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By: debbie.j.luke
Casey's General Store
2766 storenewest employee bob feb 14th 2013 to whom it may concern all employee's who were working on valentines morning bob was the most accomadating and welcoming as well as any employee after 1am made me feel welcome and comfortble only 1 employee who's name i do not know was somewhat distressed but by the time i left i felt she was ok with my presents i later within half and hour reported a possible theft that was confessed to me by a resident a motel 6 room 235 and decided that i needed to fallow up on it please contact me Andy Bright 3194504432 at anytime nessisarry. if u cannot reach me please leave a voicemail with a number thank you Sincerly Andy Lee Bright please feel free to contact me at anytime nessisary to discuss weither you feel its nessisary to contact me based on this situation please keep in mind i do not know name all information given from me can be recieved by phone call recorded from room to office if those phone calls were not recorded my wife has typed this message and she will remember everything said. you can return if needed at 3194504185. if any further information is needed please contact Andy Bright or Amanda Bright at 3194504432, on a side note bob could not have possibley delivered better customer service if he were deaf blind and mute he kept me (the customer) laughing smiling and wanting to come back the WHOLE time i was there. if minimum wage happens to go to 9.00 an hour bob deserves it (from what i experienced) above any other customer i appriciate his time understanding and help he will understand what i mean, ask him to explain.
By: Courtney D.
Regal Nails
I'm not a very happy camper!So for starters I really don't deal with nail salons for many reasons, but mainly because I hate fake nails and the prices are outrageous. A coworker swore up and down that this venue made fake nails look so real and they were really well priced. So my mom and I went in and this is the following result.Got in instantly with no wait time, the ladies barely spoke to us, mainly to say pick a color, wash your hands, pay. The sign read $20 for a set of nails, alright so that seems fair I guess. So I chose a color and I guess that brought my set up to $33, still fair but getting pricey, however $53 before tax was a splurge we could afford. So they get started and as I mentioned before no talking. None. Just awkward silence. The woman nicked my fingers in several areas and the process actually kind of hurt and she was rough with my hands. So we get done and its time to pay, after tax and with tip the tab comes out to be $97!!!! Are you kidding me! So now lets look at what we paid for, super cheap looking nails. I mean in all honesty dollar store press on's look more realistic. I seriously hate the result. Not to mention that for two days after I got them done my hands throbbed, I couldn't type or use my phone or any mundane task requiring my hands. So to recap I paid way too much for a crappy result that is going to ruin my nail beds. Won't be coming back.
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By: Maria C.
Cedar River Tower Apartments
The apartments are outdated with its old school furnace and air conditioning. It took them a little over a week to replace my broken dishwasher. The manager Vicky is very rude and on several cases I've heard she just took people's deposits And never gave it back and never let those people move in. My friend wanted to live here, had outstanding credit But got denied because she works in the adult entertainment industry. Also Vicky tried entering my apartment without a 24 hour or 72 hour notice and I called the cops on her and she gave me an eviction to quit notice 3 days. The washers and dryer suck. And you have to go all the way down the elevator to let guests in. If someone else managed this place it would be great! The old lady is a sweetheart though. And they want to charge guests $10 for parking. My friends cars gotten towed before :(
By: Diana T.
Paris Nails
Got my nails done by Tia and she was AMAZING! She explains everything as she went along, gave me recommendations so I could make an informed choice and checked to make sure I was happy as she went along as well. She also offered me beverages. Every single person there is nice and they all go out if their way for you. Tia even did my fill after hours because Google has the closing hours wrong so I thought they closed at 7 and they had actually closed at 6. I honestly think someone who leaves a bad review for this place are either people unhappy 100% of the time or trying to get something for free. This is a top notch nail salon.
By: Allison R.
Golden Nails
I've been going to this salon for years now. I am always happy with the work they do after getting my nails done. My nails last long and end up looking natural looking. The people are so kind and generous there. The employees always try to have people be pleased with what they do. I'm so glad that I found this salon, couldn't ask for a better one in town honestly :) I definitely recommend this place if you need your nails done.
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By: Viivy S.
I like that all their materials are sterilized and the boss himself clean the pedicure chairs and help his employees'. The surrounding looks neat and comforting, i like the smiling faces and kind attitude of the workers, most speak descent English, some needs more practice but they are understandable. I like this place altogether. Good job iNails.
By: Jean F.
Alexandra Apartments
Mediacom came out for hook up wireless internet in the whole apartment done in 5 minutes. I didn't know they are that fast. Just wanted to let all the resident know if you need me to place the current flyer on your door let me know. Jean
By: alexandraapartments
Alexandra Apartments
Timely maintenance, pool, clubhouse, playground and a two bedroom modelI can show M-F 9-5. Hope to see you out today!I have worked at Alexandra for 21 years and love our property.Find us on-line www.AlexandraApts.com
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By: K michael F.
Continental Terrace Apartments
I am a current resident of Continental Terrace Apartments. I moved in 6 months ago with my dog. I love living here. Great location with grocery, dining and clothes shopping in walking distance.
By: mbscr6
V N Nails
This place used to be great, however, like many nail salons, quality has slipped over time. Worlds fastest pedicures, my last pedicure was less than 15 min. Every step was woefully shortened.

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