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By: Sacha B.
Charleston Stage Company
Very rude staff. Renee was so rude and unprofessional that she she caused a scene. I felt attacked and even the manager was surprised about what was going on. Stay way as no deal is worth that time and trouble
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By: Candace D.
Designer Consignor
Maureen is the best with such incredible taste. She knows design and she knows exquisite luxury. Shop with confidence and know that you are getting the best stuff out there!!! Love her
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By: Rita W.
Charleston Stage Company
This shop has nice things, prices a little high but the staff is rude and the owner thinks she is all of that! She is egotistical, disrespectful. A smart mouth and worse. They act like they are doing us a favor. News for them! They need us to survive! I am no longer ALLOWED to consign there because I stood up for myself. She talked to me like I was stupid which I am not,so I gathered my things and left. I now consign at Folly Rd consignments owners are great try them out
By: Carrie C.
Charleston Stage Company
I really want to like this place but unfortunately I have to agree with many of the negative reviews. I have both shopped and consigned here and I can't help but feel terribly turned off by some of the rude and poorly mannered staff as well as the rigid environment. The lady at the register with the short black hair hair always behaves overwhelmed and annoyed. The owner is often short and unfriendly. Whenever I shop here I often feel as though im going to get into trouble and feel uncomfortable asking questions. I came in once with a newborn baby in one hand and a huge pile of clothing to consign on the other in 90 degree heat and I was scolded for using the wrong cart, for putting some things on hangers in the wrong area, standing in the wrong place, not once was I offered a helping hand when I was clearly having a hard time. I've never been greeted upon coming in, thanked for my business, or felt appreciated as a consignor. There a couple of employees that are sweet such as the guy at the fitting room and a tall pretty girl that is very friendly but other than that the rest of the staff would be better off working behind the scenes where they are not interacting with customers.
By: Julianne S.
Charleston Stage Company
God if ONLY I could rate this s*** hole with less stars. Let me start this out by saying I work in retail management and I have never seen such a horrifying display of "customer service" in my entire career. My fiance and I were shopping here looking to furnish our recently purchased home. He was checking out an old storage trunk and went to open it to check out the condition of the inside when the unsecured glass top slid off and shattered, a surprise seeing that there was no "do not open" sign anywhere and the trunk itself wasn't locked. Being that we are good people and have shopped there before we agreed to pay to replace the glass top ($55) but not after one of the employees said that we would potentially have to pay full price for the item ($1200), yeah not going to happen especially considering that an accidental damage like this is covered under THEIR insurance and we legally didn't have to pay to replace the glass in the first place. Not only did no one bother to ask if we were okay after being stuck surrounded by broken glass, but they demanded that they get a copy of his licence and credit card information (which by the way is ILLEGAL). When the glass was ready from the shop (two blocks away from Consign Charleston) my fiance called to see if they would be able to pick it up since we live 45 minutes away and he was stuck working overtime. The woman of the phone promptly told him that "he could have been half way (to the shop) already if he'd stop complaining", and then threatened to charge his credit card if he didn't get it delivered that same day. I have since tried to get in contact with the manager twice since this has happened so we could rectify the issue, and both times I was told that she was not there and that I'd have to come back later (I had to pry information for a name and time when she'd be there). I'm very happy to have experienced this before we made any major buys from them, and I hope that they are very happy with the $55 glass top and not the $9,600+ we've spent on furnishings at their competitor's shops since this incident.
By: kjm100
Charleston Stage Company
Selling fake Tiffany as authentic. I saw on their Instagram feed what they claimed was "NEW in box Tiffany & Company iPhone case!" I called ahead to confirm it was still available. I was put on hold for over 3 minutes. I hung up to call back and the phone was now busy for the next 10 minutes. When someone did pick up, they said the case was still available and was $51. It's $130 online at I asked if they could hold it for 30 minutes until I drove in - they said no but didn't see why it shouldn't be there when I got in. After seeing it in person, it's a good fake - the leather is nice, it appears to be the correct color, says it's made in Spain, came with a pouch, box and certificate of authenticity however...the silver bar on the front with the Tiffany name stamped into it was dull - almost as it whatever it's covering was was starting to fade or wear off. Also...this was only 5" in height - the real iPhone 5 Tiffany case is 5 1/2" in height - thus it does NOT fit an iPhone 5 and is not authentic. While Tiffany made this iPhone cover for the 4/4s - it's dimensions were 4.75"H. When I discovered my phone didn't fit - I politely told the woman behind the counter this was a fake. We then looked up the phone cover on the website with my iPhone and reviewed the dimensions - she had a yellow duck tape measure and we measured - sure enough it was only 5" in height and not 5 1/2" as stated on Tiffany's website. The only thing she kept repeating was, "We'll have to look into it." I'm uncertain what she had to look into - I showed her the real one online and proved this was a fake. This was a very simple item to verify so why this store took it in in the first place is concerning - what else are they selling that's fake?
By: melissa.hertzfeld
Charleston Stage Company
This store is a disgrace to small businesses. I have never been treated with such disrespect from employees. They refused to return the bags to me after they said they could not authenticate one bag. As I no longer live in town, they asked me to email the store a photo copy of my drivers license. The manager hung up on me (for the second time in this conversation) when I told her I was uncomfortable sending them my personal information at risk of identity theft. The owner then called me back after the manager hung up to literally scream at me to tell me that I was being dropped as a client from the store, because of the way I treated her employee. She refused to let me speak. I have never been treated so poorly, and I find it hard to believe that a business owner and manager feel comfortable yelling at clients and customers. I hope that no person has to feel the way the I do after having to deal with Consign Charleston. Charleston is known for its citizens, and it scares me to think that this establishment represents our area.
By: wagmom
Charleston Stage Company
I have to totally agree with the other reviewers...I was appalled one day when I went in to check on items I had left. Very rude staff and when I asked the owner why she rejected some of my items, she looked down her nose and replied that they all knew the designer lines and what was too outdated, etc., as if I was a moron.And some of the prices are ridiculous!!!Glad to be done with them!
By: jonnycochran
If I could I would give this place 0 stars. I consign all around Charleston and never have any problem whatsoever. Its a great way for extra income if needed and I thought to give this place a try. I brought 3 items about a month ago and the guy behind the counter did tell me that the owner would look at them and he probably would be interested because of the condition and brands. I physically saw my name and phone number combined with my 3 items before I left the store. I told them if they were not interested to not donate these items as I will pick them up the day they call, and even signed a paper assuring thats what would happen. So I never recieved a call, at all, and went back roughly a month later to check the status of my account. Low and behold, my name is not even in their system. I have no account!!! I had spent well over 100 dollars on those clothes and just wanted to make maybe 20 back. I know it's just 3 items but should't that make it easier to keep track of? And to be perfectly honest, If you are going to open a consignment store, the point is to sell good brands for well less than the brands retail stores clearance rack. YOU ARE SELLING USED CLOTHES!!! I can get any brand you have in your store, same style, same price(if not cheaper), brand new!!! Thats right, they are extremely overpriced, rude, and unattentive to the customers. Maybe thats why they have to run such high profit margins and steal clothes.
By: natmo3
This is a great consignment shop. The items they consign are in good condition and the store is clean. I would recommend this store to everyone. The owner & employees are very pleasant, too.

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