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530 New Waverly Pl Ste 301, Cary, NC 27518

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Specialties: Infertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Sterility, Prenatal Care, Menopause

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    Ashley W.

    I love Dr. Brannon. He's delivered both my babies, and will be delivering my third as well. Over Six years of having children, the office staff hasn't changed, Dr. B hasn't changed, and the love and care he has for all of his patients is very real. I fully understand that some people can't handle his personality, and his direct approach to everything, but anytime I've had a concern all I've had to do is speak up and he takes the time to hear me out. As for being "unable" to keep another doctor in his practice... He shared the practice with Dr. Rogers for years until Dr. Rogers *retired* and he hasn't brought on another doctor since, so I don't quite understand the reviews saying he can't keep another doctor at his practice. I love that he's a single doctor practice, because I always know he will be the one there through delivery. With my daughter he came in hours before his rotation started to deliver her. highly reccomend!

  • Horrid experience-Find somewhere else

    This Dr. is very rude and full of himself. I know it may be hard to believe just reading reviews, however take peoples word ( words ) for it and stay away!! I do not understand why some people find him to be energetic and confident and others say he is arrogant and rude. That is confusing to say the least. I have personally witnessed:
    1. screaming at staff
    2. making condescending remarks personally at me
    3. belittling me
    4. off color ""jokes"" ( and I use that term loosely)
    5. Other small items I will not mention
    Do your research,he cannot keep ANY Drs with him in his practice.. that in itself speaks VOLUMES

  • Can't imagine anyone else delivering my babies!

    I absolutely love Dr. Brannon. I have seen him through two pregnancies and loved the care that I received. I originally went to him on a recommendation from a friend. She said that he was a Christian and very compassionate. After hearing about his compassionate care during her miscarriage, I decided to go. I was uneasy at first going to an all male obgyn. However, their kindness and professionalism quickly eased my anxiety. The nurses were all wonderful too. I have had several girlfriends go through really difficult times/miscarriages through which he has been so kind and compassionate. His personality is very exuberant and unexpected. It's not unusual to hear him coming down the hall before he ever gets to your room. It is true that he is a busy man, runs a busy practice - however, he is very in demand. I found his expertise and overall care worth it. I don't recall a particularly long wait - a lot depends on the day and time you schedule your appointments. His partner, Dr. Z. performed my first c-section and did a wonderful job (I saw all three Dr.s at some point during that long delivery). Dr. B performed my second. Above all else, I loved his passion for what he does. He truly loves helping families bring babies into the world. He considers them an incredible gift from God. And I love that. I also recall during my second pregnancy. During my first trimester I was at the wheel and involved in a high-speed collision with a semi-truck. Even after the initial ER ultrasound came back ok, I was still terrified that I might lose the baby. I called in, and even though I wasn't scheduled for an ultrasound, he gave me one to ease my fears. He was so kind during such a vulnerable and important time, that's a kindness you don't forget.

  • Dr. Brannon is a great choice for an OB!

    This is our first baby here in NC, but we have lived other places and had other babies with other OB's. Therefore, we are familiar with the process and knew what we were looking for when picking a doctor. In our search we wanted someone we could trust. We wanted someone who was confident and would look our for my safety and the safety of our baby to be.
    We are 37 weeks now and have been in and out of the hospital a few times. Overall, this has been a fairly good pregnancy, but I have had some issues with headaches. Every step of the way Dr. Brannon has been amazing. Yes, he is quick. Yes, he is fast. Yes, he will tell you exactly what is on his mind. But, the good side of that is that he treats and gets back to you quickly, takes care of your issue with speed and tells you exactly what needs to be done to keep you and your baby safe. He always thinks out his decisions and stands behind them. He is not a doctor who wants to pass the responsibility to anyone else!
    It amazes me that for a doctor who has practiced for so many years he still loves and values every baby that he helps bring into the world. He treats each mom and each baby as special and unique.
    You will be in great hands if you choose Dr. Brannon!

  • Excellent Physician, Outstanding Man

    Disagree completely with any negative reviews. I often find reviews confusing when I am searching out info as you don't know who to believe. If you are like me, trust me when I share my experience to be true. I have been a patient of Dr. Brannon's for 7 years. He has performed a D&C on me after my first miscarriage and showed such support when we found out in his office as a father would show a daughter. Truly amazing. When I mention his name to others I often hear similar stories of generosity and compassion that are too numerous to list. He has delivered 2 of my children and has also provided great counsel. I consider Dr. Brannon to be a Godsend to me and my family. His personality is definitely type A which is not to be negative, just to comment that he is energetic and confident. However when a serious situation arises he is an excellent listener and source of wisdom for anyone who will take the time to get to know him. Definitely give him a call, from one of his biggest fans and no I am not a relative or work in his office. Just thankful to have been referred to him by 5 diff. women on my search for an OB.

    mimis mom

    I regret being a patient at this office. Dr Brannon is so arrogant and non professional, he thinks hes some sort of comedian and treats his office staff very rude. I overheard serveral comments screamed to the staff just in the short time I was there. He obviously has trouble keeping Drs. in practice with him. I know his website screams Christianity, but I havent witnessed any huge amount of caring or consideration for fellow woman, in this instance.....

  • I love this office

    I started going to Dr. Brannon in 2003 with my first pregnancy and have been with him since. I have had 2 c-sections and a Novasure procedure and with everyone of them Dr. Brannon was professional and was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He is not the kind of doctor that holds your hand and coddles you but he will give you the most up to date information, answer all your questions and let you make an informed decision. He wants you to be involved with your health care. He has a strong personallity but he also has a huge heart. His practice is busy but what OB practice isn't? After having an emergency c section I can honestly say that he loves what he does and will do everything he can to bring your baby into this world as healthy as possible. He also is very understanding with gyn issues. He gives you the latest statiscs and information and provides you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

  • Get Your Records, and RUN.....

    Was a patient for several years. Witnessed Dr. B yelling at a nurse and saying ""use your head"" over how much betadine was in a cup. ""I've got a patient that's gonna bleed to death and you can't even pour betadine right"". I was feeling comfortable about my DNC until all of this. Glad he didn't want me to die, but the atmosphere was horrible. I'm a nurse and could see that his nurse had poured a 1/2 cup, he wanted a little more. The office staff is just a part of the domino effect it trickles down. They can't get your records sent on time, can't get prior approval on time, can't keep your insurance filed. Every visit meant I had to call my insurance company because this office always thought I owed more money than my co-pay.

  • I love brannona
    I love brannon

    I started going to dr brannon in 2007 with my first pregnancy and again with my second preg short after the care was amazing and i do agree that Dr. Rogers does take more time if you like jokes and are easy going go Brannon is your man . I saw dr brannon all thru my pregnancy up to 39 weeks when i saw rogers and sceduled an induction my induction was fine up to the birth part he missed my daughter being born even though they kept paging him my nurse had to get a midwife from another practice to deliever her after that it kept going down hill i had no epidural and got stitches that were painful but that wasent his fault i got released that sunday and did some walking around when i got a sharp lower pain the pain got worse and by sunday was unbearable at first i thought it might be gas or something but it got so bad i couldnt sleep or cough or even take care of my newborn or my toddler finally i called up there and they told me to come in Thank god it was Dr.Brannon he asked mw why i hadnt waited for him jiking around and he asked what was wrong he did an ultrasound and sure enough Dr.Rogers had left placenta in my could clearly see Dr.Brannon was not happy at all he was gonna do a dialation and evac in the office but the pain was unbearable and he said he didnt want me to hurt anymore then i already was so i had emergency surgery the next morning while i waited for him to be able to fit me in he was kind a reassuring and pushes scheduled surgeries after i had mine i lost all trust for and am very glad he doesnt work there anymore or i can assure you i would have found another practice


    after my C-section, these doctors left a scratchpad, which is similar to a brillo pad inside me, it sat in my bowel for 6 weeks and caused damage...I needed a complete hysterectomy at age 34....this group is rushed and careless...FIND another practice, don't let a mistake like mine happen to you.

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