By: jh0010
Purple Haze
I was surprised to read so many negative reviews about Purple Haze because I have had nothing but great experiences there. The employees are very friendly and helpful, the selection is quite good, and the prices are very fair as well. In fact, I had to return a product that didn't function properly and they gladly exchanged it, no questions asked. I thought it was possible people were confusing Purple Haze (the good shop) with similarly named Purple Music (the bad shop). Purple Music is behind Walgreen's on the corner of Camp & Folly Roads and the negative reviews I read on here match the experiences I've had the 2 times I went to Purple Music. In fact, I've been treated so well at Purple Haze I felt compelled to write this review in the event I was correct about people confusing the 2 shops. If you did have a bad experience at Purple Haze, I'm sorry and VERY surprised because as I said, they've always been great to me.

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