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By: Blake M.
Davis Auto Mart
I have had a couple good transactions with Davis Auto Mart previously, so it is upsetting to say I will never use their services again.My vehicle broke down and needed a tow to a friend's mechanic shop. My insurance company arranged for Davis Auto Mart to tow my vehicle. When my wife talked to them about where the vehicle needed to be towed, the representative interrupted​ her, telling her that they refused to drop a vehicle off at that mechanic shop after hours.My wife wanted to cry after her conversation, saying she was treated rudely. We found another company to tow our vehicle, then I decided to call Davis Auto Mart to discuss what had transpired. I spoke with the same rep my wife spoke with. He told me he was not rude with my wife, and explained aggressively that they were not towing our vehicle. I expressed that this was fine, but I wanted to discuss how we were treated.I was hung up on.I called back and asked the rep if I could speak with someone higher up than him since customers should not be hung up on. After laughing about not hanging up on customers, he yelled "Okay! I don't want to talk to you either!" and transferred me.The next representative started speaking more professionally at first. He explained again why they were not towing. I explained again that it wasn't an issue, and that I was calling about how we were treated. The representative stated that he was sorry that my "feelings were hurt" and that he would speak with the other representative. After arguing over the sincerity of the apology and whether or not hanging up on a customer is acceptable, the representative screamed "F@#K OFF!" and hung up.I will admit that I was speaking heatedly with a raised voice, but I never screamed at these representatives. I felt ignored, and mistreated. I later was informed that one of these representatives was the owner of the business.If you have no one else to call for a tow in an emergency, then Davis Auto Mart will be acceptable in a pinch. Their drivers performed their duties adequately. I would strongly recommend finding service elsewhere if at all possible however since their customer service is nothing to be desired, and their management seems to not care for their customers.
By: Laura O.
Affordable Auto Sales
To begin with I went to the lot to try and purchase a mini van. My budget was only $1500. He had a couple of options in my price range, and he was very honest about them. At the end of the day he heard my situation and told me I needed the 2006 Montana that was $1500 over my budget. He told me he purchased it from a lady in town on the corner for $2000 it was out for sale for $2995. He told me just give him the $1500 and the van was mine, I did so. Four months later I met the previous owner. She stopped me at Walmart and said "that's my old van" "those were stickers from my grand daughters school" We talked for a minute and then she said "I sold it to a dealer in town for $2000 a while ago" They say he would give the shirt off his back, well that doesn't even cost but $10, he gave me $500 of his own money because I was in a bad spot, with 4 kids, and he said he knew that was the right van for me, and it was and still is! There are still good souls left in the world!!
By: Linda M.
Affordable Auto Sales
First I would like to start by saying I spent 3 months trying to save for a nice car. I had a 97 that was very undependable and a new daughter. I was just about to sign for a buy here pay here around the corner, when I found this lot. Its off a main road hard to see, but boy am I glad I made that wrong turn. The other dealer was selling me a 03 Venture with a 120K for $2,200 down and payments at 21% interest. I ended up working with Brett and buying a 2004 venture with 107K for $2,500. Van still runs great, and I dont have to try to come up with the $50 a week I would owe on the other venture. Go see these guys!!!
By: Jennifer G.
Affordable Auto Sales
Bought a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer on June 24, 2016. Two weeks after I purchased it, it started shifting funny. I contacted the dealership just to let them know, not expecting anything more from them. They asked me to take it in and get it looked at. I did this and a shift solenoid had gone bad. It was a rather large repair. The dealership refunded me 100% and took the car back. I found another one from them 3 weeks later, and its running great. Went above what you would expect for customer satisfaction.Jennifer GrahmHolt, MI
By: Sara M.
Affordable Auto Sales
Wont find a better dealer. didn't sell me a car I persisted to buy because he didn't like a noise it was making. This was a fresh trade in I found on his lot by his fence not even for sale. He could have easily sold it to me when I tried to pay him for it. Instead he called around and found me the same car somewhere else. Turned down a sale to make sure I got a good car. Will be back to buy a car from them!!!
By: Sarah L.
Affordable Auto Sales
Absolutely great people!! I did finance a vehicle and it was the price I was told. I did get a car threw someone else when I had bad credit, and was at the mercy of the bank...pretty sure that's what happened to lady with the previous comment. They worked with me and got me a great car!!!! Won't find someone more willing to help you!!!
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By: Jeff L.
Davis Auto Mart
Great Place Great people great used cars at a great price!!! all of our vehicles are inspected and we dont do high pressure sales. We are Eaton County Largest Towing Company with the best tows and best prices!!! Enjoy our award earning service dept and body shop!!! Davis Auto Mart "the Dealer with a Heart"
By: Lamar S.
Affordable Auto Sales
Good people to deal with. Brett was very honest about cars. Gave us a good deal within our budget. If I lived closer I would send everyone to them.
By: Brett A.
Affordable Auto Sales
Good deals from my man with the same name. Thanks Brett for the truck will be back to grab another, when Renee is old enough to drive.
By: Tyler R.
Affordable Auto Sales
Great people, went above and beyond. Car was priced way below all the rest we checked out!! Love the car and will be back.

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