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By: Kay P.
Cracking Shack
When we went, they had just recently opened. We were told it was a trial opening. The service was OK, but very disorganzied. The place was very attractive and seemed to have a lot of potencial. The menu was somewhat limited, and the catfish was tasty, but fried toĆ³ soft and mushy. We go all the way to Arlington to Bayou Cat, whose food is absolutely delicious. But it would have been nice to have a restaurant of this type right here in Cedar Hill. When we offered suggrestions at their request, they immediately became defensive.Wonder how long they'll last?
By: pache253
Ton Chinese Restaurant
I ordered the Kung Pao and there was no flavor, no spice, nothing. I may have had three little pieces of chicken and I do mean little, and the rest was a ton of peanuts and water chestnuts or whatever. Never again will I order from there.
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By: Alice M.
Ton Chinese Restaurant
I really like their food. I'm not sure what the deal is with their egg rolls, but I forgive them. I've been eating there for over 12 years now and I've never had a complaint.
By: steve.cooper972
Bamboo Palace
If you're looking for spicy food this may not be the place. But it is a nice, clean restaurant with plenty of selection (buffet) and great service.
By: John M.
Top Cat
i love eating at TOP CAT down home cookikg with great tast 1/2 the price of a fanzie restraut great music if you eat in
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By: Cynthia A.
Wood Stack Smoke House
Excellent food! Moist and seasoned meat piled high on a bun. Fantastic sides including beans, slaw and mac cheese.
By: Rachel B.
King China Express
The ladies who work there are very nice and the food is great. There's chairs for ppl to sit or u can do to go.
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By: Dustin D.
Bamboo Palace
this is a great place to eat! big selection of food for the whole family.
By: spiritdancer50
Ton Chinese Restaurant
So Far one of The Best Ive tasted!!

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