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By: Elisa B.
Up The Creek Auto Repair and Towing
All of a sudden my truck started making a terrible noise , I took it to the closest place which was Hamilton's. They did NOT drive it on the road, look under the truck or under the hood, they moved it maybe 5 ft in their driveway and announced it was most likely the transmission and offered me a ride home . This ole country gal comes from a long line of car fanatics so she wasn't gonna bite on that one. Transmission held fine on hills and shifted smooth. So I drove on up the holler to "Up the Creek" , the mechanic said it was a weight on my gas tank that had rusted through and was just hanging there rattling causing the noise. He took it the rest of the way off and charged me NOTHING for doing it. Nicest, best service ANYWHERE in the area. I won't go anywhere else ever again. We used to always go to C and M before but he won't work on anything anymore, never has time except for "special " friends and he knows what that means. These are my experiences and my opinions and if anyone don't like it, I don't care because it is the truth! This community needed "Up the Creek " so bad. Glad to have you serving us, hope you stay.
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By: Chris H.
Charleston Automotive Service Tire And Supply LLC
Had all 4 tires replaced and they put them on my '05 Accent and driver side rear tire had a leak around the valve not evena day after the tires were put on. I contacted owner about fixing the leak and I was told by the owner, and I quote 'Not sure I can fix your tire, electric is off [at the shop], I closed shop for good 2 days ago.' Save your money and go someplace that is more professional with their customers when dealing with fixing their mistakes.
By: Desirae M.
Vance Auto Repair
Very pleased with the personal service that I got at this garage. The mechanic went out of his way to be helpful. I only stopped for an oil change and ended up getting several problems with my car fixed that I had been putting off because I didn't know any mechanics that I could trust. I am so glad I gave this shop a chance because I feel my car is finally in safe hands. Thank you Matt and family.
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By: Rebecca C.
Village Auto Center
This was an outstanding experience. We were n the middle of a long drive from MN to NC and the front end was wobbling. We took it here and the looked at in very quickly, advised us we needed to get it repaired but it would get us home. The had us over a barrel and could have sold us anyting, but were honest, friendly and helpful and did not charge us for the help
By: Tracy E.
Vance Auto Repair
Wouldn't take my car anywhere else. I have had so many problems with my 04 Ford Explorer and spend over 1,500 at other mechanic shops, and my car was still not fixed. The mechanic at Vance's is best and most knowledgeable. My car is finally fixed and I was not charged an arm and a leg! I would highly recommend them.
By: Pat K.
Vance Auto Repair
I was referred to this garage by a friend and stopped in just to get an estimate for several things another garage had told me I needed to fix my car. I sooooo happy I stopped in, my car is fixed and it was very inexpensive. Great mechanics and great service! I will be going back soon for brakes and oil change.
By: lisa.d.craddock
Up The Creek Auto Repair and Towing
They take care of your car like you are a family member and they want to make sure your vehicle is dependable and safe.
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By: Amber P.
J P Auto Repair
Great mechanic! Wonderful customer service! Very trustworthy and dependable! Only mechanic I trust to work on my cars!
By: Ella M.
Up The Creek Auto Repair and Towing
Excellent service and wonderful owners!It is most definitely the best garage in Charleston!
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By: Steve S.
Up The Creek Auto Repair and Towing
Best garage in Charleston.
Tips & Advices
Both types of alignment add value, but front-wheel alignments are more common. Rear-wheel alignments tend to be less costly than front-wheel alignments, since front-wheel alignments are usually more complicated.
Wheel alignment might or might not be necessary when installing new tires, and this depends on the general condition of the car's wheels and when they were last aligned. Misaligned wheels can shorten the life of new tires, so it's a good idea to have the alignment checked by a professional when putting new tires in place.
Wheel alignment services are provided by mechanics and auto repair shops. Some tire shops also provide wheel alignment services. Choose a wheel alignment professional that has good online reviews on an independent review site. Many shops offer free inspections and can tell  if alignment is necessary.
A 3D-wheel alignment is a process that helps ensure the car's wheels are aligned with unerring precision. With 3D wheel alignment, wheels are aligned with machinery that includes cameras and a monitor. A 3D-wheel alignment is both accurate and quick, and each wheel can be aligned in as little as seven minutes.
Misaligned wheels can cause tire wear that is uneven and unusually heavy, and this will reduce the longevity of a car's tires and put them at greater risk for a blowout. Misaligned wheels can also reduce a car's fuel economy, and this will cost  more money at the gas pump.

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