By: Tony M.
Colonial Grand At Quarterdeck
My name is Tony, and I am actually a second time resident at this community. Situations developed in December, 2011 that forced me to move out on my own. I was able to get into Colonial Grand at Quarterdeck, and spent six months in a third floor, one bed room apartment. The management staff at that time, were indeed deceptive in facts that were not made known to me until after I signed my lease. I remained for the duration of my six months lease, decided not to renew due to an extremely large jack up in price, to renew for another year. I moved out.Two years later, needs necessitated a move to an apartment, and in my rapid search, I looked on line, to check into this community again, and discovered the management, as well as maintenance staff had changed to a new group as well, as the owner company, I inquired of a unit, at 2 am in the morning, on line, and have to be honest in saying the application process, on line, was the best I have had to go through.I received a call from Marie, new complex manager, the next morning, at 9 am, to inform me of acceptance of my application, what I'd need at sign in, and the total monthly fees. NOTHING was hidden from me, she was most sincere, most honest, and most customer service oriented. Lease signed, that day, I moved in two days later.Upon move in, issues were discovered in my unit, that had not been discovered at walk through, and she was notified, via email, and within 24 hours issues were resolved by the best maintenance Guy, Mike, I have ever encountered. He was most courteous, friendly, went about the tasks of getting things done, was most apologetic to the issues I was having, made sure they were repaired, fixed, resolved TO MY SATISFACTION, made sure no mess was made, what little mess was created, he took time to make sure it was cleaned. He is most courteous, caring, and dedicated to the tasks at hand and does NOT have a dreaded attitude at having to repair anything. Always arrives on time when requested, and has gone above and beyond to get things done. In each communications with management, She and her staff have been most receptive, most welcoming, and most eager to talk, email, and/or communicate, in a very timely manner.My second time moving in here, and based on how impressed I was with the NEW STAFF, I signed a years lease, and do not regret one bit. Yes, the community is a little older, but THAT adds to its rustic charm. It is located in the best location, and easily accessible to any and all things one wants to do. GIVE it a second chance. Staff, Management, and maintenance have all been wonderful to me in any needs I might have had, are always there when I need them, have never once lied to me about anything, always up front on all details, have actually gone out of their way to accommodate all my requests, and I have had many. They even honored MY request for new carpet out on my porch, did so in a timely manner and to NO CHARGE to me. I have read all reviews negative as well as good, and must say that I have found NOTHING of the sort in all the negative reviews. The current staff is, by far much better than the original, and most friendly, courteous, and most accommodating.Officer A. Mixon
By: vjilote
Ashley Oaks Apartments
Take your money somewhere else! The staff is unhelpful, do not return phone calls and are only out to get you. The property manager will make regular visits when you file a complaint to try to find something wrong with your apartment to try to turn it on you. Pizza companies refuse to deliver to the apartments per there have been delivery drivers who have been held at gunpoint to have their money, vehicle and pizzas taken. The children run rampid and have language vocabularies as bad as a sailor at elementary age and do not care who is around when they speak. There are some nice residents, but after seeing gang and mob fights... it just isn't worth wasting your money there. The community looks nice and staff is warm and friendly when ushering you in, but afterwards... plan on no help and them trying to sabotage you.
By: Sonya J.
Pinecrest Green Apartments
Nice apartments.Very noisy. Kids running up and down the plank porch randomly. I have the noisiest apartment spot.. I hear the elevator,all ac units ,children constantly playing in the corner by my unit where all electric meters are...Complained about the noisy disrespect child for 2 years and management has done nothing to correct the problem.
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By: April S.
Pinecrest Green Apartments
Home sweet home!!♥ I love it here. Nice n quiet. Nice neighbors. Clean. Roomy 2 bdrm apartment!!

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