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By: thefoodcritic21
Oriental Cuisine Restaurant
The review WatchfulMom wrote is a complete lie. I believe she has personal issues with the owners. So please do not take her word for anything he or she said about this place. I am not downing or disrespecting her or him, I just dont think it is right to give a bad review to a company, when your problem with them is not the food at all. So with that being said. The Oriental Cuisine is by far the BEST restaurant is that type of genre of food. You know it might even be in its own genre of style. The people who own and run the place are Filipino and so all the food has a pacific islander taste, with an Americanized taste as well. There employees are all family, and it really gives you an "at home" feeling while you are eating there.So in conclusion to my review, hands down one of the best restaurants ( out of all restaurants, not just Oriental places.) I have ever been too. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting excellent food. Also for the people who have small lunch breaks, the Oriental Cuisine has great prices and awesome lunch specials, that do not take long for those people in a hurry. Thanks everyone!Oriental Cuisine 5 Stars and more!
By: Jenny R.
Halls Chophouse
I've eaten here a few times with some friends. They have the best crab cakes I've ever had. If you like crab cakes, you have to try them here. They are expensive, just like everything else on the menu but they are delicious.Their lobster mac and cheese is good. I'm sure if I liked steak prepared the old American way, I would like it here. I like a lot of flavor and different spices/herbs when preparing my steak so I thought the steaks were plain. The service was great, their staff is really informative and friendly. They are helpful when making your food choices. The environment is classic upscale. It's a beautiful restaurant with a piano at the entrance. Every time I've been here, there's always someone playing on the piano. The owner's son walks around to every guest to thank them for eating at Hall's and to ask how their experience was. One time we made it out the door before he spoke to us and he jogged down the sidewalk to catch us to say thanks. It was a really nice and kind gesture. I would suggest trying this restaurant, It's definitely worth a try if you love steak.
By: Jenny R.
Slightly North Of Broad Restaurant
I've eaten here several times and every experience is wonderful. Any time a friend/family came to visit me in Charleston, I always brought them here. Everyone was very impressed with the food preparation and flavors.The food is so delicious. They prepare their protein to perfection. Their ingredients are unique, the chef knows what he's doing because all the flavors always compliment each other. I've never had something I didn't love here. I would highly recommend eating here, you won't be disappointed. This is a small restaurant so I would suggest making a reservation, especially if it's during the weekend. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They all know the menu really well because I've never had any waiter go ask another person if they didn't know the answer to my questions. The restaurant is casual-upscale. The bar area is small, there is small bench to sit on if you have to wait. There is off street parking but it's very difficult to find because it's very congested in this part of downtown Charleston. There is a parking ramp a block away from here.
By: cape_fisherman
Slightly North Of Broad Restaurant
SNOB is one of the first restaurants my fiance and I visited on one of "my" first trips to Charleston three years ago. Every visit since then has been quite enjoyable with one small exception. The atmosphere is great, the service is impeccable, the wine is refreshing, and the food is amazing!The only complaint that we've had in our many visits there has been a single occasion when we weren't dressed to the 10s...maybe an 8.75, but not a 10. They were busy and after a short wait we were seated at the front of the restaurant near the door and among the crowd of waiting guests. They were busy, yes...but we took it a little personally as out table was not only dirty, but was being used as quasi-storage for the night. They came to clean it off AFTER we had been seated there and complained about it. We didn't stay that evening figuring if the staff had wanted us there, they would have made us feel a bit more welcome.Other than this single hiccup, SNOB has been a wonderful addition to our Charleston restaurant "short list".
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By: Tommy B.
LongHorn Steakhouse
I come to Long Horns when I get my car detailed. Normally I get good service, but today was rater a great change. Before I start, the food is always good. I ordered my usual, which is the outlaw and side of shrimp. This family of THREE came in that was well known by the staff and ordered 10 minutes after I ordered. Well you know how this one is going to go. Of course the family of three got there food ( ALL THREE) before I got mine. So i was upset, but kept my cool. I'm thinking let me see what kind of BS I'm going to get when I ask how did that happen. So, I asked the bartender how rich is this guy? She laughed and said he was a manager for some a/c company. The big question how did this family get there food before I did, WHAT FOR IT................ his steak was rare and yours took longer to cook. Sorry Long Horn, you just lost a loyal customer on rivers. Keep taking care of your personal known customers, I'll take my business somewhere else.
By: paulawho
Halls Chophouse
You're going to be pampered. Although pricey even by Charleston standards, the service, food, and atmosphere are excellent. We were greeted at the door by an owner who welcomed us and thanked us for coming to Halls. The wait staff was very attentive without being annoying. The food was prepared to perfection. We had Rib Eye steak and ordered it medium rare ...outstanding ...tasty, tender ... the best! Scallops were large, tender, and delicious. The only improvement that could be made was with the crabcake appetizer. They could cut out the red pepper and some of the sauce and leave the crabmeat in lumps to keep its delicate flavor.
By: cmesquiti
For a fast food restaurant,they have the best biscuit(country fried steak & egg) & BoRounds! I don't go out for breakfast often because I won't pay for food that isn't as good as something you can whip up at home....but BoJ's is my first choice if I do! if you like spicy,try the spicy Cajun chicky sandwich & mashed potatoes with sausage gravy!!
By: jackoats
Fuel Charleston
Cool little bar with big patio and fire pit in back. Great island food at cheap prices. Looks like a gas station...cause it used to be one. Bigger inside and in back then you would think. Friendly staff, definately a chill place to go and relax or get a ...little... wild.Right next to Hominy Grits and Lana...Parking is a problem, so show early.
By: tami.kent.10
Halls Chophouse
Beyond amazing! Our steak was perfectly cooked (and I am extremely critical when it comes to that). The creamed spinach was fresh, the creamed corn was great and the fried okra--such an experienced. Our waitress Kasonda was the best... You must experience this for yourself....oh, and this was lunch-not even dinner!
By: Richard F.
Gennaro's Little Italy
I don't give a crap what anybody says about Gennaro's I thought I was back in Italy on my vacation last year because the food the atmosphere and the service we're impeccable and they even had an in-house violinist this restaurant is by far one of the best interest in hands down

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