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By: Ashley C.
Skin Pro Studio
I can not express how happy I am that a place like SkinPro opened up in West Ashley!! It is right down the road from my house and SO much more convenient than where I was previously traveling for treatments. I have struggled with acne related to hormone imbalances for the last few years... Not a fun thing to endure. From the first visit with SkinPro, I knew I was in good hands. Liz helped me create a plan to not only treat my acne, but also to reduce my scarring from previous breakouts. I have a visit schedule where we do occasional peels and other treatments, but mainly Microdermabrasion and the LED Light. The results were apparent from the start. I am so relieved to have found something that ACTUALLY helps. I got so tired of trying different products... it was exhausting and I wasted so much money. SkinPro has been wonderful at restoring my self-confidence. It's amazing how much your skin has an impact on your overall wellbeing! :)FYI- They also offer a VIP Membership that is a monthly fee and helps cut overall cost. I would recommend if you are interested in repeat visits to maintain your results. I was concerned about keeping up with my visits during pregnancy and love that Liz was able to easily switch me to safe-to-use, natural products. It has proven to be a relaxing point in my week that I really look forward to. Everyone can benefit from a little bit of "me time" and self-care!Last comment- Another thing I really appreciate about this business is how involved they are in the community and how focused they are in giving back. Liz and Rebecca are amazing. They offer Oncology care to their clients and prioritize involvement with breast cancer organizations, which makes me feel even better for supporting their business! I try to support local businesses anyways, but it always feels good when you know they are truly good people also. Obviously, I highly recommend SkinPro Studio. Regardless of what you need help with skin-wise, know you'll be in good hands.
By: Jason A.
Charleston Pain Relief Center
The Staff:First off let me say that the staff was very caring, it feels like they truly care. Probably one of the few places that has such a feeling and great staff.I'd have to rate the staff 5 stars.The Office:The office and rooms were clean and well maintained. kind of small but it helps give you a personal or relax feeling.I'd have to rate the office 3 1/2 stars.The Staff:Seemed very knowledgeable and caring. They were helpful in explaining what they were going to do and were fast in their service.I'd rate the staff 4 stars.The Price:The price is higher than most clinics that I've been to. I had my first appointment in which the staff was very caring and nice, they talked to ma and asked me my issues. that took about 30 mins and one of them felt the areas on my back to feel how bad it was. Then ex-rays were taken and I paid $200. The overall visit took 40 mins, and I left $200 lighter in the wallet and no adjustment on my back, which at the time was killing me. So not being able to sleep that night, I called a different chiropractor, they got me in that morning, made the adjustment and after 15mins I was on my way. Now I must say I paid $80 but that includes 5 visits. The $200 was only for the first without any adjustments.I'd rate the price a negative 2(-2)
By: tracy1111
Lordis Loft Salon & Spa
This is a beautiful, modern salon with expert, colorist & stylist. Specifically, Linzie, a skilled, creative expert stylist. In fact, all of my numerous visits with Linzie, have been unsurpassed within my 15-20 years of my infinite salon experiences. She delivers excellent cuts as well as the most innovative, modern dimensional color. She morphed me from med, mousy brown to a beautiful, dimensional blonde with shine, health & lasting root coverage! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Linzie, expert stylist/owner at "Lordis Loft Aveda Salon. You won’t be disappointed! The, state of the art decor, reasonable $$, as well as the most talented stylist, Linzie, e me want to return religiously. My salon visits are by far the best I’ve ever experienced. Go immediately to Lordis Loft Aveda Salon. You will not regret!
By: Courtney M.
Zendulgence Salon And Spa Mobile Massage
Top notch. I have been a Charleston local for 6 years now....I have tried numerous spas and salons around the Charleston area, including the famous Charleston Place and none come even close to the service, quality, and personnel at Zendulgence. My monthly massage at Zendulgence has been my lifeline for the past two years and allows an hour escape without robbing my wallet. I have been treated to many massages in my travels and walk away with only a feeling a agitation as they cannot even compare to the expertise at this local place of business. Beyond clean, offering the latest services all supported by a truly good group of businesswomen and humanitarians. I hope that each and every one of you give this place a shot, I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.
By: harrisone
Zendulgence Salon And Spa Mobile Massage
I just got home from my fifth massage with Danielle, and I'm so grateful to her for helping me feel better! I have been going to Danielle for two months, and after long-standing neck and shoulder pain, I did not think that I could be helped. I was wrong! I feel so much better now, and she has a way of doing massage that is not painful yet always helpful. If, like me, you have had "painful" massage in hopes that the pain would be worth it, you know what I'm talking about. I never thought I could have a pain-free massage experience that would actually reap results. I will never think that again, as Danielle has worked wonders for me!
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By: debbie29405
WellnessPlus Charleston
Drs. Fantino and Shea are the best. They are very concerned about their patients and concentrate on making patients lives easier. Dr. Fantino established this practice in 1986 and it is now the premier chiropractic clinic in the Lowcountry. I highly recommend WellnessPlus to anyone that needs to make their life easier. The therapies that Dr. Fantino's staff provides are very good as well. I need more than 5 stores to do this review. I would give 1,000,000,000 stars to if I could. I have the phone number on my speed dial. Drs. Fantino and Shea are the best!
By: Sam O.
Zendulgence Salon And Spa Mobile Massage
My husband and I had a massage done with Juliana and Lindsey and they were AMAZING!!! I give Zendulgance a 5 star because of their service along with the atmosphere. The location of the spa is a bonus as well (nice area and poolside!). When I called to schedule an appointment, it happened via phone and was completed within 10 mins. I received a confirmation text immediately. Juliana and Lindsey (our massage therapists) were friendly and very good at their job. My husband were well relaxed and will definitely be going back!
By: John B.
Zendulgence Salon And Spa Mobile Massage
Zendulgence, Bravo! I have enjoyed and benefitted from the mobile massage services by Zendulgence. I suffered a stroke two years ago and have depended on therapeutic massages to help me continue my efforts to recover as much as possible and the bonus of having the massages come to me at my home as opposed to driving to the spa location has been a blessing. Danielle is by far the best medicine — physically and mentally! Her emotional support is second only to her skills with her massage technique.John Bufano
By: vickie.smith.1023
Zendulgence Salon And Spa Mobile Massage
THE BEST MASSAGE EVER.... I am writing this the morning after receiving the best massage ever on an awesome Sunday afternoon! Unlike any other massages that I have ever had, Danielle gives you the chance to express your needs in detail with great consideration of your medical history & daily activities. During the initial 1hr session Danielle gives a complete head to toe(literally!) massage that includes the use of heat & aroma therapy. I will be returning & encouraging my friends to sign up!
By: cindy.mcbride.585
Blue Heron Acupuncture and Apothecary
I have been very pleased with the acupuncture treatments I've received from Lisa Abernathy. I had a bad cold that had persisted and seemed to be lodged in my chest. I thought it was going into bronchitis. Lisa's treatment brought immediate results of clearing my sinuses and the "heavy weight feeling" in my chest. The treatment was also very relaxing and comfortable! I recommend her to anyone who feels that their body could use a boost in the immune system or a specific healing!

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