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By: jhazelwood728
360 Landscape
Why did my last review get deleted?I hired 360 earlier this summer because I was tired of doing yard work. The guy came out and quoted me a price and I agreed. The first time they came out they broke my 3 year old sons pool that was in the backyard. I called to complain and they took care of it by deducting the cost of the pool from the bill. They came a few more times and did an okay job but then they just STOPPED COMING?! I've called and left messages, finally talked with someone who claimed to be their new office manager who assured me they would send someone out. Still nothing. The only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because the few times they actually showed up they did a decent job.
By: Thomas K.
360 Landscape
IF I COULD I WOULD GIVE THEM 10 STARS!!! Very courteous and very reasonable in his price quote, Workers came out on time and worked non-stop until everything was completed, even going beyond what was promised. They cleaned out four flower-beds (some large and complicated by old weed barrier material), brought in dirt and spread it all in just a few hours. Afterward, they cleaned up perfectly, even removing some branches we had cut but not yet hauled off.
By: Bryant S.
360 Landscape
Well, hats off to the 360 crew. Just like the other reviews said. AWESOME, courteous. Did a GREAT JOB being careful around our special plantings. Shrubs were shaped better then I have ever seen before. Our yard was once fulled with weeds and now only beautiful green grass. All I can say is WOW!!Did I mention Excellent price!!!Didn't try to do a hard sell on regular maintenance either. I proposed a biweekly schedule and it has look great since.
By: andrewmcgrey
360 Landscape
Wonderful Work I got Up early this morning, and went out to get my newspaper, and noticed this company doing a fantastic job at my neighbors. I inquired as to how much he would charge to do my half acre corner lot. Upon completion of the work, I was simply amazed at the wonderful job this young man took the time to do. the work was fantastic....Thank you
By: s.macalister
360 Landscape
If you dont have these guys get them! 360 landscape is one of the very best at what they do. They came and did a great job on my yard. It was full of leaves and the grass was so high. Thank you so much. Call and find out for your self they are indeed are one of the best.Isle of Palms, SC.
By: bryantstineberg
360 Landscape
Theses guys are professional and relible. They consistently do great work at my home and office. On behalf of my family and company we recommend 360 landscape for any and every one who need 5 star quality work. B. StinebergSteinbergs Law Firm LLC.Goose Creek
By: doc.d.marshall
360 Landscape
360 landscape gives my family and I Great Service every single time. If they cant make it they call and let me know whats going on. I highly recommend 360 there professionalism is outstanding, and there work is phenomenmal.Doc. David MarshallKiawah Island
By: mike56griffin
360 Landscape
I got an email asking to post on yp.com what I think about there service. It looks like all has already been said.lol These guys are the real deal. i have been a customer for about a year now. I can honeslty say they do excellent work
By: j.forman
360 Landscape
PERFECTIONEvery week these guys come and make my yard look great. It’s good to have a company I can trust to do a good job. On behalf of my sister, mom and myself we all use 360 landscape because they do great work.Goose Creek
By: ronedwards402
360 Landscape
THEY ARE AWESOME!! Been a customer for 2 years now and some things never change. I am very happy with their service. I highly recommend 360 truly one of the best in the low-country.Ron Edwards Kiawah Island
Tips & Advices
Outdoor watering cans often are specifically from materials that are more resistant to weather variables--i.e., with a protective coating that prevents moisture corrosion, or prevents the handle from getting extremely hot in direct sunlight. Indoor watering cans are usually made of lightweight plastic, although they can be made from all sorts of other material, from stainless steel to porcelain. They often fill a more ornamental function, while the outdoor watering cans are for ongoing hard work.
A trowel is much smaller than a spade--it has a short handle and is meant to be used at knee-height or even closer range to the plants and soil. A spade is a type of shovel with a long handle and a sharp metal blade--usually much flatter than a normal shovel.
A pick mattock has at its head an adze and a pick, for breaking up hard-packed soil and debris. The cutter mattock has an axe blade on one side of the head and an adze on the other. It’ s better for digging up and cutting through roots.
The best type of shovel for gardening is a garden spade, ideally used in conjunction with a hand trowel.
The essential supplies for gardening are mostly basic, inexpensive non-motor tools. Essential tools consist of a sturdy pair of scissors, a trowel, a pair of pruning shears, at least one shovel, and a hand fork or a hoe. Also, a gardener must have a functioning hose—hopefully one with an adjustable sprayer nozzle. There are also kneeling pads for gardeners, which can help prevent knee and back strain If you are going to compost, you’ll need a compost bin. And to protect all your items from rain, make sure you have some sort of shed or enclosure. Finally, you should have a pair or two of heavy-duty gardening gloves.

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