that touched me or came near me was steril, can't ask for anything more!!! All in all a super A+++++++++++++!!!
By: cmd_red
Fu's Custom Tattoos Inc
I have been looking for a new artist for awhile now as I am new to the area. I went in, they were super friendly, once I looked thru the portfolio's I found 4 artists that I really liked their work! The receptionist was awesome and helped me decide which one would probably be the best for the art I was wanting! I then was able to speak with the artist, come up with some ideas, set up a consultation and initial tattoo appt! After some of the other places I have been to here in the Charlotte area it was great to have the feeling like they cared and were happy to work with me and what I want! I think I am going to really dig this place! Customer service was awesome!!! I can't wait to get my next tattoo started!!!
By: rozebud_22
Blaq Lyte Tattoos
I love this place! For one, it is a very clean and bright shop. There is a sense of relaxation when you enter. The staff is so polite, and are more than happy to answer any questions I had for them. Believe me, I had quite a few to ask. :) They were patient with me and my decisions. Definitely a great place to get your tattoo or piercing. I have already returned several times with friends and family, and plan on bringing more. There is always new jewelry every time I come in. I recommend this place to everyone!
By: blankmandy
Immortal Images Custom Tattoo Studio
I love the staff at Immortal Images in Charlotte. I have been getting tattooed there since my first tattoo in 1998. It is the cleanest studio around and you get and all around comfortable vibe as soon as you walk in the door. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and always makes you feel welcome. I refer everyone I know to Steve and Andrew at Immortal Images. All of the artists there do amazing work and I still get compliments on my work all the time :)
By: Jared C.
Absolute Tattoo
Absolute tattoo is one of the best shops in Charlotte! Been getting tattooed here for years and have never had a bad experience. Their prices are great for the quality of work that comes out of the shop, Jason and Chris are always very welcoming and I've never been disappointed with any of the work I've gotten from them. Though I would honestly recommend anyone of the artists at the shop to anyone looking into getting some new ink for sure!
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By: Nicole G.
Absolute Tattoo
I recommend absolute to any and everyone that asks me where to get tattoos. Jason Sansing is the artist that does all my tattoos and NEVER disappoints. His work is incredible. Everyone always asks where I get my tattoos because they like the work so much. I recommend Jason to everyone and he has never disappointed them either. Also extremely friendly & welcoming environment. I could hang out there ALL day if I could.
By: Jen L.
Krazy Kats Tattoo
Krazy Kats is the best place bar none to get piercings in Charlotte. Not only they carry the most quality jewelries, they also pierce you with sterile gloves. I don't know of any other places that offer that. They recommend 30 days check up and even call you to remind it. The price is higher than most tattoo& piercing places for sure but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.
By: izzybreezy
Krazy Kats Tattoo
I got several tattoos and piercings here. The couple who own the place are always very friendly, very knowledgeable, and their shop is lovely ans always smell nice. They carry the best jewelries around, not just surgical steel crap I've seen everywhere else. I have a huge metal allergy and couldn't wear anything but the jewelries I got from here. Kudos for Krazy Kats!
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By: Amanda H.
Blaq Lyte Tattoos
I have to say this was the best tattoo experience i ever had.. defense did my tattoo and he was absolutely amazing. He gave me more that what i wanted and it looks incredible. This is my forever tattoo spot now. I would recommend everyone going. I felt like i was sitting with family and he actually cared about everything he was doing.

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