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    Located just down the road from Roper/St. Francis, Lowes, and the Bees Ferry/Glen McConnell area, Parson Jack's is a hidden gem. Despite its unassuming exterior in a small strip mall, once you walk i

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By: Jenny R.
McCrady's Tavern
My husband and I have been here several times and have loved our experience every time. The food here is phenomenal. The best way to eat is to do their four course meal. You can get it a la carte but to have a full experience, do the four course meal. The flavors here are very different, This is what they call a "molecular gastronomy restaurant". The chef uses new techniques that involves a little science to his cooking. One night we went here and at the end of our meal, we were gives some candies. Included with the candies was a red flower. It sort of looked like a petunia. The server told us to eat it. He said it will be mild at first and then at the end it will have a spicy kick to it. Seems weird, huh? Well we ate it and he was right! It was one of the most interesting pieces I've ever tasted. Who would have thought a chef would come up with a breed of flowers that is so pretty and unknowingly spicy!Apparently he chef and a small group of local historians, plant geneticists, and farmers have reintroduced dozens of heirloom greens and grains, many of them untasted since the eighteen-hundreds. The bread here is phenomenal, I know it's just bread... but it's not. You can't get it anywhere else. One night we were there, we asked about the bread and found out that the chef asked a baker in town to make this recipe that he found from the 1800's just for that night. The menu changes every day depending on what fresh ingredients are on hand. The herbs are grown on top of the restaurant. On the menu, there is list on the side that tells you where the meat, fish & fruits come from so you know what you're eating. The signature cocktails are out or the ordinary also! One drink I had was a wonderful gray purple color with dry ice in it. I can't really describe the flavors but it was wonderful!Overall, this is my favorite restaurant in Charleston and I would recommend it if you are opened minded about food & you can appreciate different flavors & texture.
By: Jenny R.
Henry's Bar & Restaurant
This review is just on the night life here. I've never had their food here and I've never been here before 9pm. This is where I went go to party, dance, drink and listen to live music. I loved coming here on the weekends. The first floor is a large bar with lots of seating and tables. The second floor has a mini bar with a small area for bands/musicians to play live music. There are tables to sit and enjoy the music and a little dance area. The third floor has a large and small bar and a dance floor with a DJ playing hits. There's always people dancing on the dance floor. There is also a VIP area on this floor away from all of this. There is a staircase that leads to the roof top where there are tables and chairs to drink, lounge and hang out. I enjoyed coming here late night on weekends because of all these options. I could dance to a DJ or listen to live music or just relax and drink while looking into the sky. It was always a fun time. There were so many different people that come here. There were older people, dressed up females, dudes in casual and fancy clothes, hippies, etc. You could find anyone here. The bar tenders and other staff members are really nice and friendly.One night at bar close, I was standing a few feet away from Henry's waiting for my ride. Some creepy drunk dude comes up to my friend and I, right in my face, almost touching me and starts to ramble obscene things. The bouncer at Henry's came between me and this dude and told him to go away. Thank goodness that happened, I was so relieved. I didn't even notice there were bouncers around. Apparently, he just saw the situation, how uncomfortable I was and intervened. I was grateful that he was around watching the crazy crowd of people.
By: Jenny R.
High Cotton Charleston
I went here for restaurant week and had a great time. My three course dinner was delicious. I had the best steak at a restaurant ever during my three course meal. It was prepared well, great seasoning and it was laying in some sort of tasty adobe pepper sauce. Their bread was also really good. The service was outstanding. The staff was attentive and patent with us. My friends and I had such a wonderful time, we all decided we would definitely come here again. The restaurant is beautiful. They have comfortable chairs and benches to sit on if you have to wait for a table. The main dining room has glass doors facing the sidewalk/street so it's nice to have the natural day light shine in while dining. The restaurant is more upscale. The bar area gets very busy during happy hour. They have decently priced food and beverages on that menu. The second time I ate here the food was not great. It was ok. I ordered a three course dinner and the only thing I liked was my dessert. I went with the same five friends as the first time and we all were disappointed in our meals. The food lacked more flavor. The service was still great.I wouldn't come here again because for the price (expensive) of the food; I expect a great meal every time. There is off street parking but it's hard to find because of the congestion in the area. It's easier to park in a ramp and walk.
By: M S.
Well advertised and popular place for breakfast. Nice staff, pleasant atmosphere. Hardworking bartender/waitress served us graciously. Juice unfortunately not freshly squeezed, a bit bitter, they need to change the brand. Milk for tea has leftover food from another table on outside pouring container. Only 3 types of tea, weak Twinings and Lipton brands. Manager conducted employee interview by table next to us which is rude to the applicant and customers because it should be a private affair. Had seafood omelette which was generous and pretty good with crab meat. Potatoes called home fries were basically over seasoned deep fried potato chunks. Eggs benedict uncooked, runny egg, rubbery Canadian bacon slices, adequate sauce, unimpressive. $38 for two teas, one oj, seafood omelette and eggs benedict. Good for a fast breakfast but go somewhere else to be impressed with South Carolina cooking.
By: Jenny R.
Virginia's On King
I've had dinner & brunch here and I WOULD NEVER GO HERE FOR DINNER AGAIN. The food is horrible during dinner, it's over salted, the she crab soup has too much sugar in it and the cream sauces have no flavor.BRUNCH IS WONDERFUL. I only go here for brunch, their shrimp benedict & fried chicken are great. They also have bottomless mimosas. The service here is slow but hey, that's the norm here in Charleston, slow.... and the locals are ok with it, I'm sure it's because it's what they are used to. I'm from Minneapolis and this is a huge change for me that I'm not going to get used to. A server here dropped a plate of butter on the floor next to our table. She picked up the bowl but never wiped up the butter. It was there the entire time we were eating and after we paid. Isn't that a safety hazard?
By: Jenny R.
Husk Restaurant
I ate here once and never went back again. The food was beautifully presented and creative but everything was too salty. I wasn't quite sure if it's a southern flavor preference. I ordered four dishes and it was all too salty. I wanted to like the food but I just didn't. I really liked McCrady's, the other restaurant that the chef owns and I thought this would be just as good. This restaurant had so many recommendations and it was a let down. The restaurant itself is beautiful, clean and has a warm environment. The service was great.
By: charlestoncfoodman
The Green Goat
I just saw where this restaurant opened and thought I'd take a chance. I've had meals at quite a few places where I knew they wouldn't stay in business, but this isn't one of them. Everything!!!... in my meal was surpurb. The service was just as good (thank you Scott!!!). I'd recommend this to anyone. Hopefully they keep up the good work.
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By: Linda A.
King Street Public House
We came to this place to watch and out of town NFL game. They were very accommodating. The food was ok. The macaroni and cheese was cold and a tiny portion for what you pay. The nachos with pulled pork were a huge portion. The chips were good. The pulled pork sandwich was pretty good. The homemade cajun fries were delicious.
By: Joan P.
We were very happy to have breakfast at Toast. The Low Country breakfast was excellent as was the French Toast filled with peaches!! Mary, our server was efficient and friendly as was Sharon the manager. Nice people, great food!! I'll return there next trip to Charleston!
By: dkehler1
McCrady's Tavern
this is a 10 star dining experience in my opinion. My husband and I have been going for several years and I have never been disappointed. It's quiet, the food and service is exceptional. The steak tartar, Ceasar salad and filet are out of this world.

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